Can I feed eggs? What is the use of eggs andcan you eat eggs for lactating women without harm to healthchild

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Health depends directly on how a nursing mother feeds

There are a number of products that are strictly prohibited during

These include chocolate, grapes, citrus, etc.

As for the eggs – here the opinions of experts differ.

Some believe that eggs are not harmful during lactation,
others argue otherwise.

Who is right? Are eggs useful when breastfeeding and what
the probability of negative consequences?

Can nursing eggs – the composition and benefits of chicken product

Chicken eggs are the product that is practically
completely absorbed by the body. They present a huge
the amount of nutrients needed by both mother and baby.

So, яйца содержат калий, магний, фосфор, кальций, цинк, железо,
iodine, manganese and others. trace elements. In addition, the product is rich
vitamins A, E, D, C and group B.

The yolk is especially useful. It contains lecithin, which provides
beneficial effect on the liver, brain. Lecithin inhibits
plaque formation on the walls of blood vessels.

There is a lot of lutene in the yolk – a substance that improves eyesight. Egg
– source of choline, which has special properties to prevent
crayfish. The product also contains niacin, which has beneficial effects on
brain performance. And folic acid (it is available in chicken
eggs) is simply indispensable for the normal functioning of a woman’s body
after childbirth.

No less useful is the shell of eggs. It is indispensable in case of deficiency.
calcium. The egg shell contains 2 grams of good for teeth and
microelement bones.

In order for calcium to be well absorbed by the shell they use
together with lemon juice. To prepare a natural medicine is simple:
it is necessary to wash the eggs well (with warm water and soap), rinse them
и проварить в кипящей воде примерно 5 minutes After this shell
should be dried and crushed (best in a coffee grinder). Accept
calcium so:

• Pour half a teaspoon of shell powder into freshly squeezed
juice of half a lemon and leave for 6 hours. Drink in half
spoon, squeezed water.

• Into an incomplete spoon of calcium powder drip a couple drops of juice
lemon and immediately swallow.

• 3 g of powder is consumed daily with water.

Treatment is carried out 2 times a year.

The nutritional value of eggs is comparable to those most beneficial for
organism products like red and black caviar. 1 egg equals
the nutritional value of a glass of milk or 50 grams of beef.

It is believed that eggs are a source of harmful cholesterol.
However, first, cholesterol is found only in the yolk, and
secondly, it is balanced by lecithin.

If a ваш холестерин в норме, то употребление 1 яйца в день вреда
will not bring. If a же уровень холестерина завышен, рекомендуемое
number of eggs – 2-3 per week.

Can nursing eggs – the composition and benefits of quail eggs

Experts in one voice say that when breastfeeding
the first to introduce into the diet is quail eggs, which are
rightly considered a dietary product.

The benefits of quail eggs are beyond doubt. One small
an egg weighing about 12 g is a real well of vitamins,
trace elements, amino acids and other substances necessary for
нормальной жизнедеятельности организма кормящей мамы и baby

It is estimated that there are 2.5 times more quail eggs
vitamins B1 and B2, 5 times more potassium and 4.5 times more iron,
than in our usual chicken egg. The product is extremely rich
phosphorus, vitamin A, nicotinic acid. It does not cause
allergic reaction, has a tonic effect.

The composition of the shell contains the same trace elements as in
the composition of the bones and teeth of a person. Eggs are able to replenish and
maintain the level of all nutrients in the body.

Above all, quail product enhances
immunity, which means an increase in resistance to various
infections. During the period of breastfeeding the woman’s body is the most
vulnerable Regular intake of quail eggs will help prevent
the occurrence of respiratory diseases as well
cardiovascular, gastrointestinal diseases, mastopathy.

Quail eggs can be stored for a long time. In the refrigerator, they are not
spoil for 60 days. Eggs are pretty durable.
shell. This prevents them from penetrating microbes. Besides
In addition, quails are resistant to infection, which excludes
content use of drugs.

Quail eggs are extremely useful for nursing mothers. They
are a source of vitamins, microelements, amino acids. Product
positive effect on the body of a woman in the postpartum period.

