Callanetics for weight loss

kallanetica-dlya-pohudeniyaCallanetics is a system
Exercises that were developed by Calan Pinkney.

The basis of the method is the premise that a beautiful body is
the result of the development of all major muscles. Fat appears in the event that
if one or more muscle groups are not constantly involved, or
not enough involved.

In this case, by providing these groups with aerobic exercise, from fat
can easily get rid of.

The effect of callanetics for weight loss is achieved by the fact that
the supply of oxygen to the tissues allows you to cause chemical
fat burning reactions.


The basic principles of callanetics

Most exercise callanetics for weight loss are
a static nature, and also aimed at
muscle stretch. In the course of such studies even deep
body muscles, and even old fat deposits go away.

Surprisingly, the effect can be seen literally through
several classes. With the body, not only leaves fat – the muscles gain
shape and relief that only adds to the attractiveness of the changed

The peculiarity of doing callanetics for losing weight is that
during the exercises, stops are made for one or two minutes. Holding
certain posture during this time, you can ensure that
all muscles received a portion of oxygen and the desired load.

Currently, many physical systems have been developed.
Exercise for those who want to lose weight. But callanetics, according to
its creator, distinguished by its exceptionally high
by efficiency. One class callanetics can be equated to 24
hours of aerobics. And Kalan itself is the best illustration
of how effective calanetic slimming is:
in her middle age, she gained a wonderful figure.

During the classes involved the muscles of all parts of the body, and
Exercise is joined by a special breathing technique. AT
As a result, the muscles contract at the microscopic level.

Callanetics assumes that each exercise is performed from
30 to 100 times while maintaining smoothness. Stop exercise
necessary when the muscles feel a slight pain. The result
classes is not only losing weight and improving contours
figures, but also improving mood, improving posture, getting rid of
diseases of the spine, normalization of metabolism, increase
flexibility and increase the tone of the whole body.


Simple exercises callanetics for weight loss:

  • The exercise is performed on a chair with armrests. Sitting on
    a chair, lean on the armrests, lift the body and straighten your back,
    keeping your chin up. This exercise will give a tone
  • Starting position – standing, feet apart by about 35 cm.
    ATтянуть живот, а руки поднять. Legs bend at the knees
    at the same time arms are pulled forward as if something is needed
    get hold of The hands are then pulled back, and the neck and chin are extended.
    forward. Each pose should be fixed for one minute. Exercise
    performed five times.
  • Starting position – standing, arms at shoulder height, divorced in
    hand palm look up. Connect the blades as close as possible,
    arms back until their fingers touch, elbows when
    Doing the exercise does not bend. ATыполняется 100 раз.
  • From a standing position, the right hand is raised, and the left hand is
    along the leg. The right half of the body stretches up, then the shoulder
    leans to the left as much as possible. Poses are maintained by the minute
    100 repetitions are performed.
  • Starting position – supine with legs bent and
    raised hands forward. From the floor rises head and shoulders, with
    This upper body moves back 15 cm. 10 times.
  • Starting position is similar, legs rise up
    upright, try to lift the body behind them. Pose is fixed
    for 20 seconds, the exercise is repeated 20 times.
  • Sitting on the floor, legs together and stretched up.
    ATыполняются наклоны вперед, чтобы руки доставали до ступней, а
    head – to the knees, 50 times.

ATидео упражнений калланетики для похудения

(больше видео занятий в категории Полезное видео для
,статья «Калланетика. ATидео упражнений»)

These exercises, which are included in the method of callanetics for
slimming, performed without haste, smoothly, with a delay in
certain positions. Having mastered them, you can move on to more complex
exercises. Удачи ATам!

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