Can I smoke on the balcony of my apartment? Cansmoking on the balconies of hotels, entrances and homes?

Ср, 13 июл 2016 Автор: Виталий Шеломидо

Most smokers are used to starting every morning with
smoking a cigarette under a cup of coffee on your balcony, incidentally
observing habitual landscapes. You can see such people in almost any
multi-storey building. Smoking on your own balcony doesn’t seem like something.
awesome or unusual. In addition, this place is very
attracts guests who are also not averse to pulling a second cigarette
on the loggia. However, not all residents of the house like this idea, therefore
On this basis, disputes often arise between neighbors. So,
Can I smoke on the balcony of my apartment? Let’s figure it out.


Where not to smoke?

Most people who smoke are sure that no one has the right
prohibit them from smoking on their loggias, around the house, in parks or cafes,
after all, a cigarette is an absolutely legal thing, and not to use them
there should be no complaints. It goes without saying
exceptions such as hospitals, gas stations or institutions where they study

But we must not forget that the cigarette smoke that comes from
balcony, can penetrate into the apartment of the neighbors where the children live.
Also, the smoke from cigarettes can significantly harm people who have
diseases of the respiratory system or those who recently got rid
from this addiction. And if on the street people have the opportunity
just step aside so as not to be a passive smoker, then in
there is no such possibility in other conditions.

В связи с этим в нашем правительстве был принят закон №
15-FZ “On the protection of public health from exposure to the environment
of tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption “of February 23, 2013
где четко определен список места, в которых курить
can not. Violators of this law face a fine in the amount of from 500 to
3 thousand rubles

From June 1, 2014, the 2nd part of this
of the law, stating that in high-rise buildings it’s impossible to smoke only
in public places, namely in:

  • doorways;

  • elevators;

  • wheelchairs;

  • basements;

  • those. floors;

  • attics;

  • stairwells;

  • storerooms.

As we see, the balcony, which is part of private property,
This list is not mentioned. Let’s take a closer look at
this topic.

Can ли курить на балконе жилого дома?

So, если учитывать закон, курение на балконе жилого
at home is permitted, but not in all cases, namely:

1) smoking is allowed if the house is completely owned by you, and
In this case, the law cannot provide you with any

2) allowed if the house belongs not only to you, but you smoke
exclusively on your own balcony, and nicotine smoke does not harm
other tenants;

3) Smoking is prohibited on balconies that do not belong to your

Anyway, if you are a smoker, try not to spoil
relations with neighbors on such trifles, because, perhaps, you still have
There will be a situation when you may need their help in
any situation.

Can ли курить на балконе подъезда?

In that case, if you can go to the balcony only through
public spaces, for example, through the staircase or
utility room to which full access is open, then smoking
on such a balcony is prohibited. There is some similarity with your
private balcony in a high-rise building, that is, a loggia though
belongs to you, but if the nicotine smoke reaches the neighbors, then
To law, it is a public place.

Can ли курить на балконе в гостинице?

Smoking in hotels, as well as in other public places, including
числе балконах, в РФ can not. On the territory of most of them
In addition to the law, their own restrictions on
internal routine inside a particular hotel. However,
many small hotels to avoid losing guests yet
allocate special places for smoking, sometimes even contradictory
to the law.

In what cases smoking on a loggia is prohibited?

It should be recalled that the law described above states that smoking
on the loggia is possible only when this process does not harm
all around. If your neighbors have people
opportunity to prove that you are putting any
harm to their health, the behavior of a smoker will be
unlawful. That is, despite the fact that you smoke on your
territory, smoke can harm your neighbors, and they are quite
may require you to stop smoking at that location, and, in
ultimately turn out to be right.

How to avoid bad consequences?

Try not to clash with your neighbors for such a minor
about Do not forget that they have every right to lead healthy
way of life, and you can limit them in this with your actions.
The same rule must be observed within the family. Remember to
nicotine smoke can significantly harm the health of your loved ones,
including children.

How to solve the problem of smoking on the loggia?

If you are a big supporter of smoking on a loggia, then the best
option would be to arrange this place so that it
completely complied with the law and fire regulations. So
way, if you do not disturb the people around you, no one and
will make you a claim.

For this you need:

1) place on your balcony any capacity for cigarette butts and
an ashtray, for your own convenience and not stopping a chair;

2) to comply with all fire regulations on the loggia
there must be at least minimal means to extinguish the fire, to
for example, a container of water;

3) if you have a glazed loggia, build ventilation on it,
which will not only help to eliminate the accumulation of smoke odors, but also
eliminates accumulations of soot on the balcony.

So нехитрым способом можно курить на своей лоджии, не нанося
while no harm to others.

Can ли бороться с курением на лоджии?

If you are a non-smoking person, and cigarette smoke from a neighbor
gives you a lot of inconvenience, the first thing that is best done in
This situation – the conversation in a friendly tone. Do not need right away
rush at him with abuse, in fact, it is quite possible that
smoking man is not at all aware of what he delivers to someone
inconvenience. Therefore, no need to immediately brawl or get angry,
try to negotiate with him that he smoked in some
another place or at the time when your windows are closed.

If you failed to solve the problem amicably, then you have not
there is nothing else to do but to file a complaint with the housing and utilities sector. To simplify
tasks can be stocked up with the support of other neighbors to collect
signatures and petitions with the district police officer. If a
the smoker’s fault will be proven, a fine will be issued to him or
reprimand, other punishments in modern legislation do not
provided for.

In conclusion, I would like to note that, despite the fact that
smoking on your own loggia is not prohibited by law, it is not at all
means that a smoker has the right to ruin the lives of others
жителям в multi-storey building. If a курильщик не идет ни на какие
concessions, then the best option is a complaint in the housing and utilities sector or law enforcement
organs, because every person has the right to a healthy lifestyle.
But the best option would certainly be amicable settlement.
conflict without the involvement of law enforcement.

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