Bursitis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Thu, 17 Mar 2016

Бурсит представляет собой воспалительное
disease of the synovial bags, which is accompanied by an increased
the formation in their cavities exudate. Most common on
Today is the shoulder bursitis, knee bursitis
joint and ulnar bursitis.

Bursitis – causes

Usually bursitis occurs due to injury of the periarticular bag.
or nearby tendons. It can also be caused by various
repetitive exercise like playing golf or
wave your hands. A disease such as “water in the knee” represents
an inflammation of the bursa due to constant kneeling during
cleaning time. Most often bursitis occurs in the shoulder statute,
which is not surprising, because it is characterized by the greatest
volume of movements among the other major joints of the body. In more
In rare cases, various infections can cause bursitis.
allergic reactions, metabolic disorders.

Bursitis – Symptoms

The most important symptom of bursitis is the occurrence of a rounded
and often painful swelling, in which usually
there is an increased temperature. Generally, there are acute and
chronic bursitis.

Symptoms of acute bursitis imply a sudden strong
pain that gets worse during movements. For example,
with shoulder bursitis it will be quite difficult to put a hand behind the head
while combing. Above the inflamed joints is observed very
painful point where pain in most cases gives to the neck either
down the surface of the arm. Such pains may be at night,
because of what the patient can not even sleep.

As for chronic bursitis, in this case the pain
somewhat weaker, however, lasts longer. And growing
the tissue around the joint seems to connect the bones, which can ultimately
lead to restriction of movement of the joint.

Bursitis – diagnosis

If there is a superficial bursitis, the diagnosis is made.
based on the clinical picture, in the presence of easily detectable
formations of circular shape, burning to the touch and quite clearly
outlined. Chronic bursitis, in turn, is diagnosed when
finding dense, same on the scar formations. If
there are internal inflammations, you may need
specialized equipment that includes ultrasound
joint, bursography, radiography, and arthrography.

Бурсит – treatment

Bursitis treatment is always very difficult and
comprehensive procedure that includes how special
drugs and surgery if observed
advanced or complicated cases.

As for acute bursitis, here from its very beginning
occurrence will need fixation of the affected joint, enough
a tight bandage on the joint helps to avoid tissue swelling. On
damaged joints are set with compresses
means, for example, Vishnevsky’s ointment. Acute Serous Bursitis
It is highly recommended to treat as early as possible to avoid
serious complications in the aftermath.

At the very beginning of the treatment of chronic bursitis is puncture
periarticular bag to exudate. Directly herself
the cavity of the bag is washed with special solutions
antibiotics, antiseptics.

If purulent bursitis is observed, then
several punctures, as well as washing the joint cavity. Everybody is here
depends on the severity of the disease and the presence of complications. If a
the disease is life threatening to the patient, an autopsy is performed
cavity bags in order to remove from there all the pus, blood and fluid.
The wound received during the operation heals for a very long time.

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