Celery – medicinal properties and application inmedicine

Sun, 17 Jul 2016


Celery – General Description

Сельдерей — это культурное многолетнее, но чаще
biennial plant of the umbrella family. Divided into three types:
leaf, petiole and root. Celery leaves are trefoil,
pinnately dissected at the edges, rather large, especially in leafy
species. Stem branched, grooved. Light green small flowers
collected in umbrella inflorescences.

Most celery varieties are grown seedlings.
Root plant forms a large, grayish roundish fruit

Celery – types and places of growth

Homeland celery is considered the Mediterranean. This plant loves
fertile soil and abundant watering, grows very well and
developing in the middle lane of our country in the conditions of due
care. In the wild, celery does not grow.

The most popular is stalk celery, its petioles are green.
or white color with success use for preparation various
salads. Celery leaf, in appearance resembling
parsley, has a spicy aroma, it is widely used in many
national cuisines as seasoning for soups, salads and sauces.
Celery root is a fragrant, fleshy fruit,
which is also used for food purposes.

Celery – medicinal properties

Celery from ancient times is famous for its healing properties. AT
ancient times it ranked as sacred plants and
used in various rituals and rites, and woven wreaths from
Celery were considered magical decorations. AT Россию его завезли в
mid 18th century. Spicy grass almost immediately won
high popularity among the Russian people.

And now with firm certainty it can be said that
Celery is a unique product that contains the most important
витамины А,Е,С,Р, а также группы AT, минеральные вещества: магний,
potassium, zinc, calcium, iron, etc. Due to the content of these
compounds and biologically active substances, celery:

– normalizes blood pressure; – prevents the development of cancer
diseases; – normalizes a hormonal background, strengthens immunity and
helps fight colds; – has a sedative effect:
relieves tension, irritability and stress; – cleanses the body
from toxins, helps to eliminate toxins; – improves the condition during
diabetes, normalizes water-salt balance, removes excess
salt; – helps to keep a good figure, thanks to favorable
effects on metabolic processes; – treats arthritis, rheumatism and
other diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

In addition, celery has a beneficial effect on heart
muscle, cleanses the blood, has anti-allergenic, wound healing and
anti-inflammatory action, and the juice obtained from the roots,
is a natural aphrodisiac and restores libido.

Celery – dosage forms

Celery medicinal raw materials are its roots and grass, which
used in both fresh and dry form. From freshly harvested
ingredients make salads, squeeze out juice, and make dry
infusions, tinctures and decoctions.

Celery for weight loss

What is so useful celery for weight loss? ATо-первых, он
restores metabolism, hormonal balance, and also
slags, excess fluid from the body and eliminates constipation. ATо-вторых,
celery contains very few calories and is used in the dietary
nutrition. AT-третьих, растение обладает уникальной особенностью
break down incoming calories, softening the effect
high-calorie foods. Therefore, celery, especially its juice (by
50 ml), nutritionists recommend to use during each reception

Celery – traditional medicine recipes

– Infusion for rheumatism, gout, allergies: the table. a spoonful of roots
add 1.5 l of boiling water, wrap and insist 3-4 hours. Drink
infusion must be three to five p. per day two spoons (table) for
half an hour before meals.

– When frostbite is necessary to cook 200 gr. dried celery
in one liter of water. Cool to a tolerable temperature and lower in
decoction damaged limb. This procedure is advisable.
spend every evening. For best results after
taking such a bath in a problematic place can be rubbed goose

– With menopause, sexual weakness: one tsp. Of dry grass
add to boiling water (250 ml), insist infusion for ten hours and
use it four times a day for 1 table. l The course lasts 21-30

– With irritability and insomnia: 40 gr. roots are poured
one liter of cold but boiled water, insist 7-8 hours and
пьют полученной напиток по чайной l three times a day.

Celery – contraindications

Celery is not recommended to abuse during pregnancy, so
as it contains in its composition of substances that contribute to the reduction
uterus, so large doses of plants are able to provoke


Tom 05/07/2016 I am also in shock. Even if only half of the whole
Celery utility, described here, is true, you need to eat it
absolutely everyone. I will definitely put him in my country house. Yes –
more)) here and not hurt sure, something concrete, healthy
man, he is also needed. Jan 07/05/2016 I, somehow never
especially did not like celery. Well, sometimes I will buy, as I see … And after
I read on celery, as on the main greens
ration. Its value is simply amazing. Indeed, from all
diseases. Emma 05/07/2016 I read the article. I got it
the persistent feeling that besides celery is nothing else
it is necessary! Well this is just a panacea for all ills !!! I have not found one
an actual disease for which celery would not treat! Rita
05/07/2016 I was directly interested in what turned out to be
celery was used in magical rituals, and even sacred
was considered! Very interesting information. Immediately, somehow respectful to
He began to treat)) Thank you. Irina 05/07/2016 With pleasure
read this article. Thank. I constantly buy and eat celery,
because everyone says he is terribly helpful. But, I never
I knew what exactly this plant is useful for. Just ate and all))

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