Breathing for weight loss: the principle of “breathe andlose weight! ”

osobennosti-i-tehniki-dyhaniya-dlya-pohudeniyaThere are not many who
knows that with the help of proper breathing a person can improve
your well-being, overcome some types of diseases and even
most importantly, lose weight.

We are accustomed to associate losing weight with various diets and
physical activities, however, such classes are tedious, and sometimes
quite costly from a financial point of view. But bring in
ordering your own breath is such a method, fortunately, perfectly
free and quite affordable for everyone.

Choosing the right breathing technique for weight loss

Although learning to practice effective breathing can
anyone, but, nevertheless, for its development you will need
certain time. After all, each of us has become accustomed throughout his
life to breathe somehow in their own way and relearn, as shows
practice is not always easy.

As a rule, the average person living in a city
breathes often, but not deeply, with breathing mostly
�“Chest”, which is why only the upper part is involved in the process
lungs, and the body does not get enough

So that you understand how serious it is, imagine
yourself that you have great thirst, but you only get
just spray. But, fortunately, the situation is fixable, and you are quite
forces to increase the amount of oxygen transported into the blood.
By the way, if during training you breathe incorrectly, you don’t
just do not help your body, but also cause it serious
harm, since under this condition the heart responds to physical
load convulsively, which should not be!

�“But what is the proper breathing technique for
losing weight !? ”, you ask. The first thing I want to mention: breathing
– this process is involuntary, unconscious and we remember it
only when we begin to lack air. However, we must
understand that it is necessary to breathe rarely, but deeply, deeply,
as professional runners do.

During a run, such a person actively enriches his
blood oxygen, which increases fat metabolism. As a result fat
just melts, giving all your energy to working muscles. And what
the more it will be needed, the more fat will be correspondingly
use up This process can be compared to a hill of coal, which
it is easy to ignite with the help of a good bulge, which is the basis
principle of proper breathing.

There are several basic breathing techniques for losing weight,
who can teach you to do it right. As soon as you
well master at least one of them, your life will change abruptly in
the best side.

They are divided into several types, of which four we
Now let’s talk. The principle of many exercises is based on
action of oxygen, which is the most active participant in
the process of burning fat in the body.


Technique “Bodyflex”

This breathing system was developed by an American named
Greer Childers about 30 years ago, which, by the way, in her
age and now looks just stunning. Before your
in popularity she was an ordinary housewife who brought up
three sons.

Bodyflex System combines the correct method
diaphragmatic breathing and exercise that
divided into three groups: isometric (voltage is caused
one muscle group), isotonic (work several muscle
groups) and tensile (to increase elasticity).

Deep breathing leads to active saturation.
oxygenated blood, thereby accelerating intracellular
metabolic processes, the lymphatic flow is enhanced, an active
burning fat and come in muscle tone. Plus all this
there are positive changes in the whole body: lungs
getting bigger, cells get better saturated with oxygen and well
immunity is strengthened.

This type of breathing exercises has a huge
number of fans, as it guarantees everyone a terrific
the result, not demanding in return time and money. In Bodyflex apply
breathing technique “belly”, in which the lower part is involved
lungs. This approach is at first unusual, and at first may
deliver a little discomfort in the form of dizziness, but through
for some time a person just gets used to it and stops

But remember! Exercise must be strictly for 15 minutes
per day on an empty stomach. But people with hypertension,
cardiovascular diseases and during pregnancy such
breathing method is best not to apply.


Technique “Oksisayz”

This breathing method is the second after Bodyflex, for which it
often referred to as younger brother. He also came up with an American
whose name is Jill Johnson. The name of the technique received from the merger
two words “oxygen” and “exercise.” Accordingly, it is based on
is a symbiosis of respiratory and moderate exercise, so
say a combination of callanetics and proper breathing.

This method is very effective for burning fat in large
volumes, especially in those places where there are loose, shapeless
plots skin. The success of the Oksisize technique is confirmed by personal experience.
millions of people who have experienced it for themselves. She draws in
work almost all muscle groups, which in turn is excellent
calorie burner.

Lessons need to be given daily at least 30 minutes after
two hours after meals and not before.

Holotropic breathing for weight loss

Less than twenty years ago, the holotropic breathing technique was
officially recognized by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and became ubiquitous
used in psychotherapy.

Although it was created by American psychologist Stanislav Grof
back in the 50s of the last century, as one of the methods of psychotherapy
in response to the prohibition of certain psychotropic drugs. Main
principle is bound breathing, which should not be
breaks between inhalation and exhalation. This allows you to successfully
activate a variety of biochemical reactions that can change
the work of the entire nervous system.

Due to hyperventilation of the human lung (which does not occur with
normal breathing) the nervous structures that are
responsible for long-term memory and emotional processes.

