Cabbage with bell pepper in tomato

Light vegetable dish that can be served as a side dish to
мясу, вместо калорийной картошки и макарон.

Тушеная капуста в томате
Braised cabbage is very tasty and fragrant, but sometimes you still want
slightly “revive” the taste of the usual dishes. It needs the most
just add a new ingredient. In our case this
The new ingredient will be the sweet Bulgarian pepper.


For the preparation of cabbage with pepper, we will need


– white cabbage – 700 g; – sweet pepper – 150 g; –
carrots – 1 large or 2 small; – tomato paste – 50 ml; –
sunflower oil – 50 ml; – bay leaf, salt, ground


Since the dish includes, in addition to cabbage, pepper and
carrots that are cooked relatively long, then cooking
we start the dishes with these two vegetables.

1. If for the preparation of this vegetable dish you suggest
use fresh bell pepper, then it should be carefully
wash and cut into half rings. In the cold season, more rational
use frozen sweet pepper because its price
much lower. Frozen peppers are usually sold as early as
cut, so it should only be defrosted and
Wash thoroughly in cold water.

2. Carrots for the dish is better to choose bigger. The larger
carrots, the easier it is to grate and the less
waste. So, carrots need to be cleaned and chopped on

Тертая морковка

3. After the first two ingredients are prepared, you can
start frying. Pour about 50 ml of sunflower into the roaster
oils (better refined). We spread in the heated chafing dish
carrot and pepper, add bay leaf (2-3 pieces). Fry vegetables
on fairly high heat for about 5 minutes, then reduce
the fire.

Жарим морковь с перцем

4. In the meantime, while the first two ingredients are fried,
shred cabbage. And then add it to the vegetables. Fry under the closed
10 minutes with the lid of the roaster, remembering occasionally to mix

Добавляем капусту

5. Tomato paste is more convenient to add in diluted form. AT
a glass of drinking water stir 50 ml of concentrated tomato
pasta. ATыливаем жидкость в жаровню, солим и перчим капусту,
continue to stew the dish for another 15 minutes under a closed lid on a small
on fire

Добавляем томат

Жарим на медленном огне

Vegetarian dish, suitable for a lean menu.

Тушеная капуста

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