Broken mirror: signs. How to taketrouble?

Broken mirror: signs. How to take trouble?

Mirrors are connected with many secrets, mystical and
mysterious stories will take and superstitions. This item from ancient times
used in various ceremonies, rituals, for divination. Our
ancestors treated the mirrors with care, guarded them, watched
for their condition. If a mirror is broken, usually
perceived as a negative event, warning or attracting
for something bad, in the house waiting for trouble. Even in our times,
if you ask someone: “A broken mirror for good or for ill?”, you
answer that this is definitely not good. Let’s see where
there were so negative superstitions that true and fiction,
is it possible to resist the signs and bring trouble.

Portals to the twilight world

You must understand that most will take about mirrors
appeared not just like that, proved by esoterics, are taken into account when
everyday use. It has long been known that any reflective
surfaces accumulate in themselves derived from the surrounding world
information, both negative and positive. This property is the most
strong at the mirrors. In addition, they are able to share this information.
No wonder many psychics use mirrors to read

For this reason, it is not recommended to have antique
mirrors. Imagine how much has accumulated on their surface,
What powerful energy do they have?

Only it is hardly possible to know for sure what is more in them –
good or bad.

Another fact is that mirrors are portals at dusk,
other world. Because of this property, many signs will appear.
For example, in a house where the dead is still all mirrors are needed
to close. Otherwise, the soul of the deceased may fall into the mirror corridor,
get lost there and not find a way out. Young girl can not look
in one mirror with a friend, it will lead to rivalry and quarrels.
Also esoteric do not recommend sleeping in front of mirrors. Such
superstitions countless. We will talk about signs,
associated with broken mirrors.

Classic interpretation

Of course, in any signs the interpretation depends on various
conditions As for the broken mirrors, there are basic basic ones.
interpretations and options. The classic omen – man broke
a mirror, seven years of unhappiness await him.

Another interpretation foreshadows adversity for all family members,
living in the house where the mirror broke. These superstitions are related to
the property of mirrors to accumulate in themselves negative energy, and
it happens over the years, generations.

It turns out that the mirror is broken and releases all the negative,
which, in turn, is poured on all family members. therefore
особенно опасно разбивать старинные mirrors.

Esoteric think that the worst option is a mirror
scatters into many small fragments. There is a belief that
the event promises serious misfortune, illness, the loss of a large amount
money, even the death of someone from family members.

The mirror cracked

This situation is not at all dangerous, one might say, just

It is important to remember that you can not look cracked
a mirror, otherwise it will fill you with negative, degrade
mood, well-being, add small failures and annoying

As soon as the mirror is cracked, you need to get rid of it –
just throw it in the trash. No big deal in
family should not happen, there is no cause for concern.

Broken mirror: signs. How to take trouble?

The mirror fell

It happens that a mirror simply falls, for example, from a table or
nightstands, nobody approached him, did not hold them in his hands. On that
case, too, there are signs.

If the mirror fell and remained whole, we thank our luck,
we forget about what happened, we try to put mirrors neater.

The fallen mirror itself is broken into several
parts – a magical negative was sent to your family and house

Higher forces warn you about this. Negative aimed at
you, was adopted by the mirror, it could not stand the load and broke.
It is necessary to carry out energy cleaning of the house, check all
households on the subject of targeting damage, evil eye, or even

Important: often parents think about what to do if the mirror
broke a child? Do not worry! Kids are under
energy protection of the mother, a broken mirror is not dangerous. Simply
you need to throw away the fragments and forget about what happened.

The place where the mirror broke

There are interpretations related to the place where it was broken
mirror. For example, if it happened in an apartment or house, troubles
trap all family members. However, this is not so simple and

Crashed mirror in the hallway – some of the family members are waiting
dangerous acquaintance, which will lead to trouble. Broken
bathroom mirror promises illness, in the bedroom – discord in relationships,
The couple may even divorce.

If you broke your personal mirror at work or at work,
be wary of quick quarrels in the team, difficulties in advancing
on the career ladder.

Awkward movement on the street, the mirror slipped from the hands and
shattered into fragments – the achievement of goals
difficult, the path to the desired will be thorny and not easy.

Good omens

With broken mirrors are associated not only negative, but also
positive signs. By the way, they are also associated with the property of mirrors
to accumulate information.

For example, a broken mirror has accumulated too much negativity,
accidentally broke and ceased to radiate it. The house will be no more
source of negative energy.

If someone in the family was sick for a very long time, the mirror
which person looked specifically broken – so in the family
get rid of the energy of the disease so that it no longer

And you can count the number of broken fragments. If the number
it turned out odd – soon the wedding troubles will begin in the family.
Good luck, isn’t it?

What to do with a broken mirror

So, the mirror is still broken. How is it from him
rid so as not to aggravate the consequences? Do not panic,
a lot depends on our mood too.

It is necessary to find a dark dense fabric, carefully collect all
shrapnel and wrap them in it.

It is very important not to look at the broken fragments, not
reflected in them.

Bare hands to the fragments can not be touched. And it is not
only because of possible cuts, it is better not to allow direct contact
with negative energy.

Now you can put everything in a bag and throw it in the trash.
It is best to leave the remnants of the mirror away from home.

If during the collection of fragments, any of them broke to another
smaller fragments, this can lead to aggression from
men living in the house.

To break the trouble and neutralize the bad omen, read
молитву во время сбора фрагментов mirrors. Prayer can be any
protective. The place where the mirror broke, окропите святой водой.
Fragments can not just be sent to the trash, but thrown into the water or
bury in the ground, the best place – a crossroads.

Positive attitude

Finally I would like to say that under any circumstances
you need to set yourself up for the positive, try to see everything

No wonder they say: “All that is done – all for the better!”

Your mirror has been accumulating over the years negative, your bad
mood, illness, failure, quarrels with relatives. And now it
crashed, freed all this, now you just carried out all this
energy trash out of the house.

Об этом мы говорили выше, упоминая positive signs.

Buy a new mirror and charge it only positive
energy: look into it only in a good mood, do not think
about bad things, dream and enjoy good events, being in front of
a mirror.

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