Baths for weight loss: ethereal, herbal andturpentine

vanni-dlya-pohudeniyaThe problem of overweight and the occurrence
such an unpleasant physiological process as cellulite, often
becoming a pretty painful issue for representatives
beautiful sex.

But, what do you do with your body if it stops you
like or appeared overweight?

There are two ways: either to change your own attitude and
love yourself, no matter what, or immediately start a fight
against cellulite and go in for reducing your weight.

To get rid of the unattractive “orange peel” on
thighs and fat folds in the abdomen, you should perform regularly
set of physical exercises and keep a balanced

Essential bath for weight loss: the basics

In order to fix the effectiveness of exercise and
proper nutrition, you need to concentrate your efforts
directly on the “problem” areas of the body. But beyond that,
there is one of the most pleasant and at the same time effective
procedures for figure correction – bath with essential oils.

Although it is not surprising, even Hippocrates, which is
the avowed “luminary” of medicine, was convinced that the daily
aromatic baths and massage is the shortest way to a strong
health. But in those days, aromatic baths remained only
royal luxury.

Also baths with essential oils were extremely popular in
Ancient Egypt. The famous Queen Cleopatra often resorted to their
use to preserve your beauty, cooking recipe
which was kept in the strictest confidence. However, today baths
ceased to be a privilege only members of the royal family and can
to benefit all of us.

Regular warm baths will help you make your body slim, and
The skin is soft and velvety, saving you time and effort. Your
great mood will be a nice bonus to these changes.

efirnie-vanni-dlya-pohudeniya So what is the secret of this
wonderful phenomenon? Essential oils through the skin quickly enter the lymph
and spread throughout the body. Plus, you breathe in steam
containing oils that is gorgeous passive
by inhalation.

Baths also help strengthen cell membranes,
stimulate metabolism and improve skin regeneration. Essential
oils help improve blood flow to skin cells and tone up

How to make the reception of the air bath a pleasant activity:

  • Take a bath no earlier than 2.5 – 3 hours after
  • Do not use hot water for aromatic baths. Optimal
    water temperature is 35-38 C. Remember that sweating can
    Prevent the absorption of essential oils through the skin.
  • Before you take a bath with essential oils, take
  • Before being added to water, the oil can be mixed with sea or
    table salt, honey, sour cream or milk. You should not
    use soap, shampoo or body lotion because
    natural products enhance the therapeutic effect of the oil.
  • The average bathing time should take from 10 minutes to one.
    hours Shower after the bath is not necessary. Better rest for
    30 minutes, for this you can do relaxing yoga asanas
    or get some sleep.

travyanye-vanni-dlya-pohudeniya Traditional medicine also recognizes
Huge potential of herbal baths when choosing the most effective
means for getting rid of excess weight and even obesity.

Herbal slimming bath: cooking recipes

1. For приготовления ванны вы можете использовать 3 части
chamomile, 4 parts of hops, 5 parts of motherwort and knotweed – from the calculation
100 gr. herbs for 3 liters of water.

2. Также выйдет неимоверно полезная ванна из этой смеси:
5 parts of leaves and twigs of sea buckthorn, 4 parts of chamomile flowers, 3 each
parts – knotweed, twigs of viburnum and forest horsetail, 2 pieces of needles.

3. Еще один способ усилить эффект потери лишнего веса –
take a bath of broth thistle. 200 gr. the thistle is boiled in
liter of boiling water and let it brew. Then through a strainer (gauze)
Pour the decoction into the bath.

Baths against cellulite:

A bath with various components will not only help you get
correct weight, but will make cellulite less visible.
Use the following recipes.

4. В теплую ванну добавьте 6-7 капель эфирного масла, это
maybe grapefruit, mandarin, lemon or orange, and take
bath for 15-20 minutes. You can also pre-add one
tablespoon of sea salt mixed with almond oil.

5. Добавьте в ванну 150 гр. sea ​​salt, 130 gr. soda and
5-6 drops of lavender alcohol. Lie in the water, about 20-30
minutes, and then take a shower and relax in bed.

6. Размешайте 100-150гр. dry mustard in a liter of warm
water. When you smell the mustard, pour the mixture into the bath and
stir. Mustard bath can be taken no more than 10 minutes.
Then wash with warm water and lie in bed under the blanket.

Turpentine slimming baths: instructions for use

skipidarnie-vanni-dlya-pohudeniyaSince recent turpentine
baths are becoming more and more popular. They also help
restore normal metabolism, which is very important in our
time, positively affect the blood vessels, regulates the flow
blood to various organs of the body and restore the permeability
blood vessels.

There are three types of them: yellow, white and mixed.
Turpentine baths are a natural remedy that you
can take throughout the year in your own

The effectiveness of this type of bath is due to its beneficial properties.
its main ingredient, turpentine oil, which is extracted from
Resins of coniferous trees.

Rules for taking turpentine bath

Half fill the bath with warm water (36-37 ° C). Temperature
check carefully with a thermometer. Then measure
the required amount of turpentine mixture, fill it first in
эмалированную посуду, добавьте горячую воду и stir. Then this
the mixture is poured into a bath and stirred to evenly
distribute turpentine.

After three minutes, you start adding hot water.
Water temperature should be checked with a thermometer. For
white turpentine baths, the final water temperature should be
38-39 ° С, for yellow – 40-42 ° С.

Average bathing time is 5 to 20 minutes. Start with 5
minutes and increase the stay each time for 1-2 minutes. If you
experiencing discomfort when bathing, it is necessary to reduce the time
temperature or amount of turpentine. After turpentine shower baths
no need to take.

These baths are recommended not only for people with excess
underweight or obese, but also to people suffering from arthritis,
osteochondrosis, rheumatism and respiratory diseases (bronchitis,
bronchial asthma and pharyngitis).

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