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Чт, 12 май 2016 Автор: Марина Гришина

Every woman, when she becomes a mother, tries her best
It is good to eat and at the same time strive to diversify your
a diet to make it tasty and healthy for the baby.

About packaged juices and soda at the time of feeding will have
to forget.

They can well be replaced by compotes prepared
on their own.

Can ли кормящим компоты из зеленых яблок

During breastfeeding, you can drink not only tea and water.
Compotes will be an excellent addition to the diet, especially during
heat waves. They perfectly quench thirst and benefit mom and

The fruits themselves are very useful. They are allowed to eat already with
first days after delivery. The presence of a large amount of iron
allows a woman to get rid of anemia that may occur
after childbirth. Also, apples and apple compote help build
digestion and save mom from possible postpartum constipation.

Compote of green apples is no less useful than fresh fruit.
However, it needs to start drinking with caution. First you can
try 1/4 cup. Make it better in the morning,
to follow the reaction of the baby after dinner. Usually on
green apples and compote of them are not allergic, but every kid
reacts to a new product individually. If after a little
probation in infants did not appear rash, has not changed
the chair did not start colic, then compote can be safely injected into

How to cook

800 g fresh green apples

1 tbsp. Sahara

Apples are well washed and peeled.

Then cut into small pieces, pour in clean water, add sugar and
boil for 20 minutes from the moment of boiling.

The drink is preferably heated before use. A day not
It is recommended to drink more than 200 ml of apple compote, even with
the absence of infants allergic reactions.

Can ли кормящим компот из сухофруктов

Often moms can care if feeding compote from dried fruit is possible. it
very tasty and healthy drink. Besides the fact that it turns out
очень сладким и без добавления Sahara, такой компот способствует
milk production. To do this, you need to drink it in the heat for half an hour.
before applying the baby to the chest.

However, it is necessary to drink it very carefully. Some components
a drink (например, чернослив) могут вызвать сильную реакцию в виде
intestinal disorder in infants. Поэтому ввод этого a drink
should be gradual. You can start with 200 ml of compote drunk in
in the morning. In the absence of reaction in the baby for two
the next day, the dose can be increased to 600 ml per week. it
it is desirable not to exceed the value, but you need to drink compote

Compote based on prunes, dried apples and raisins can be
не раньше чем через 2 недели after childbirth. This drink will be
useful first of all to mum as prunes promotes
soft stool, which for many women who have given birth is
a real problem.

In a month, you can add to the two previous ingredients
dried apricots and figs. They contain a substance like potassium,
necessary to improve cardiovascular performance and for
normalization of the nervous system. The latter is very important for
infants, as their nervous system is formed even after
of birth.

Dates – no less useful and tasty dried fruit, which is introduced
в состав компота не ранее, чем через 3 месяца after childbirth.

All components must be introduced in turn, and each time the mother
should closely monitor the reaction of the child. At the slightest
intestinal disorders, rash and general anxiety,
product should be temporarily excluded from the diet.

How to cook

two handfuls of dried fruit

800 ml of boiling water

1 tbsp. Sahara

Dried fruits should be well washed.

Then half pour boiling water and boil for 30
minutes from boiling.

После этого добавляется вторая половина, столовая ложка Sahara и
the drink is brewed for another 5-7 minutes, then removed from the heat and

Can ли кормящим компоты: как вводить в рацион и как правильно

Can ли кормящим компот и сами сухофрукты из него? The specialists
breastfeeding claim that it is possible, however, with the
dried fruit is better to wait. If the drink does not cause a reaction
child, it does not mean that it will not be after eating a handful
dried fruit from compote. So that mom can calmly eat them,
it is necessary to start their introduction in the same way as the drink itself.

Nursing mothers are not recommended to purchase compotes. Practically
each of them has a number of preservatives, dyes and
flavor enhancers. It is unlikely that it can benefit the child.

However, for making homemade compote you need to choose
quality ingredients. Dried fruits with
signs of mold, as well as those that are stuffed with dyes and
chemical elements. Run into substandard product very
easy, so you need to choose carefully.

Purchased dried fruits are preferably processed before cooking. it
done according to the following scheme:

● dried fruits are thoroughly washed in cold water;

● pour boiling water and boil after boiling for
2 minutes;

● then washed again in cold water;

● dried.

Only after these procedures, dried fruits are ready for cooking compote.
This drink helps to improve digestion, normalize stools and
protect against avitaminosis. All these problems are frequent.
breastfeeding companions. But they are easily solved by
input in the diet compote.

During lactation, it is so important that the child receives only everything
the most useful substances. itго можно добиться правильным питанием.
Now every mother knows whether to drink nursing compotes. More
In addition, they contribute to quenching thirst, improving mood,
saturating the organisms of mom and baby with nutrients and
vitamins, improving the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and
improve the quality and quantity of milk. Do not be afraid to enter into your
diet natural compotes!

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