Beet diet for weight loss

  • 1 Benefits and effectiveness of beet diet
    • 1.1 Basic rules
    • 1.2 What results can be achieved?
  • 2 Diet and weekly menu
  • 3 Recipes

Ordinary beets are valued not only healing properties, but also
fat burning effect. Beet diet for proper weight loss
помогает сбросить пару лишних килограммов и
cleanse the body of accumulated slag, toxins gently and without

Buryak diet (this is the second name of this method) refers to
the power group for which the necessary balance is respected
preservation of vitamins, trace elements, calories and protein, fat,

Due to the high content of oxalic, malic and lemon
кислот, а также клетчатки происходит улучшение
пищеварительной системы,
восстановление метаболизма и
loss of appetite. It is these factors that lead to uniform
weight loss


The benefits and effectiveness of beet diet

Due to the high content of betaine, buryak diet
способствует равномерному и мягкому сжиганию жира,
as evidenced by reviews losing weight. The thing is, betaine,
contained in the vegetable, oxidizes fat cells and quickly removes them
from the body.

Регулярное употребление буряковых блюд позволяет
сбросить от 2 до 5 кг веса за неделю
, поэтому быстрого
you should not wait for the result, as there is a gradual burning
fat deposits.

Buryak diet refers to the mono diet, where the main
Beetroot is a component. Since it is useful
product and has no specific contraindications, diet can
practice many people besides those who have diabetes or chronic

At the time of the beet diet for weight loss is necessary
включить в свой рацион следующие

  • carrot;
  • kefir;
  • sour cream;
  • green tea;
  • beet juice;
  • apples;
  • cabbage.

From the listed products you need to create a menu and cook
buryak dishes that form the basis of the daily diet.

Fundamental rules

При диете свекла употребляется не только в свежем сыром
виде, но и варенном или запеченном
, поэтому составить
an effective menu will be easy. Since a healthy vegetable is enough
nourishing and nutritious, people easily carry this system
power supply.

Fundamental rules свекольной диеты заключаются в
following points:

  • use of buryak dishes in any form in combination with other
    vegetables should not exceed 2 kg per day;
  • weight loss method to practice no more than 7 days in a row;
  • four meals a day, preferably every
    three hours, three o’clock;
  • while losing weight, completely give up alcohol;
  • in the diet include juice from young juicy beets.

If correctly and competently follow the recommendations of the beetroot
method of losing weight, you can achieve good results and saturate
the body important trace elements that will benefit
to the body.

What results can be achieved?

Существует несколько вариантов буряковых диет,
благотворно действующих на весь организм человека в целом:

  • simplified method for 3 days;
  • full course for a week;
  • carrot-beet;
  • kefir-beet.

The three-day diet is considered the most rigid, as it is necessary
these days eat only beets, so with its help
можно сбросить за этот период 3 кг, что говорит об
effectiveness of losing weight.

Weekly course is designed for weight loss from 3 to 6
г в зависимости от предрасположенностей организма.

Kefir-beet method allows you to lose 4 kg and clear
the body from harmful impurities, while cleansing occurs already on
second day of admission. The most important thing for this method of losing weight –
right menu.

Diet and menu for the week

Recommended menu for the week for buryakoy

1 day

  1. завтрак – салат из натертого овоща (150-200 г), kefir;
  2. lunch – boiled beet, carrots, potatoes (200 g), tea;
  3. dinner – boiled fish, caviar, beet juice.

2 day

  1. завтрак – винегрет, green tea;
  2. lunch – soup without meat, juice;
  3. dinner – grated beet and cabbage salad, kefir.

3 day

  1. morning – salad from beet and apples, yoghurt, tea;
  2. обед – легкий суп, отварная свекла, kefir;
  3. for the evening – boiled vegetables, beet juice.

4 day

  1. breakfast – vegetable and sour cream salad, tea;
  2. обед – вареная рыба, вареные овощи, beet juice;
  3. dinner – yogurt, green tea.

5 day

  1. на утро – отварной рис с овощами, kefir;
  2. обед – вареное мясо и свекла, beet juice;
  3. вечер – салат из свеклы и капусты со сметаной, зеленый

6 day

  1. утро – салат из свеклы и моркови, kefir;
  2. обед – борщ, green tea;
  3. dinner – yogurt, beet juice.

7 day

  1. утро – вареные овощи, сметана, чай;
  2. обед – отварное мясо, beet juice;
  3. evening – steamed vegetables, kefir.

In addition to the beet diet and the menu, you must add
drinking apples daily, drinking pure water and minor
physical exercise. After completing a full course of weight loss
need to continue to include in the diet of boiled or fresh beets and
the juice.


Numerous reviews of people talking about popularity
секольной диеты, поэтому рецепты найти не трудно.

Recipes для свекольной диеты в целях

Vegetable salad

Vegetable salad
  1. Натереть капусту, свеклу и carrot;
  2. Season with olive oil sour cream;
  3. Salted.

Vegetable stew

Vegetable stew
  1. Нарезать кубиками свеклу, морковь, кабачок, лук и зелень;
  2. All contents are put in the pan;
  3. Salt, fill with sour cream;
  4. Boil until ready.


The vinaigrette
  1. Взять 2 части свеклы и по 1 части моркови и картофеля;
  2. Boil, cut into cubes;
  3. Add sauerkraut and onions;
  4. Season with olive oil.

Vegetable and Apple Salad

Vegetable and Apple Salad
  1. Свежие овощи (буряк и морковь) натереть grated;
  2. Добавить натертые apples;
  3. Season with yogurt or sour cream (you can add half a tsp.
    olive oil)

Свекольный паштет для

Свекольный паштет
  1. 2 вареных овоща, 100 гр изюма, 1 вареное яйцо, все перетереть
  2. Dress with sour cream;
  3. Stir and spread on a diet loaf.

После применения буряковой диеты многочисленные отзывы
people say that the weight really leaves, however
обязательным дополнением к такой диете будут физические
Exercise and drink plenty of clean water.

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