Botulism – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Thu, 17 Mar 2016

Ботулизм представляет собой заболевание,
which is caused by the use of products containing toxin.
The disease is characterized by paresis, as well as paralysis.
muscle tissue. Botulism is considered a massive disease. Usually them
all family members who eat food after one
the table.

Botulism – causes

The only cause of this disease can be safely considered.
spore-forming, gram-positive bacterium that has
increased mobility. This type of bacteria is capable of producing
far from one or two types of toxins. In reality
Already seven types of toxins are allocated, including A, B, E, and
some others. If you talk directly about toxins A and B,
it is worth noting that they are the most dangerous for
human body. They can easily withstand digestive
enzymes produced by the human gastrointestinal tract.
These types of toxic substances enter the human body along with
food, while they do not allow the release of acetylcholine,
concentrated in peripheral nerve endings.

Botulism – Symptoms

For most people, botulism begins with nausea, vomiting,
loose stools. To the most frequent early symptoms of the disease can
include visual impairment: ghosting, occurrence
�”Fog” and “grid” before my eyes, the impossibility of reading. With more
detailed examination, you can notice the expansion of the pupils, the omission of the eyelids,
and the inability to move the eyeballs. At the same time with
this causes botulism in a patient with great thirst, constant
dry mouth, food is poured through the nose and some others
the symptoms. As for body temperature, it can be observed
both normal and slightly elevated from 37 to 38 degrees. With
Such signs are highly recommended to consult a doctor, since
similar symptoms already signal a threat to life. If not
go to a doctor in time, respiratory paralysis may occur
musculature Patients often begin to feel short of breath. AT
As a result, the disease can be fatal.

Botulism – diagnosis

The diagnosis of botulism is made on the basis of laboratory
research. A large enough role in the diagnosis of the disease
plays the fact of group disease in people who take one
the same food, such as dried fish, various canned foods,
canned vegetables, meat, mushrooms. Laboratory diagnosis
consists in the following: a patient with botulism takes blood for
research, carried out gastric lavage, feces.
The presence of botulinum toxin is determined using a biological

Ботулизм – treatment

Every person suspected of botulism is subject to immediate
hospitalization in time to produce specific therapy. She is
will help to prevent possible serious complications. Directly
The following simple procedures can be performed before hospitalization:
gastric lavage with boiled water, and then another two percent
soda solution; very frequent use of water; intramuscular
the introduction of 2 ml of 0.05% prozerin. If acute
respiratory failure then need to be carried out
artificial respiration.

To neutralize botulinum toxin, medicinal
antiobotulin serum. AT случае, если тип токсина
является неизвестным, то вводится сыворотка сразу трёх типов: А, AT,
E. If a severe form of the disease is observed, then the medicine in
The beginning is injected intravenously and then intramuscularly. With
respiratory distress that occurs after paralysis
respiratory muscles, artificial respiration is attributed.
To successfully fight hypoxia, hyperbaric is applied.

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