Beetroot Wonder Vegetable: Useful Properties of Redroot vegetables. What can be contraindications for beets

Чт, 14 июл 2016 Автор: Юлия Еркова

All the usual vegetable beets – it is an easily accessible root vegetable,
which is often used in everyday life, as the main
ingredient borscht, salad and other dishes.

People rarely think about the usefulness of a product, and
in vain.

Beetroot is a storehouse of vitamins and must necessarily
present in the diet.

The peculiarity of beet composition, useful properties of the components

Useful properties that are present in the root, even with
old times made a vegetable noticeable.
Today scientists
believe that its composition is truly unique, and its
properties are highly appreciated. The composition includes a separate set of elements
nowhere else found in this form. Significant plus
constituent elements is their resistance to
high temperatures, that is, they do not lose their properties in the process
frying, boiling and other cooking methods.

1. About 14-15% of the composition is carbohydrates – fructose, glucose,
sucrose and pectins.

2. Vitamin composition is mainly represented by group B, PP,
vitamin C. But also beet contains vitamins A, E, K and
useful trace elements such as manganese, lithium, cobalt, chromium,
potassium, calcium, zinc, iron, sodium. Most contain
rubidium, boron and vanadium in beets.

3. The composition is rich in essential amino acids such as leucine,
valine, tryptophan, isoleucine, histidine, lysine and others.

4. Contains folic and pantothenic acid.

5. Of organic acids can be found in sorrel beet,
apple and lemon.

Calorie beet is only 40 Kcal per 100 grams

What has beets useful properties

If you use beets for medical purposes, then she
manifests itself as:

• analgesic, sedative and antihistamine;

• an immunity enhancing agent;

• laxative and diuretic drug;

• an ulcer and a regenerating instrument;

• good antiseptic with anticarcinogenic effects.

Thanks to being part of vitamins and antioxidants
beets in any form (raw or cooked)
capable of:

• improve the immune system and the protective properties of the body against viruses and

• restore the mucous membranes of the body;

• improve eyesight;

• beneficial effect on reproductive function;

• increase the elasticity of blood vessels and strengthen them;

• prevent the development of atherosclerosis;

• stimulate the brain;

• have a positive effect on the nervous system
thanks to magnesium, zinc and B vitamins, even relieve stress,
withdrawal from depression and is recommended for neurological

• improve the performance of the endocrine system due to the
composition of iodine and copper.

Beetroot is very useful for the liver, in raw form it stimulates it.
work, cleans up of harmful toxins that are collected in
result of improper lifestyle and bad habits.

ATходящий в состав бетаин способен обезопасить
the liver from the accumulation of fat deposits can be an obstacle to
the development of diabetes and also helps the body
recover from diseases related to the vessels and the heart.
Favorable beets for intestines and gall bladder. She is
prevents the formation of stones in the latter.

Boron contained in a large amount of beetroot
useful for ligaments, bones and joints.
eating root helps get rid of arthritis, arthrosis and

Recommend a vegetable to eliminate problems with female
Effective beet during menopause and after

The uniqueness of beets: useful properties for any occasion
of life

1. As a means to lose weight

Beetroot is a type of diet product due to its
low calorie. Therefore, it can often be found in the diet.
weight loss programs. Fiber and food
the fibers create a feeling of fullness in the body for a long time.
Vitamin and mineral composition accelerates the metabolic processes that
positive effect on the effectiveness and speed of weight loss. One more
essential plus beets – the ability to clean the intestines from
accumulated harmful substances, which significantly improves the processes
digestion and has a positive effect on weight loss.

2. During pregnancy and breast

Beet is a top priority product that is recommended
use for pregnant women. Iron contained in it
make up for its lack in the body during this period. Also root vegetable
recommended as a prophylactic iron deficiency
anemia of future moms. Influencing well on the digestive
system, the vegetable is able to gently weaken, eliminate constipation during
gestation, as well as relieve hemorrhoids and cracks straight
guts. Thanks to the substance choline, the root crop is involved in the formation
brain and nervous system of the future baby.

AT период feeding грудным молоком также не
It is worth refusing the use of red vegetable. Significant
its advantage over similar products – beets are not
causes allergic reactions in babies. For mothers, the vegetable will be
A great way to restore emotional and nervous
balance after childbirth, and also improve their stools.

3. For children

The growing body of the child will be very useful saturated
vitamins and minerals beet composition. Regular употребление
root provides normal development and growth of the child.
Recommend to use vegetables for children who have observed
lack of muscle growth, neurological disorders,
emotional irritability and constipation.

Do not experiment with beetroot during the feeding
. Till 6 months the vegetable is not recommended for children. AT
Ideally, beet feed can only be started at 8-9 months, but
if changes in the stool are detected, then it is better to delay feeding
for some more time.

4. Tool in cosmetology

Betaine-rich beets have found wide application in cosmetic
sphere. ATещество бетаин хорошо удерживает влагу в клетках.
Therefore, in cosmetology beet performs the following

• moisturizing;

• fights acne;

• relieves inflammation;

• smoothes wrinkles;

• cleans the skin.

What are the contraindications to beets

With a mass of positive effects, it is difficult to believe that
beets have negative sides. In fact, the harm to the body is not
brings beets, and has contraindications. It’s pretty big
a list that should be carefully considered and not neglected

1. The vegetable is not recommended for people with low blood pressure.

2. People with a weak stomach and frequent diarrhea should be abandoned.
from the beets.

3. People with high acidity of the stomach should not be consumed.
beetroot Vegetable itself increases acidity.

4. Diabetes and beetroot are incompatible. AT составе содержится
large amount of sugars.

5. Vegetable is not recommended for urolithiasis.

For people who do not have contraindications, calculated optimal
суточная норма свёклы — 200—300 г. AT любом виде овощ полезен для
organism subject to the absence of contraindications.

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