Brad Pitt spoke about the attack of the Ukrainianjournalist

Tue, 03 Jun 2014

The other day, an online scandal raged across the Internet.
украинского journalist Виталия Сердюка на голливудскую звезду Бреда
Pitta. Finally, the actor, who was silent for a long time, commented
the situation.

According to Pitt, while giving autographs, he saw with side vision
that some person is trying to break through the fence. The actor backed away
back, however, Serdyuk managed to grab him by the lapels of his jacket.

Pitt said the journalist was trying to stoop to his groin, in
resulting in two blows to the head. Only then a bully
calmed down.

The hearings on the case of Vitaly Serdyuk are scheduled for June 8, but for now
the brawler is forbidden to approach Pitt and his family.

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