Betadine – the surest weapon against infections

Fri, Apr 24, 2015

At the time of the dark medieval austere knights, going to
years of hiking, did not find anything better than putting on
their beautiful ladies metal belt of fidelity, lock it on
lock and hang the key on your neck, to be sure that
without their permission nothing will happen.

If you think about it, it is an extremely useful invention to protect yourself.
and a lady from probable infections and other troubles. Lovely
the ladies probably knew how to get out of a difficult situation,
however, this information has not reached us – probably in order to
men still felt to be the masters of the situation.
many centuries, and it is safe to say that metal
chains on loins finally went out of fashion. However the probability
get some vaginal infection through intimate
relationship haunts every young woman. What to do – with all
her confidence in a partner abundance of bacterial and viral infections
makes infection by infectious vaginitis possible at any minute.
In addition, the human papillomavirus is extremely tenacious,
which scientists have proven often leads to cervical cancer

The danger of vaginal infections is that they pass
they are in most cases quite discreetly – without sharp pains,
fever and other unpleasant symptoms that
make us consult a doctor. However, their effects are
very unpleasant – inflammation of the pelvic organs, urinary
bladder, internal genital organs, which in the end is detrimental
will affect the health of women.

And bacterial vaginosis can be a serious cause on the way
planned happiness of motherhood, and this also does not follow
forget. How to protect yourself from insidious infections and viruses? Well,
Of course, not wearing any medieval decorations! The beauty
our life is that the very thing that can happen to us at any moment
beautiful in the world – love, and who of us will be stopped at this moment
hypothetical infections?

However, the saying reads: “Be forewarned is forearmed.” Knowing
that viruses and bacteria are just waiting to get into
favorable environment and develop vigorous activities there, each
a woman should be very careful about her condition
health Must be alarming the discharge with unpleasant
�”Fishy” smell, itching, burning and discomfort that appear after
sexual intercourse or during menstruation.

Today, every woman is able to become herself
guard their health, and therefore the weapon to protect it choose
she will have to herself. Armed with the new drug Betadine
which is a powerful antiseptic, capable in record time
crush all possible viruses and bacteria, even the terrible
human papillomavirus causing cervical cancer and
herpes infection. Vaginal suppositories contain micro doses
iodine, which is guaranteed to eliminate pathogens.

The mechanism of action of Betadine is quite simple – iodine enters into
contact with proteins of the bacterial wall and forms iodamines, which
violate the vital activity of bacteria, viruses, fungal infections,
condemning them to quick doom. Scientists have proven that iodine –
the strongest oxidizer, and Betadine’s action is based on this
its features. Due to shallow tissue penetration
mucous membrane, the drug creates conditions for recovery
acidic environment in which faithful defenders of women’s health live –

They develop only in an acidic environment, which inevitably
changing at the moment when hostile
viruses and bacteria. Betadine creates optimal conditions for
restoration of microflora, normalizing the acidity of the vaginal
environment, and this is the fundamental difference between this drug from others,
used in gynecology, drugs. Apply it
can be used as a preventive and therapeutic agent against all viral
and bacterial sexually transmitted diseases because
the drug has both antiviral effect and bactericidal

In short, if the health condition of the “lower floor” inspires
apprehension and alarming, but there is no visit to the doctor again
time, without waiting for the final verdict, women can safely
begin to use the new “absolute weapon”. Loyal ally
Betadin confidently stands guard over women’s health, as if brave
knight, and will not miss any bacteria or viruses that could
grieve his beautiful lady.

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