This approach also exists in Kapalabhati, Qigong,
breathing on Strelnikova, Hatha Yoga, but the technique of Grof is a bit
modified. It gives positive results not only in
psychological plan, but also in the deep therapeutic, and
spiritual. Main ее задачей яв�”яется достижение це�”остности и
healing at a certain level of your consciousness that helps
get rid of many psychological problems.

Due to the intensive absorption of oxygen in the blood improves
the process of the breakdown of fat cells, so many people call holotropic
breath cleansing. During special exercises products
the vital functions of cells through the bloodstream reach the lungs, where we are from
safely exhale them. In addition, the muscles are actively working.
abdomen, abdominal tone is restored, posture is leveled,
bowel work is stimulated and the figure is improved.

However, the decision to fight obesity by this method should
be aware! Conduct holotropic breathing sessions
not worth it yourself, it’s best to use
professional help in a specially equipped for this

Session time can last from 2 to 3 hours. Technique not
recommended for pregnant women and people with problems
cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Diaphragmatic breathing for weight loss

For habitual breathing to benefit you, you need to
make it systemic or diaphragmatic. To play it
a person must use all the abdominal muscles that as a result
leads to the so-called massage of internal organs and starts
source of hidden energy, with the help of which fat is burned

In addition, this method of breathing puts in order the arterial
pressure, facilitates the course of bronchial asthma and chronic
colitis, favorably affects the voice.

If you decide to get rid of fat deposits in the abdomen,
you need to try the following breathing exercises for
weight loss, which, according to experts, are among the
the easiest and most enjoyable tools to achieve a goal.

List of exercises for abdominal breathing:

1. While inhaling, you inflate the stomach (round off), and as you exhale, you pull in
inward, as if pushing out all the air.

2. Lying on your back, bend your knees, relax and
take a very deep breath in while pulling in your belly. On
exhale abdomen on the contrary inflated. Then connect to your breath
body: on the inhale, reduce the abdominal muscles, lifting your legs up, as if
you swing the press. Only 10 – 15 times.

3. Lie on your back, arms along the body. Perform a quick inhale-exhale
for 10 seconds. Then pull the belly to the maximum and slowly
lift your legs up so that they are perpendicular to the floor.
Wrap your arms and pull them over so that the buttocks do not
came off the floor. Hold at the point of greatest stress on
10 seconds, then relax and return to the starting position.
Only 4 – 6 times.

4. Sit on a chair, back straight, knees bent at an angle of 90
degrees Breathe deeply in your stomach, alternately straining.
abdominal muscles, then relaxing them. Onчинайте с 10 повторений,
gradually bringing their number to 40.

5. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly inhale
raising the outstretched arms up and then exhaling slowly, lower
them back. Only 5 – 8 times.


Various types of breathing for weight loss: reviews

Annette: “… I don’t have any personal experience in breathing exercises, but
There is an example of a sister who put herself in order (she lost weight, muscles
pulled up) in just 15 minutes a day. In the morning I got up, right
breathed and went to work – everything! Big weight problems with me
No, because I have been active in my entire adult life, but
if you need to lose a couple of kilos, it is not clear how to behave
breathing practice in my case. Onдо пробовать… “

Vlada: “… I want to share my personal find! All my life
struggled with weight, there were diets, pills, and popular methods …
Only the gym is not enough, but the work did not allow … The result
disappointing – the weight changed as on the carousel, then uphill, then down.
It all lasted until the magazine read a useful
weight loss experience with Oxisis. On сегодня я давно забы�”а, что такое
sagging belly. And this is only half an hour a day !!! … “

Lilia: “… I began to practice body flex in mid-2012
year when strongly recovered after childbirth. Maybe i did
something was wrong, but there was no sense in training. Yes i feel
became better, had a good charge of energy, but the body did not change …
Later in the internet I found exercises on Kalanetics, which became mine
salvation !!! I use them now with pleasure and constantly! …

Ксюха: « … То�”ько неде�”ю назад мне подари�”и книгу по прави�”ьному
дыханию (по моей просьбе) и сейчас уже есть заметные резу�”ьтаты!
Despite the fact that I have almost no free time, it takes away everything
home-work-children. Уже успе�”а сбросить пару ки�”о, что очень
вдохнов�”яет! … “

Лиза: « … Занимаюсь в спортза�”е уже бо�”ее трех �”ет и о
прави�”ьном дыхании знаю не понас�”ышке. Когда я впервые попа�”а в
за�”, я веси�”а 86 кг, сегодня это 54, п�”юс те�”о мое ста�”о красивым и
fit. С техникой дыхания меня познакоми�” мой тренер, чтобы во
время физических нагрузок не кружи�”ась го�”ова, я не пада�”а в
обморок, и прише�”, наконец, тот успех, которого я достиг�”а. BUT
вообще в спорте это один из к�”ючевых моментов! … “

Lose weight with the help of breathing is possible – video instruction

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