Can I feed ice cream? How to cookdelicacy: healthy homemade ice cream recipes for nursingwomen

Чт, 05 май 2016 Автор: Марина Гришина

Беременные women на протяжении вынашивания ребенка многое
allow themselves to eat.

One of the most popular “pregnant” products is
ice cream.

But how to abandon this delicacy at the time of breastfeeding?
And is it worth refusing at all?

Is it possible to nourish ice cream: when to start and how to enter

Like any other ice cream product in the diet of a nursing mother
must enter very carefully. Better to start doing this no sooner.
than a month after birth. The first month is desirable
follow a strict diet.

The first time is better to start trying milk or cream.
ice cream. In extreme cases – ice cream. Do not immediately plunge
on the whole briquette, at first quite small
quantity. Then you need to carefully monitor the condition of the baby.
Colic occurs after a few hours. In the case of allergies it
The time increases to three days. This means that during this
It’s better not to eat new foods (especially ice cream) in order to
Do not confuse the cause of the reaction.

Is it possible to nourish ice cream with additives? Not
you need to start to enter into the diet of ice cream, for example, with berries or
chocolate In case of allergies, it will be unclear on what
is it: chocolate or milk protein?

Can I feed an ice cream: what are its disadvantages?

The main danger for the baby is the composition of ice cream. Neither
for whom it is no secret that for improving taste, as well as for
longer storage, it adds all sorts of

In addition to protein, which is contained in ice cream and often causes
bowel disorder or allergic reaction, negative
thickeners, preservatives and
stabilizers. All this not only worsens the child’s condition.
current moment, but it can also trigger development
serious diseases.

To understand whether feeding ice cream is enough
know that for its preparation at manufacturing plants often
replace animal fat with synthetic vegetable. How can it
to threaten? Such fat tends to be deposited in the body and
subsequently give impetus to the development of diseases such as obesity,
atherosclerosis or oncology. And since everything entering the body
mothers of breast milk are transferred to the child, then
ice cream becomes dangerous not only for mom, but also for her

Another undesirable property of treats for nursing mothers
is to increase the fat content of milk. Its composition and nutritional value
каждой women индивидуальны. It may happen that after
use of ice cream, milk fat content will increase greatly. it
will lead to indigestion in a child, loose stools with no
digested protein and colic.

Is it possible to nourish ice cream and how to cook a treat in
home conditions

Not стоит думать, что состав мороженого накладывает табу на все
breastfeeding time. Can I feed ice cream? Yes! But only
natural, without chemical impurities and additives. Where to take it?
Cook by yourself!

Homemade ice cream will not only cheer up mom, but also
saturate the baby with vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids and
healthy fats.

To prepare this delicacy you can now buy
special device – ice cream maker. She will do everything for you.
However, it is possible to do without it. In this case, the resulting
the mass is placed in a container in the freezer for 12 hours. But
every 3 hours you need to get the mixture and mix well.

Goat milk ice cream

Goat’s milk is much healthier than cow’s. Before when there was no
all sorts of mixtures, and the mother lost milk, the children were fed
precisely goat. There is no allergic reaction to it.

You will need:

● 1 liter of goat milk;

● 3 egg yolks;

● 150 grams of sugar;

● 1.5 tbsp. wheat flour.


Yolks, separated from proteins, are ground with sugar.

Then flour is gradually added to the mixture and all is well.
is stirred.

Homogeneous mass is diluted with a small amount of goat

The remaining milk is heated, then added to it.
the resulting mass.

All this is cooked before it begins to thicken.

It is very important to stir the mixture constantly and make sure that
she did not “run away.”

Cooking is necessary on the lowest fire.

After thickening, the mixture is removed from the heat and left to full
cooling down

After that is placed in the ice cream maker. The rest is her job.

Banana ice cream

Banana is a hypoallergenic product. it один из первых экзотических
fruit that you can try nursing mom. And ice cream with him
It turns out very tasty and fragrant.

You will need:

● 375 g of milk;

● 375 g of cream;

● 100 g sugar;

● 3 ripe bananas.


Bananas are mashed with a blender to a state of homogeneous slurry.

All other ingredients are added to the mass in turn.

Everything is well stirred and sent to the quietest
the fire.

The mass is boiled until thick, while it needs constantly

It is also important to ensure that the mass does not boil.

After the banana mass begins to thicken, it is removed from
of fire.

After cooling, sent to the freezer for 3 hours.


The familiar taste of many from childhood is easy to repeat at home.

You will need:

● 1 chicken egg;

● 40 g of powdered sugar;

● 250 ml of milk;

● 0.5 tsp. vanilla.


Vanillin mixed with powdered sugar.

Egg blender whipped into a thick foam, while gradually
powdered sugar is poured.

Затем вливается молоко и масса отправляется на тихий the fire.

Ее нужно довести до кипения, constantly помешивая.

When the mass begins to become viscous, it is removed from the fire and
poured into the container.

The cooled down is sent to the freezer for 3 hours.

Every hour you need to get the ice cream and mix well,
after that, leave it for another 7 hours.

If suddenly you tried ice cream and the kid turned on it
reaction, do not be discouraged. Children’s gastrointestinal tract
matures literally every week. It is enough to suffer a little
and try ice cream again in a week or two. Maybe,
there will be no reaction and you can safely enjoy your loved one

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