Celandine – medicinal properties and use inmedicine

Mon, 18 Jul 2016


Celandine – General Description

Чистотел — травянистое многолетнее растение
Poppy family. Plant stem straight, branched. Can
reach a height of half a meter to a meter. On the fracture of the plant stands
milky sap that is immediately affected by air
stained orange-yellow.

Celandine leaves consist of three or five pairs of oval or
rounded lobes. Upper dale exceeds the size of the rest and usually
can be three-bladed. Leaf color is green on top and gray on the bottom.

Flowering plant from May to August. Flowers celandine
golden yellow. Each of them has four centimeters
petals. There are no nectaries for celandine, but insects love it.
plant because it has a large amount of pollen. The fruit
plants is a pod. It contains shiny black
seeds that are very attracted to ants. Ants and spread them,
relocating to new territories.

Mention of the healing properties of celandine go back to 372 g to
ad. Another scientist of ancient Greece, Teofrast, appointed him at
various diseases.

The medical properties of the plant are used everywhere, but
along with this, celandine is also used as an insecticidal drug,
protects garden and garden plants from all sorts of pests.
Effective celandine against aphids, scales and mednyits.

Celandine – types and places of growth

The only species of this genus is celandine –
medicinal plant.

Homeland celandine is Europe, as well as Central and
North part of Asia. To North America where the plant is now too
occurs, it was delivered. In Russia, celandine is common
everywhere except in the Far North. Plant grows
like a weed. It can be found in gardens, on walls of stone, on
stony slopes, on the forest edges.

Celandine – healing properties

Traditional healers use celandine for various skin
diseases. And he is appointed both inwardly and outwardly. With his
help heal poorly healing wounds, remove calluses, heal
scabies and prevent neoplasms. Since celandine
possesses urinary and choleretic, anticancer, analgesic,
anti-inflammatory action, then it is prescribed for the following
diseases: hepatitis, cholangitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, ulcers and
gastric polyposis, ulcerative colitis. Proper reception of celandine
positive effect on the nervous system.

Celandine – dosage forms

Harvest grass celandine. To collect her start then
when celandine begins to bloom. It occurs in May and June.
Since the plant is poisonous, tearing it down, it is necessary to observe the measures
precautions: do not rub your face and eyes with your hands
work with celandine. Wash thoroughly after collection.
hands with soap.

Dried collected grass can be under a canopy, if there is a good
ventilation. Grass needs to be spread out a thin layer and several times.
turn over during drying. If you can use
the dryer, then the optimum temperature for drying celandine –
50-60 ° C. Collected raw materials store no more than three years.

In homeopathy, use the roots of celandine. Of them make tincture.
Fresh celandine juice is also used. For the attention of warts,
for example. On the basis of dry herb celandine make infusions, ointments,

Celandine – recipes

Wounds and bruises are cured with the help of celandine. For lotion
should take one tablespoon of celandine, pour boiling water and
push for an hour. In the resulting infusion dipped clean
tissue and attach to the affected place for a quarter of an hour.

Liver disease cured infusion of celandine, which
should be prepared from one teaspoon of celandine. Raw materials are poured
one cup of boiling water, insist hour and filter. Before eating
take a tablespoon of infusion. No more than 5 times a day!

Rinsing the infusion of herbs, which include celandine,
can relieve inflammation of the gums and helps with flux. For treatment
need to take 2 tsp celandine, 1 tsp sage and half a teaspoon
oak bark. On a glass of boiling water needed 1 st. Spoon mixture.
Insist for an hour. Rinse with warm infusion.

On the basis of celandine make ointment, which is well helps with
кожных diseases. For the preparation of the drug needed powder
dry celandine mix with equal proportions with ghee and
heat up The cooled ointment is ready for use. Lubricate it is necessary
sore spots. Store ointment should be in the refrigerator.

Celandine – contraindications

As soon as celandine was used by people in medical
purposes, by experiment, it was revealed that the plant is very poisonous.
If taken incorrectly, overestimate the doses recommended for
reception, they can be poisoned very much. Possible even deadly

Symptoms of poisoning can be nausea, convulsions, depression
nervous system, decrease in pressure and slow pulse. First
help is gastric lavage, as well as the introduction of blood
patient maximum permissible doses of fluid. However self treatment
celandine may end tragically. Typically, celandine is not
prescribed in pure form. It is safer to use it in combination with
other medicinal herbs.


Vika 05/10/2016 I have a son, still being a little, somewhere picked up
scab! That was a nightmare! She’s so contagious! I generally
I was afraid that this infection would quickly jump to me, and to work
it will be impossible to go, but you will have to sit at home and scratch yourself))) I, right
we in the garden, narwhal celandine, prepared a decoction, and made
son bath And so several times. This disease has left us))) Vlad
05/10/2016 I did not know that celandine can be used in the treatment
liver diseases. A very necessary recipe. Although, after reading
contraindications, self-treatment in this way
scary … If only – very carefully)) Larisa 05/10/2016 A
I always thought that celandine can only be used externally. From
all sorts of mazol, sores, etc. And, by the way, many times
did. True, getting rid of all sorts of misfortunes, without making an ointment, but
just – juice and leaves. Anastasia 05/10/2016 I rinsed my mouth
broth celandine when I had a flux. Usually when flux is already
is formed, the tooth ceases to hurt, and I also have. But, I got
I couldn’t go to the hospital because I was in the country.
I rinsed in celandine – the pain went away and the flux slept the next.
day. Diana 05/10/2016 Interesting! I could not have imagined that
some plant can breed in such an unusual way –
ants spread the seeds. Usually, it makes the wind. I use
celandine in the garden, it is good to cope with aphids.

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