Can children in the bath: for and against. Find out,Is it possible for children to go to a bath house and from what age it is better to start a bathprocedures

Ср, 11 май 2016 Автор: Ольга Кравченко

Many people view the bath not only as a means
relaxation, but also as a source of good health and good

Therefore, lovers of steam room are interested in the question whether it is possible to visit
bath with children to strengthen their immunity.

Can children in the bath: Pros and Cons

Almost all doctors agree that for most
Children bath is an excellent means of healing and hardening.
Changes in air and water temperature have a beneficial effect on
circulatory and respiratory system. With then the body is freed from
toxins and lactic acid, which is a source of fatigue.
Baths are especially useful for children who often suffer from acute
respiratory viral infections.

For the first visit it is better to choose a Finnish sauna with a “dry”
ferry. Its hot air is carried more easily than wet Russian steam.
baths. It is known that the greater the humidity of the air, the stronger
there is a high fever.

However, some childhood diseases prevent
bath visit:

• Otitis, sinusitis and other inflammatory diseases are
contraindications for steam. If your kid has chronic sinusitis,
then a bath visit will be useful for him when it’s not about
period of exacerbation.

• High body temperature, the cause of which can be any
diseases (ARI, flu, sore throat, etc.).

• Congenital heart defect.

• Some pathologies of the nervous system. Determine whether
visit the bath with children, in which case can only

• Various skin conditions also require medical consultation.
before visiting the sauna. Children who have many moles on their skin need
gentle temperature in the steam room.

It is worth noting that the health effect of the bath will be
manifest itself only when visiting it regularly, for example, each
a week One-time visits to the steam room can only be considered as
fun pastime with parents, which, however, is not
less useful for the baby.

Is it possible to bath with children up to a year

A hike in the baby bath is possible only if the mother is big
lover of steam and visited her even during pregnancy. Before
going to the sauna you need to talk with the doctor and closely monitor
the child’s response to temperature changes.

The temperature in the bath should be in the range of 40-50 degrees. AT
the first time you should not stay in the steam room for more than one minute.
If the baby’s skin turns blue, turns pale or turns purple
– leave the steam room immediately. If the baby is comfortable
and not naughty, you can repeat the approach 2-3 times. Usually,
breastfed babies are better tolerated
a bathhouse.

After each visit, steam the child must be poured water.
Douches not only remove impurities and slags from the skin, but also
are an excellent means of hardening.

It is better to start with water at room temperature. She will be
enough to contrast with steamed skin. If mother with
dad – supporters dousing with cold water and a child from birth
accustomed to such tempering procedures, then in the bath should not be done

Good mood of parents in the bath will be passed
baby and a positive effect on his nervous system.

In spite of the fact that since ancient times in Russia they bathed in the bath with the whole family, and
there was no question of whether it was possible to go to the bath with the smallest children
Today, many doctors do not recommend visiting a steam room for babies under 3
years old. This is due to an imperfect system of thermoregulation in
the body of a small child.

AT любом случае каждый родитель должен сам, посоветовавшись с
a doctor whom he trusts to determine when his crumbs are ready for
походу в a bathhouse.

Is it possible to prepare a child for a bath

Preparing a child for a bath, just like a bath for visiting a baby, is simple
is needed. It is best if it starts in the womb.
Women who regularly visit saunas during pregnancy
note that their children behave calmly and beautifully in the bath
transfer temperature drops.

The main stage of preparation is the hardening of the child, which
You can start from the first days of life. For starters, let it be
air baths. To do this, when dressing a child you need to leave
its a few minutes to lie naked, gradually increasing it

After 6 weeks the baby can be bathed in a large bath, and then
pour water 1-2 degrees less than the temperature of the water in the bath.

Реакция малыша на такие procedures будет индикатором его
готовности к походу в a bathhouse. If, after hardening, the skin of the crumbs is not
does not turn blue, he does not begin to hiccup or cry – good
пожаловать в a bathhouse.

In addition, it is important to prepare the child for the bath emotionally, because
temperature drops, despite their beneficial effects, are
stress for the whole body. Most children copy reactions
adults on certain events. Therefore, if parents receive from
going to the bath is a pleasure, then this procedure will be necessary for the child

However, some babies have a hard time reacting to the most minor
Changes in your life: visiting relatives, meeting
children and adults or a trip to rest in another country. Such
children should not be forced to join the bath, it will cause a negative
effect and can discourage the desire to visit the steam room for life. Need to
quietly accept the characteristics of the character of the baby Children themselves
determine whether they can in the bath. To wake the baby’s interest in
bath you can tell him about the healing properties of the steam room and pleasant
sensations from her visit.

When visiting the bath, the child must observe
rules relevant and for adults:

• You can not go to the bath on an empty stomach or with a tightly packed stomach
(the ideal interval between the steam room and food intake is 1.5 hours);

• Before entering the steam room you need to take a shower, but leave the hair

• After the bath, the body needs to replenish fluid reserves,
simple water or herbal tea is best for this.

Before going to the bath, the baby needs to purchase a separate hat,
towel and rubber slippers if the baby is already walking.

So, following these simple tips, you can have fun and benefit.
spend time with the child in the bath.

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