Cactus in the house: omens and superstitions, energyviliyenie. Is it helpful to keep cacti in the house where they are betterhave

Сб, 28 окт 2017 Автор: Диана Равенка

They say if the cactus will last 10 years about
computer, it will be able to distribute Wi-Fi. This, of course, is a joke. AT
many people will accept and superstitions associated with

Cactus is unpretentious in care, for which he is loved by quite busy
persons But some signs speak not only about positive, but also
negative sides of this seemingly innocuous

On whether to keep a cactus in the house at all will help to understand
omens collected by ancestors about this amazing flower.

Cactus – protection from the negative

It is believed that plants endowed with spikes or prickles,
possess a number of protective magical properties. That is why many
put cacti near the workplace, where it actively circulates

It is believed that the power of a cactus is able to absorb negative
information coming through calls and certain sites in
the internet. Also a plant can protect against unwanted
phone calls or help overcome some attachments
if you want to pick up the phone and call your mom or former person
for no reason too often.

The cactus, like a talisman, has become especially popular in
the last years of the popularity of computers and phones as workers
tools of modern man.

Cactus – energy vampire

However, ancestors considered cactus not only informational.
protector. It was believed that if you put a cactus at the threshold, then you can
protect the house from uninvited guests or those cases when
man comes a family member, constantly provoking

You can protect yourself from this kind of negative people by putting
cactus in the hallway or on the windowsill.

The plant is considered a kind of energy vampire, but with
the positive side.

The fact is that to maintain life, the cactus is necessary
negative energy that the plant readily absorbs. because
many complain that cacti do not take root in the house, but the reason
for sadness in this case is not. If plants don’t take root,
it means that there is no negative energy in the apartment, or there is, but its too
little for plant nutrition.

Cactus can destroy a family?

However, in addition to the energy protective properties of the cactus was considered
the destroyer of family relationships. Therefore, it is not recommended to set
in a strong and prosperous family, as well as unmarried mothers
girls A flowering plant does not always predict enhanced protection,
often the cactus thus warns against drinking in the family.
The larger the flower, the stronger the chances that the oldest man in the house
will soon be drawn to alcohol.

Well, now decide for yourself whether to start a cactus in

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