Black manicure – more than 50 gorgeous black ideasvarnish

Black has long been associated not with gloom and boredom, but
is an indication of the commitment of the latest fashion trends. On
black manicure has the same function as black clothes
– ennobles, gives luxury and elegance. Can find
wonderful options with both matte and glossy
surface, gentle monograms and brilliant drawings.


  • Black and white manicure
  • Black and pink
  • Burgundy and red with black
  • Black and gold
  • Black with silver
  • Beige with black
  • Black and gray
  • Black and blue or purple
  • Black and yellow or green
  • Matt
  • With design
  • Black jacket
  • With flowers
  • Sequined
  • With rhinestones
  • With stripes
  • Black lace
  • Cat’s eye

черный маникюр фото

Particular attention is caused by the effect of “broken glass” on the black
basis. The addition of white in the form of
a variety of drawings and landscapes – a classic combination of this
Gamma is unlikely to ever go out of style. Latest fashion trends in
Nail art related to this color will be discussed below.

Color combinations with black

  • Classic: black and white version

It is the most versatile, therefore it is also suitable for business style, to
which is not always easy to find a suitable option – black and white
gamma in this case is very relevant. Easy to add to these shades.
festive mood with sparkles of various shapes and sizes
rhinestone and other decorative items.

The most common design is stripes, which
imitate the skin of a zebra – while they can be horizontal,
wavy, straight, etc. In addition, many prefer
the usual “chessboard”, but such a bright pattern is recommended
use only on a pair of nails and the rest cover
однотонным черным гель-varnish.

  • Pink tones on black

A few years ago, this combination could only be found
in thematic groups of young people, in particular, emo culture. On
today, such an association is a thing of the past and pink,
even in combination with black, characterized more as spectacular
glamorous option.

For lovers of minimalist manicure you need to pay attention
for a regular jacket or perhaps lunar. The shades of pink are very
a lot, and they are quite different from each other. At last
season masters rely on soft pink or peach,
which in combination with black gives a very interesting result.


  • Red gamma

This combination looks very bright, fashionable and even bold, but it
Loved by many women precisely for these qualities.
Red and black manicure is not new at all, but every season there are new ones.
applying him. The latest fashionable option is the interpretation
famous Labutenov in the same color, but to implement this
The design must have fairly long nails.

The essence of this manicure is: coloring is made from both
sides – black on top, and red – on the inside. Besides
This is the effect of the ombre in these shades. Interesting
Craquelure technics looks like it is gaining momentum this season. She is
performed in two colors, one of which “peeps” through
cracks of another.

  • Gold + black = luxury

These luxurious colors are always appreciated in their own way.
by women. Recently, their combination has become a real breakthrough.
which arose after the Dolce @ Gabbana show, where designers created
шикарную коллекцию на их basis. Wealth and aristocracy – here
the first associations that appear next to them. Especially impressive
looks like a matte finish that imitates velvet for decoration
which is enough just one or two gold stripes.

If gold ornate ornate patterns on a black background,
You can get a truly amazing result. As an option:
fine gold plating can be used on monochromatic black

  • Silver accents

In this case, silver is almost as good as gold.
color, so it remains only to determine the outfit and appropriate
accessories. In tune they are just recommended to issue a manicure with
using a shimmer, glitter, etc.

  • Beige natural color

If instead of white as a companion to use
beige or other nude shades, the result will be more
exquisite. Most often they are made in the form of a jacket, where black
the tip of the nail is painted with color, and beige – its nail

  • Gray scale

Gray colors are usually used to combine with black when
creating geometric patterns, such as zigzags. To create them
apply stencils that you can buy or make
on their own using ordinary scotch tape.

  • Blue and purple

Black color also “asks” to be diluted with a bright shade –
blue in this case is perfect. Add highlight to
Geometric design is possible with rhinestones.

  • Yellow and green highlights on black

Summer mood can be brought by adding to
black color of a bright and positive yellow shade – such
the combination looks incredibly fresh. About the same function
relegated to green shades. In this case, various
Ombre options, as well as the usual monophonic coloring each
nail alternately in black and green.

Decoration options and design ideas

  • Matte finish

If a black manicure seems too catchy or noticeable, then
You can give preference to a matte finish that looks more
modestly and not defiantly bright. For its decoration use
clear or matching rhinestones and stones, as well as various
sparkles and drawings.

  • Design on a black background

On черном фоне рекомендуется использовать простые варианты
decor in the form of concise drawings, made in a minimalist
style. If black is used as secondary, then
The most popular image is a silhouette of a cat or traces of its paws on

  • French in black

In this case, black color is used for free
the tip of the nail, as an equivalent replacement to white color. The main
the surface of the nail is painted brighter, more contrast
shade. To perform a simple design will be needed:

  1. transparent base;
  2. beige lacquer;
  3. black lacquer;
  4. transparent top.

To perform additional decoration may require brushes
for example, to create a picture.

  • Flowers

Flower arrangements – old regulars of female nails. Highly
often black lacquer is used for their image because
It is the most contrast to all other colors.
Despite the use of a dark shade, such a manicure will not
look too vulgar or bright. Self portray
flowers on the nails – it is quite difficult, so it is worth
entrust him to a professional. Either use special
devices – sliders, stickers, etc.

  • Sparkles on black

Multi-colored sparkles immediately create a special, festive
mood. Gold is especially well suited to black.
option. With their help, create interesting gradients, french with
a tip from spangles, and also allocate an accent nail.

  • Rhinestones for black manicure

Rhinestones and various stones can be used in everyday life,
but their main purpose is solemn and festive
activity. On черном фоне яркие стразы смотрятся очень выигрышно.
The simplest and most common is the location of stones
the center or side of the nail plate in the form of various patterns. AT
one manicure can combine several sizes of rhinestones.

Most often, the picture is placed on the ring finger as
accent. The most convenient is that they are easy to decorate
the surface of the nail, even at home.

  • Black stripes on the nails

Onиболее стильным и лаконичным дизайном на ногтях на протяжении
long time is considered a geometric pattern. Diverse
strips – vertical or horizontal, intersecting or
parallel – look invariably attractive.

  • Lace patterns

Black lace attracts and seduces, including on the nails. how
it may seem strange, but it is the best companion to the romantic
dress or air along in pastel shades.

  • Cat Eye Manicure

The cat’s eye style itself is very effective, and
it in black adds a special depth to the resulting

Black color looks very appropriate on the nails, but under it
it is necessary to apply a layer of transparent protective coating,
otherwise the nails may become yellowish. ATариантов маникюра
in this shade no less than in all others. To study
возможный дизайн можно поподробнее по фото  – идей великое
lots of.

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