Breastfeeding – a panacea for developmentfood allergies. Or not?

Mon, Nov 21, 2016

British scientists in the course of research have concluded that
breastfeeding can prevent the possibility of
food allergies in babies. That is why, when translating a baby
on a new diet, do not stop feeding it
breast milk. According to the study leader, Kate Grimshaw,
breast milk contains a large number of substances that are beneficial
affecting the development of the child’s immune system. For this reason
adding new elements to food can be perceived as childish.
the body as a threat to health.

The essence of the Grimshaw theory is that in the case of input into the diet
baby food allergens (at the termination of the chest
feeding), the risk of developing food allergies is extremely high,
since children’s diets are deprived of important substances that can
strengthen the immune system. That is why the specialist recommends
transfer the child to solid food no earlier than 17 weeks of his life,
naturally, with the continuation of breastfeeding.

During the experiment, the nutritional characteristics of 41 children were studied.
with a predisposition to food allergies and 82 healthy babies.
The results showed that children prone to allergies,
mothers used to transfer to solid food, while reducing
the amount of nutrition of breast milk, which caused, according to
Grimshaw, failure in the immune system of children.

However, not all experts share the view of Grimshaw.
In particular, the pediatrician of the children’s hospital in Miami Vivian
Hernandez-Trujillo believes that the Grimshaw theory is just speculation,
since scientists still don’t know the reliable reasons
causing food allergies. In addition, the National Service
Health in the UK recommends including in the diet
solid food for children is not from 17 weeks, but only after 6 months.

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