Caution – early pregnancy!

Fri, 25 Nov 2016

Causes of teenage pregnancy

Lack of information

Talk about the lack of knowledge in the century when the Internet gives
opportunities in a couple of clicks to get answers to all imaginable and
unthinkable questions are rather strange, but nonetheless, it is a fact.
School course of anatomy, educational program for ladies’ forums, online
counseling – all this comes to the rescue too late. There are not many who
from schoolgirls spends evenings studying anatomical atlases
or maternity benefits – this area of ​​life begins
to worry them only when the delay of menstruation took real and
menacing turnover.

Family and environment

Most mothers drive away thoughts about a possible pregnancy.
maturing daughters, being confident that in their family is
impossible – by virtue of education, constant attention from
parents and instructed on when to
acquire offspring. But teenage pregnancy is not at all
is the scourge of dysfunctional families – rather, on the contrary. Girls from
antisocial families from an early age well aware of the basics
sexuality and its consequences, and early learn to behave cautiously.
But the young ladies sometimes have a distorted or infantile
representation of real adulthood, and often rush into the pool
sexual relations with tight eyes.


A very rare mother is ready not only to talk with a teenager about
contraception, but also on a trip to a specialist to select the optimal
protection. And the daughters themselves will hardly approach their parents with the message
about the beginning of sexual life and a request for a joint visit to the gynecologist.
The woman continues to see in her daughter a child, closing the path
the very possibility of such a conversation. And this is fundamentally wrong –
girls hurt themselves by taking hormones on the advice
girlfriends using abortion as a contraceptive
substances or protected by folk methods. Teen sex
often spontaneous, and hope for sanity and
prudence partner is not necessary.

What is dangerous pregnancy for a teenager?

Early pregnancy is conventionally divided into 2 age categories –
till 15 years and from 15 and above. And although the first age group looks
in the role of mothers, it’s quite unusual, female physiology allows
get pregnant at a pretty early age – because big girls
enters the fertile period as early as 11-12 years.

Motherhood в этом возрасте крайне нежелательно, поскольку
the body of a teenager undergoes significant hormonal
adjustment and is in a phase of rapid growth. It all falls
additional stress on vital organs, and carrying
child greatly complicates puberty.

Deliveries at such a young age are neither social nor
medical norm. However, for a young girl pregnancy
unsafe not only because of the unavailability of the body to it or
difficult position after giving birth. Too often a reaction
on it becomes uncharacteristic behavior for an adult.
Desire to hide your position from adults and fear of punishment
makes adolescents resort to deadly methods
abortion homemade ways.

Protect daughter from early pregnancy, take care of her health
will help only frank conversation with her. This is especially important.
trust and mutual understanding in the family. Many prefer to spin
nuts, letting the child know that this topic in the family is taboo. But
This is exactly the model of behavior that is the least effective.
the forbidden fruit is sweet, and the fear of parental anger will be
forcing the girl to be bound to see in the parents not
allies and enemies.

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