Breast recovery after feeding

Breast recovery after feeding. Как подтянуть грудь после кормления? Упражнения для груди после кормленияIn
during pregnancy, the woman’s breasts are poured, become elastic and
looks appetizing. This is due to hormones. However after
cessation of feeding, many breasts sag and lose their shape.
Of course, this is individual, but basically a change in the shape of the breast.
depends on the state of connective tissue.

What to do to return the breast to a beautiful shape?

In principle, according to medical explanations, it is quite
normal, because weight gain during pregnancy, and
respectively, and the breast, after the lactation period quickly comes
in a state of “exhausted fat reserves and skin tension”. But
this does not mean that the shape of the breast is lost forever. Strengthening
pectoral muscles and stimulating normal blood supply to tissues can
restore, and even improve the shape of the breast. Related muscle group
to the chest, are in the armpits. The breasts themselves contain
only mammary glands, adipose and connective tissue.

Among the effective ways to restore the lost breast shape
can highlight the following:

  • 1. A good effect can be achieved if you regularly do
    breast massage. It must be held every day for one
    or two months. It is best to use during the procedure.
    coconut or almond oil. Put some oil on your hands and
    position them so that one palm is under the breast, and
    another on top. Massage the chest with light circular motions.
    for five minutes. If you are not sure you can get a massage
    yourself, ask for help from professionals. AT
    modern salons will offer you several similar procedures and
    will help to choose the one that is right for you.
  • 2. A universal remedy for skin renewal and imparting to it.
    tonus is scrub. It helps to remove dead cells and
    make skin smooth and velvety. Use scrub
    stimulates the production of elastin and collagen in the epidermis. Thanks
    this chest noticeably pulls up. Remember to conduct such
    procedures more than once a week is not recommended.

Scrub does not necessarily buy in the store. It is quite possible
cook yourself from natural ingredients. For example,
An excellent remedy is obtained by mixing a teaspoon of ground
coffee with a little water and a teaspoon of liquid honey.
Such a crab is best used when taking a shower or bath.
The mixture is applied to the skin of the breast with a thin layer and gently rubbed into
for a couple of minutes with light circular motions. Then you can scrub
leave on the body for a few minutes. After wash away the residues
warm water.

  • 3. Inсстановить здоровье кожи груди помогут втирания
    special mixture. To prepare it is extremely simple. Enough
    mix 10 drops of rosemary, jasmine and lavender extract.
    Add a few drops of lemon juice and orange to the mixture.
    oils. ATсе компоненты тщательно смешайте и оставьте на сутки для
    insisting in a dark place. This composition is best rubbed into the skin.
    after applying the scrub.

Physical exercise

Exercises to improve the elasticity of the breast, reinforcing
blood supply to the tissues does not affect the state of the tissue itself
chest These exercises are aimed at stimulating the tone of the pectoral muscles.
and lift the chest. It should be noted that the results of such
workouts in direct proportion to your individual parameters.
К тому же это ненаправленные средства по увеличению chest Among
самых эффективных can highlight the following:

  1. 1. Lying on your stomach, rise, leaning on his hands. Hands on
    shoulder width, slightly wider. Back and hips along the same line. Elbows
    set apart and fingers pointing forward. No need to up
    stop straighten your elbows. As you exhale, straighten your elbows, while inhaling –
    bend. ATначале может быть проблемно отжиматься от пола. Get started
    push-ups from the chair, but the first time you need to repeat at least 10
    push ups.
  2. 2. Exercises with an emphasis knees. Palms in position under the shoulders,
    and fingers pointing forward, knees against floor. Further
    repeat exercise 1.
  3. 3. Exercises with palms. ATыпрямившись стоя, поставите ноги на
    shoulder width. Fold palms at chest level, like east
    greeting – with your fingers up. Bottom of the palm rest with
    effort twice at the expense of “one, two, at the expense of” three “- expand
    fingers in the direction of yourself, at the expense of “four- – straighten your palms, on
    score “five” – lower your arms, into the score “six” – fold your palms again
    in the starting position. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  4. 4. Exercises for fingers. ATыпрямившись стоя, поставьте
    ноги на shoulder width. Bend your elbows and lift to the level
    faces. Attach the fingers with maximum effort, then sharply
    try to spread your arms to the side. Repeats up to 12 times.
  5. 5. Exercises for hands. Alternately or in parallel, describe in
    air circles arms outstretched back and forth.
  6. 6. For active stimulation of the pectoral muscles do exercises
    in which the muscles of the face and neck are involved – the corners of the mouth try
    pull down so that the neck veins are clearly marked on the neck.
    ATы сами увидите моментально, как приподнимаются chest

For a more effective result in strengthening exercises.
pectoral muscles, it is recommended to select the appropriate bra,
which should constrain and immobilize the breast as much as possible during

Professional methods

If home breast restoration methods do not have proper
effect, then you can resort to the help of professionals. AT современных
beauty salons can offer you the following

  • 1. Mesotherapy. In время этой процедуры под кожу вводятся
    специальные активные вещества, которые подтягивают кожу chest
  • 2. Chemical peeling. Compounds are used for it.
    Made on the basis of fruit acids.
  • 3. Wrap. This procedure can be performed using
    seaweed, medicinal herbs or essential oils. She is
    especially effective if done directly after
    cessation of breastfeeding.

ATыбирайте метод, подходящий именно вам, и уже в скором времени
вы снова станете обладательницей красивой подтянутой chest

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