Bruised ribs – the danger of injury than to treat it?Is it possible to relieve your condition with a bruised rib, when to causethe doctor

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Rib bruise is a painful injury, its degree depends on
causes of this condition.

It is possible to injure this area not only in case of an accident or

Many people, at home, injure their ribs when falling or
even a small hit.

Bruised ribs: ambulance

Before giving first aid to the victim, you need
recognize the bruise. Make it simple enough, as follows

• when moving the entire body, there is severe pain;

• when inhaling discomfort occurs;

• Hematomas are the most important sign that the ribs

• the first few hours, the injured area will be slightly

Similar symptoms may also indicate bone cracks or
fractures, which is why if at least one symptom was identified,
it is better to go to a medical facility for a complete

But before you go to a specialist, you can and even need to
take certain actions.

If the injury is small, the pain of a weak nature and the need for
There is no medical examination, the following measures need to be taken – take
comfortable position and immobilize. It is better not to use a pillow, but
Instead, put a roller made of dense material.
It is recommended to lubricate the injured area with cream or ointment.
absorbable action.

If the bruise is characterized by severe pain,
the victim can not perform the usual actions, it is necessary as
as soon as possible call an ambulance, and before her arrival attach to
the place of injury is cold.

In more severe cases where rib fractures are present, do not
It is recommended to touch and transport the victim.
The only thing you can do is completely immobilize him and
call a specialist.

Rib bruise: drugs and devices

An important point in the treatment of the injury received is
pain relief, only because of this can the victim
fully breathe and cough.

In no case can not tolerate pain with bruises and fractures.
of the ribs, as due to the constant sensation of pain,
shallow breathing that will cause infection
respiratory tract.

That is why painkillers will improve overall
well-being, as well as protect the airways from unwanted
infection. In the case when the patient smokes or suffers from
asthma, drugs prescribed to him in mandatory

There are three types of pain therapy, which is assigned
for bruises and rib fractures:

1. Paracetamol.

2. Anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen,

3. The use of analgesics for pain, in their composition
should include codeine.

No matter what kind of painkillers were prescribed,
they need to be taken regularly, without waiting for the moment when the pain
will become unbearable. The dose of drugs will gradually be
decrease as the injury goes through.

Possible side effects:

1. Paracetamol – if there is no individual intolerance to
drug, nor any side effects will not be observed.

2. Preparations with codeine content – may occur
drowsiness and constipation. In the period of healing of bruises, drowsiness is even
good side effect, as you can lie down and “sleep”

3. Anti-inflammatory drugs – they need to drink
plenty of water. Cannot be taken along with those
drugs that prevent blood clotting.

No drug treatment

When bruising the ribs, the imposition of a belt or
bandages on the injured place. During the rest bandage a little

When referring to a trauma doctor, he will examine you, determine
exact place of injury and will appoint a set of activities aimed
for a speedy recovery. They include the following:

• try to completely limit physical activity. The sick
the place is better not to disturb and to spend the next few days in

• medication;

• applying a cold compress. Body must be given
sublime position and then fix tight on it

• warming compresses. As soon as they are reached
certain results, you need to use a warm compress,
which will allow tissues to recover faster;

• exercise therapy. This includes special exercises that will
stretch the body, due to which he can quickly

Bruised ribs: folk remedies

If the diagnosis showed that no serious damage
No, and a bruised rib can be cured on your own at home, you need to
выполнять все указания лечащего the doctor. In most cases
Further actions are as follows:

1. Take a small cotton fabric and put in it

2. Compress attach to the injury site, and wait until the pain is
will begin to subside.

3. Do this three times a day, leaving
compress for 15 minutes. More time to keep cold can’t
so how can you catch a cold. When bruised rib cold is useful, he
allows you to get rid of pain, relieves swelling.

4. Stay in bed for several days. If a
this item will be ignored, rehabilitation time will increase in
repeatedly. After a few days, the pain will not be as strong as
This means that you can begin to exercise for

5. The load increases gradually, the slopes are performed, but
without sudden movements.

Use other popular methods for the treatment of injuries of the ribs.
Recipes have come to us from our grandmothers, they are all tested by time and
are very effective:

• a cabbage leaf is applied to the injury site, and then
fixed with a bandage. On the day you need to put it two

• it is possible to warm up the injury site with beans;
cook and chop well;

• explain aloe leaves and mix them with honey
Lubricate with bruises;

• bodyaga is a universal plant, on the basis of which
Prepare many different creams and ointments. Ready ointment can be bought in
pharmacy or cook yourself. Take the plant and
grind it to a powder and then in proportion
1: 2 dilute with water. The resulting tool must be lubricated

• if the injury was received long ago, but still continues
bother, attach boiled potatoes to it
small slices;

• fresh bruises can be cured by plantain: apply
Leaves or make them mush and lubricate the affected


For the treatment of injuries of the ribs use not only medicinal
drugs and ointments, but also tinctures that drink every day.


If a у вас ушиб ребер, можно провести лечение, используя цветки
calendula The plant has anti-inflammatory effects, and
also helps damaged tissues recover slightly
faster. In order to prepare the tincture, take one spoon
Dried flowers, boil two glasses of water and fill them. AT
for two hours the remedy will be infused after
they drink it four times a day for half a glass.


When diagnosed with a bruised rib, an effective treatment is taking
decoction of geraniums. The plant has the same beneficial properties
that and calendula. ATозьмите ложку сухой травы и залейте кипятком.
Put the container on the fire and cook for 5 minutes. After the decoction
cool, it must be drained, moisten a napkin and attach to
as a compress to the sore spot.


Thanks to the chicory root, you can numb the bruised ribs. For
preparation means, take 100 grams of plants and fill the floor
liter of vodka. The drug should be infused exactly two.
of the week. После этого смазывайте поврежденные places.

When you perform all of these actions, you can
lighten everything up in a few days.

Bruised ribs: in which cases you need to contact a specialist

It is necessary to contact a medical institution if
the pain is felt constantly and gives a lot of discomfort. Treatment,
started in a timely manner, can alleviate the suffering of the patient.

If the ribs are bruised, treatment should begin immediately. At first
stages it is to provide peace.

Independently determine the degree of localization of the injury, as well as
identify the absence of fractures, it is impossible. That is why, when
the occurrence of severe pain, you must go to the medical
an institution.

For того чтобы установить точный диагноз, специалист уделит
great value history. ATо-первых, нужно выявить причину
the occurrence of injury, whether it was a mechanical injury or
the fall.

A general examination is important, palpation of the chest and
places of injury, it will reveal the presence of wheezing and noise.

In case of a bruised rib, it is recommended to take x-rays in two
projections – side and straight. This will eliminate the fracture of the ribs,
which at the first stages can impersonate a common mistake.

If a провести такое исследование не получается, может помочь
another technique. AT положении пациента лежа, врач будет надавливать
on the chest from the side and front. At the turn of a strong
pain, when bruised, such pain will be absent.

If a ушиб пришелся на область сердца, ни в коем случае нельзя
to be treated independently.

ATо многих случаях нельзя даже прикасаться к месту ушиба без
presence of a specialist, as injuries can be dangerous,
especially if there are severe hematomas.

Such an injury as a bruised rib has many complications. Exactly
therefore, treatment with folk remedies is allowed only
после осмотра the doctor.

Be attentive to your body and try not to
allow similar injuries.

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