Bright benefits of watermelon peels, as they are rightthere is? How does the composition of the crusts differ from the composition of the melon pulp?

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Well-known pumpkin berry,
melon culture watermelon, enchants juicy, fragrant pulp. BUT
on the crust of watermelon often do not pay attention, just throw it away.
Therefore, it is useful to know what they are good at and how they can
to decorate the summer (as well as winter and off-season)


What can you say about the features of watermelon peels and their

Edible is considered to be a whole watermelon peel, except thin green
skins, creating a classic striped color of the fruit. Taste at the peel
refreshing, peculiar, neutral-pleasant, but most people
they would prefer the watermelon pulp flowing with pink juice. So that
appreciate the crust mainly for its beneficial properties, and not

Although, after some processing, watermelon peels are quite
are appetizing, and you can make candied fruit, jam and
pickled snack in banks in the manner of ordinary cucumbers, and
Jam and pickled billet can be cooked by mixing crusts and
the pulp.

In folk medicine, crusts are also used in the form of decoctions and
infusions, dried them (then ground into powder and consumed inside,
for example, with honey) and squeeze the juice out of them (but quench your thirst as
fresh juice from the pulp they will not work – it’s just natural

Common crusts of rose and red are equally useful.

The energy value of watermelon is low – 25-35 kcal per 100 g
pulp and not far from this level is the crust, but only for now
it is fresh – the same jam from it contains about 235 kcal per 100

As to the comparison of the composition and benefits of watermelon peels and flesh, they
are largely identical, and the first contains even more chlorophyll,
fiber and amino acids, of which the most important
the replaceable amino acid citrulline, which, although not involved in
protein synthesis for muscle growth, but:

• contributes to the removal of ammonia from the body, especially many
produced by intense physical exertion, which, in
particular prevents fatigue and muscle pain after
these loads;

• acts as a vasodilator (by increasing
nitric oxide levels), which improves blood flow and the supply of oxygen to
tissues, normalizes high blood pressure.

The carotenoid pigment lycopene, which creates the red color
the crust contains, of course, less, but it still improves
skin condition – participating in cell renewal, collagen production
and elastin for her youth, protecting it from solar radiation.

В арбузных корках есть витамины — BUT, С, несколько из группы В и
E, and also minerals – potassium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, calcium, sodium,

High content in watermelon and its crusts folate
(vitamin B9), necessary for normal blood circulation of the brain
brain and strong immunity.

And it is also worth noting choline (B4) – it enhances the effect
folic acid, and when paired with lycopene acts as a potent
antioxidant – strengthens the immune system and protects the body from
premature aging and the risks of cancer

What diseases will benefit from watermelon peels

One of the main properties of watermelon – a diuretic, there are also
crusted berries and is characterized by the following

• unlike many diuretics, watermelon is not washed out of the body

• the use of watermelon, even in large quantities is not annoying
urinary tract;

• if the kidneys and bladder have not yet formed stones, but
there is sand, watermelon contributes to its removal;

• the withdrawal of excess fluid is accompanied by a decrease in inflammatory
processes in the genitourinary system, the disappearance of such an unpleasant
symptom like frequent urination and diminished swelling
(especially caused by heart and kidney diseases).

Drinking watermelon peels makes a good contribution to
профилактику кардиологических diseases.

Due to the combination of coarse dietary fiber (fiber) and
peculiarities of the composition, watermelon crusts heal the digestive tract,

• restoration of impaired intestinal microflora;

• normalization of the processes of digestion;

• reduction of stomach pain;

• treatment of constipation;

• healing of minor damage to the mucous membranes.

Along with this, a complex cleansing of the body from
toxins and slags.

Also, watermelon peels are useful for

• relieving symptoms of joint disease;

• treatment of cholestasis (stagnation of bile) as a choleretic;

• restoration of full-fledged organ functionality
дыхательной системы после воспалительных diseases.

How else is the use of watermelon peels

Despite the fact that watermelon has a medium and even rather high
the glycemic index (about 75 units), in crusts, firstly,
sugar is lower than in the pulp, and secondly, it is mainly
represented easily digestible (not requiring for this large
amount of insulin) fructose.

Thus, the berry is not contraindicated in moderation.
with diabetes and overweight (obesity).

Another plus watermelon in that he belongs entirely to
products of moderate allergenicity.

BUTрбузные корочки (особенно в форме сладостей) положительно
affect the nervous system – improve mood, help from
depression and apathy increase concentration and sustainability
organism to stressful situations.

BUTрбуз — один из полезнейших плодов для женской красоты, и хотя в
this plan, the crusts can not be compared with the pulp, anyway, they, in
particular, improve the condition of the nails, giving them strength and shine,
protecting from breakage and delamination.

Could there be harm from watermelon peels

Not all plants are like melons (to which, besides
watermelon include pumpkin and melon) are able to accumulate in the peel
nitrates, heavy metals and other harmful substances.

But find out all about the environmental safety of the growing place.
watermelons and how to fertilize them, rarely seems

Therefore, for the use of watermelon peels without harm, it is recommended
before you eat them or stockpile in any way,
soak the crusts (after clearing green rind) in
cool water. In 2-3 hours, the harmful substances will pass into the liquid,
and the crusts will only be dried and consumed with good.

Excessive and long-lasting treat of crusts (and pulp)
watermelon can lower the level of potassium in the body and for
prevent this phenomenon, and not to give up the beloved
watermelon, it is recommended to enter into the diet what potassium
abound, for example – nuts, dried apricots, raisins, spinach, potatoes (with

You should not get involved in the crust of watermelon in the last terms
pregnancy – despite the fact that the internal organs and so have
increased stress on a woman’s well-being can negatively
affect its pronounced diuretic property.

Also, to avoid harm from watermelon peels, they are strictly
contraindicated in:

• tendency to diarrhea and flatulence;

• urolithiasis (movement can be triggered

• inflammatory and chronic in the acute stage of the disease
The gastrointestinal tract (but theoretically, the doctor can lift the ban if favorable
health indicators).

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