Whether it is possible to feed eggs – general recommendations

For starters, a nursing woman should try to eat.
quail and only after the observed positive result
You can eat chicken eggs. There are general guidelines for
nursing moms regarding egg intake:

1. Do not introduce this product into your diet, if your
the baby is prone to allergies and he has not turned 4 months. If a
negative reactions are absent, eat eggs when baby
turns 3 months.

2. During the month, eat only boiled eggs. Later
they can be eaten fried or soft-boiled.

3. When you first enter a quail egg, eat it in the first
half day (preferably not fasting).

4. Be careful and watch the baby’s skin reaction.

5. If a диатеза у малютки нет, увеличивайте количество яиц. So,
during the day you can eat 4 quail or 1 chicken egg.

6. Eat a chicken egg should be, starting with the yolk or only
then try the protein. Divide the egg into 4 pieces and eat each
of them every other day.

7. Raw eggs are undesirable. The fact is that in
unprocessed product contains pathogens infectious
diseases such as salmonellosis.

8. Fried eggs are not recommended. They may be harmful.
stomach nursing mom.

9. Do not enter into the diet of duck and goose eggs.
The most useful are quail and chicken.

Can nursing eggs – the use of chicken product

Chicken eggs have found their use both in cooking and in
treatment of various ailments, as well as in home cosmetology. 100%
natural product is ideal for nursing moms whereas
the use of synthetic agents is strictly prohibited.

Chicken egg is indispensable for sore throat. Prepare the medicinal
the composition is simple: combine 1 raw white protein and 3 fresh chicken yolks
eggs, a dessert spoonful of flour, a couple of large spoons of butter and
a couple of small spoons of honey. Take a mixture of a tablespoon immediately
after meals several times a day.

Eggs help with lower back pain. Enough to ride on the bottom
the back is a warm hard-boiled egg.

The chicken product is also effective for dislocated joints. Connect
protein (1 pc.), flour (1 tbsp. l.), alcohol (1 dessert spoon). Apply
mix on the sore spot and bandage well.

Eggs – “ambulance” for burns. Immediately after damage
place the sore spot under cold water and then attach to it
shells of eggs.

Is it possible to nursing eggs – the use of quail product

Quail eggs are traditionally boiled, fried and consumed in cheese
the form. Cook them like chicken, but a little less time. So, для
preparation of a soft-boiled egg will take 3-4 minutes, hard-boiled – 6

Cooked quail eggs eat both a dish and
used as an additive for making sandwiches,
salads, hot dishes.

When breastfeeding are good such

1. Dietary salad. Boil the beans and eggs in lightly salted
water, cut it. Add chopped canned tuna. Everything
Stir and season with olive oil.

2. Air omelet from quail eggs cooked in
multicooker. Beat the eggs, add milk, salt and whisk again.
Lubricate the bottom of the multicooker with oil, pour out the egg mixture and turn on
baking mode. Put the omelet ready on the plate, decorate

Such dishes will give energy, so necessary for mother in difficult
for her period and fill the baby’s body with beneficial vitamins and

How to determine the freshness of eggs

When breastfeeding one of the main tasks – to follow
quality products. On this depends the health of the baby, which
mother’s milk gets all good and all bad.

It is important to know! If a вы обнаружили, что яйца
Obviously not the first freshness, or they long lay in the fridge in
broken condition, do not risk your health and the child.
Give up the use of such a product!

Determine the freshness of eggs can be such

1. Visual inspection. Fresh egg looks rough and matte,
spoiled – shiny and smooth to the touch.

2. Check with the lamp. Bring the egg to the light source.
Do dark spots appear under the shell? The product is not exactly fresh.

3. Shake the egg. At the rotten inside dangles protein.

4. Place the egg on a flat surface and twist. Fresh
does not spin for long, while the spoiled one commits a large number
rotations around its axis.

5. Dip the egg in a glass of water. If a оно годно к употреблению,
then it will lie horizontally on the bottom, if spoiled – it will emerge.

From the above, we can conclude: chicken and
quail eggs are recommended during breastfeeding. Their benefits
obvious to both mom and baby. The main thing is to stick
the required amount and observe the reaction of the child. Then
negative consequences in the form of an allergic reaction in your baby
will not be scary.

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