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Breastfeeding has been and remains a hot topic of all
young moms.

There are many myths and fears around this ritual.

Some mothers, afraid to harm the baby, put themselves on a strict diet,
others – puzzled over how long it is necessary to feed the child and
how to wean from the chest.

Breastfeeding: advice to nursing mother how to

Reorganization of the body to breastfeeding begins already during
of pregnancy. Many women notice this even in the early stages:
begins to “fill” the chest, several times increased in

In the first hour after birth, the newborn is applied to the breast.
moms. Many untrained women wonder why
need, does milk come so fast? Yes, at this time milk is in
chest already, but it is somewhat different in composition and fat content
from breast milk in the usual sense. The first three days of the women’s
Colostrum is released from the breast. Scientifically proven to be the most valuable
liquid for the baby in the first days of his life.

The benefits of colostrum are that its composition is rich in proteins,
trace elements and fat-soluble vitamins. At the same time it is very
few carbohydrates. This composition forms a strong immune system.
newborn, sets the correct work of its gastrointestinal
a path, populating intestines with useful microflora. From colostrum baby
It turns out useful and well-digested food.

Why is it so important to attach the child to the breast if not in the first hours
after his birth, then at least in the first day. First, because
composition of colostrum, which, as already mentioned above, is very useful for
baby Secondly, the reduced fat content of colostrum has
laxative effect that helps to clean the intestines faster
newborn from the primary chair (it is called meconium).
Thirdly, do not forget about that invisible connection, which
tied between mom and baby while

The difference between colostrum and milk is that its production occurs
constantly, not tides. For one feeding, the baby does not receive
more than 30 ml of the mixture. However, this does not mean that the child does not
gorge on. It just needs to be applied to the chest as often as possible.
Sucking irritates the nipple, which provokes milk production. Also
It is proved that the more actively the baby sucks, the better lactation will be.
how правило, промежуточное (между молозивом и зрелым) молоко
starts to arrive for 3-4 days after birth. Mature breast milk
Moms starts to work out after 2-3 weeks.

Breastfeeding tips nursing mom: what styles
feedings are

It will be useful for every mother to know that there are two directions.

● by mode;

● on request.

In the first case, the mother keeps the interval between feedings not
less than 3 hours. In the second – the breast is given to the child as soon as he
will start screaming actively.

Choosing the right style, mother often does not rely on advice.
подруг/матерей/педиатров, а на собственного baby Crying
babies who calm down only at the breast, force mom
stick to free style. And if the child does not disturb the mother,
sleeps well, then she feeds her child once at a certain time.

Now many pediatricians and breastfeeding specialists
tips give nursing mothers: try to combine both styles. The thing is
the fact that if the baby was fed with milk and released the nipple himself,
so he ate. Next time hunger will not visit him
earlier than 2 hours. If the baby started screaming in half an hour
after eating, the reason is definitely not hunger. It may be
anything: intestinal colic, itchy allergies, bad mood.
In this case it is not worth offering a breast, but it is necessary to distract the child.
something else.

At the same time, if the baby is fast asleep and more than 3 have passed
hours from the moment of feeding, then you shouldn’t disturb sleep for a sentence
chest Believe me, a hungry child will not sleep, he will
will make itself known by a ringing cry.

Breastfeeding – advice nursing mom, as mixed
style helps to solve several problems at once:

1. Saves the baby from overeating, because if he does not want to eat,
but screaming, mom somehow puts it to her breast, thinking
that the baby is hungry. By the way, overeating is just frequent
cause colic in children under 3 months.

2. Helps mom and baby look for other ways to interact,
and not just across the chest. If a little time has passed after
the child is full, but he continues to scream, mom needs to look
other ways to calm him down.

3. The intervals between feedings of 2-3 hours are necessary.
so that his digestive tract quickly began to function normally.

Грудное вскармливание: советы кормящей маме по draining и
milk storage

Situations are different and sometimes mom just can’t
put your child to your chest. In which cases it is necessary

● if, after giving birth, the mother and the baby are separated (in this case
wishing to preserve and further establish a full-fledged lactation
Mom, should begin to express already 6 hours after delivery;
this should be done every 3 hours, and at night with an interval of 5

● if the mother is forced to leave the child with relatives or
a nanny, but wants the baby to eat her milk;

● if more milk accumulates in the breast than it eats
baby (in this case, the mother must be decanted to
avoid stagnation and subsequent problems because of this).

Concerning the last point, doctors are still arguing. Alone
claim that to prevent lactation mastitis mother
simply obliged to express the milk remaining after feeding. Other
against this, arguing that mastitis may not develop
just for this reason.

In fact, according to some reports, moms who don’t
are expressed by, often suffer from this disease than those who
get rid of excess milk.

Лактационный мастит — это заболевание, которым
lactating women suffer. In 90% of cases, its development is promoted
stagnation. They are formed due to the fact that the child is undernourished everything
the milk came, and the remaining mom does not squeeze. If so
the situation persists for 5 days, the chance to avoid
lactational mastitis is minimal. Stagnant milk leads to
microbial development and inflammation of the breast.

Strained breast milk can be stored for a long time in
freezer. For this, even special ones are sold.
containers. Milk is decanted and frozen. However, to
feed them baby, you need to defrost it only at room
temperature and then reheat to the desired temperature on the water

Breastfeeding: nursing mothers advice on how long
feed and how to cancel night feedings

Almost every mother asks: how long should you feed
baby? The exact answer can not give any specialist. Alone
they say that up to a year is enough, and then the milk becomes
useless. Other придерживаются мнения, что кормить нужно
longer, as babies on breastfeeding practically do not
are sick In addition, the mother-baby relationship is maintained longer
very important for normal mental and emotional development

Both sides agree on one thing: in the first six months of the life of a small
человечка еду и воду вполне способно заменить молоко moms. Exactly at
this period the concentration of useful substances in it is maximum. Children
on breastfeeding to teach new foods should not
earlier than after 6 months.

After this time, you need to gradually start replacing milk with
lure. Each week, the volume of complementary foods and its diversity should
a little increase, and the frequency of attachment to the chest –
to decrease.

Summing up, it turns out:

● up to 6 months, the baby needs mother’s milk;

● from year to year and a half – it is desirable to feed (not so much with
biological point of view, as with the psychological);

● после полутора лет кормить или завершать lactation — личное
дело каждой moms.

Many mothers, wanting to complete breastfeeding, begin with
what is left breast only for the night. However, such an approach in
root wrong. Weaning should begin just with
exceptions night attachments.

Until six months, the child must be fed 1-2 times. Even if he doesn’t
wakes up, you need to wake him up and offer his chest. After 6 months in
this is not necessary.

how убрать ночные кормления? Pediatricians advise
follow the simple rules of going to bed:

1. Late daily bathing. To baby fell asleep
and slept well for at least 4 hours, you need to bathe him
hours at 11 pm, then rinse with cool water. After bathing
the baby must eat the breast tightly.

2. Favorable atmosphere. Children sleep better in the cool, so
It is important to ensure that the temperature in the room does not exceed 20
degrees, and the humidity was not lower than 50%.

Breastfeeding is an important process for the growth and development of the baby.
how долго кормить — дело каждой moms. Many feel sorry for completing
lactation лишь по причине того, что именно в эти моменты между мамой
and the baby has the strongest connection.

Also хотелось добавить по грудному вскармливанию, совет
breastfeeding mother: lactation is a very important point in terms of
female health. Mammologists argue that the longer a woman
breastfeeding, the lower the risk of developing breast cancer.

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