Basil: the use of spicy herbs, use inmedicine, cosmetology, cooking. Basil: Harm, Importantcontraindications

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Basil is an aromatic spicy herb that is prized in cooking.
different corners of the globe, due to its stunning taste.
In addition, the product is characterized by a unique composition.

Basil, the benefits of which are endless, contains a huge
the amount of vitamins of different groups, amino acids, other useful
compounds. Spice has found widespread use not only in
cooking, but also medicine, cosmetology.

Basil can only harm the body if
знать о contraindicationsх к его применению.


Basil Varieties

There are several types of basil, each characterized by
its special flavor and aroma.

1. Mediterranean. These are soft green leaves that “radiate”.
spicy aroma with a slight bitterness.

2. Asian. The leaves are the color of rich red wine,
the scent is reminiscent of carnation flowers.

3. Thai These are purple leaves that over time
turn green. The stunning taste of licorice makes this look
Basil is indispensable in cooking.

4. Lemon. These are small leaves with small hairs,
which have the sweetest citrus scent.

Basil in any home will be a welcome guest. It can
use for various purposes, enriching your body with beneficial

Calorie and composition

The leaves of the plant contain a large amount of vitamins,
useful compounds:

• oils of vegetable origin;

• essential oils;

• carotene and rutin;

• glycosides and flavonoids;

• vitamins of group B, A, P, K, as well as ascorbic acid;

• from minerals there are potassium, copper, magnesium, manganese;

• simple sugars;

• tannins.

Basil is extremely useful for those people who want to get rid of
from overweight. Per 100 grams of fresh leaves accounted for
only 27 Kcal. The plant perfectly satisfies hunger. During the diet
the body loses a lot of nutrients using basil from
deficiency can be replenished.

Basil: Benefits, Medical Applications

Useful properties of spices derive from its chemical composition.
The presence of vitamins of various groups, other important nutrients
trace elements makes spice indispensable for use in
medical purposes.

Basil: benefits, beneficial effects on the body

1. Basil is useful for losing weight, not only due to its low
energy value. Spice normalizes metabolism
accelerates metabolic processes.

2. The grass has a positive effect on the nervous system, helps
man calm down and come to his senses. In addition, it normalizes
the process of gas exchange that occurs in the intestines, relieves swelling

3. Basil is recommended to be included in the diet for people with urolithiasis.
a disease. Grass softens stones, relieves pain, removes
uric acid.

4. High concentration in the composition of vitamin K stimulates
faster healing of wounds, cuts, the body faster
is being restored.

5. Basil strengthens the immune system. Especially his
It is recommended to enter into the diet of children during the period of viral diseases,
as well as patients after heavy operations.

6. Due to the presence in the composition of iron hemoglobin increases,
normal blood pressure.

7. Spices on the basis of spices it is useful to rinse your mouth, basil
perfectly disinfects the mouth, refreshes, is characterized
antibacterial effect.

8. Vitamin A improves eyesight, maintains youth and beauty.

9. Broth basil, as well as fresh leaves –
Excellent tool for relieving headaches. Spice copes
with the task better than any pills.

10. Spice is used for prevention and treatment.
all sorts of colds, inflammatory, viral diseases.

Basil: Skin Benefits, Cosmetic Use

Basil is a valuable plant for female beauty. Malok who knows
that it can be used for home cosmetic purposes.
Spice-based masks keep the face young and beautiful
allow you to cope with age pigmentation, relieve
wrinkles, deep clean the pores.

Fading Skin Mask

You need to take 5 fresh basil leaves, fine them
grind. Is chicken protein added here? a teaspoon of salt.
Everything is mixed until a homogeneous consistency is formed. Mask
recommended to do 2 times during the week, it is applied on 7-8
minutes, then the face must be washed with warm water. Result
awesome. The skin becomes softer, fresher, wrinkles
smoothed out.

Toning mask

4 leaves of fresh basil and 1 cucumber, pre-peeled
from the peel, placed in a blender. Everything must be crushed to
mashed potatoes. Some oatmeal is added to the mass.
(pre-crushed) so that it is not very liquid.
The tool is evenly distributed over the face, including around
eye. After 15 minutes, the mask is washed off with cool water, face
dried with a soft towel.

Against black dots

Clogged pores, unpleasant black spots – all this is bad
affects the female face. With the help of basil leaves you can
good to clean the pores. The leaves of the plant are immersed for 5 minutes in
warm water, then they lined the problem area of ​​the face.
It takes 15-20 minutes to lie in one position, then the leaves
removed, and the skin is washed with cold water. This procedure is necessary
spend 3 times a week to get rid of acne, then in order to
prophylaxis 1 time per week.

Basil will cause harm in the presence of an individual
intolerance, in which case the skin will be covered in red

The use of spices in cooking

Basil can be seen in the composition of dishes of national cuisines with
different corners of the globe. This is not surprising, stunning
the aroma of the spice fills the products with a special flavor. Leaves
plants can be added to soups, desserts, salads. In dried
as they are used as seasoning. Basil is beautiful
combined with other spices.

Especially prized spice in Italy. The famous pesto sauce and
Margarita pizza can not do without basil.

Basil: the harm of spicy herbs

Despite the value of the plant, basil can harm
to the body. It is for this reason, before introducing it into the diet,
need to be familiar with some of the nuances.

1. The composition contains mercury compounds. Plant is prohibited
include in the diet of people who have hypertension or sugar

2. Strongly abandon basil stands for women in the period
pregnancy and lactation, as well as patients with ischemic disease

3. Due to the presence in the composition of a large amount of essential oils
it is forbidden to use more than 2 tablespoons of basil in its pure form
per day. In the opposite case, this can lead to poisoning, other
problems with the digestive tract.

4. If you are allergic to grass, do not use it for any purpose.
worth it. It is also forbidden to prescribe treatment based on spices.
preschool age.

Basil is actually considered an incredibly valuable spice. If a
Previously problems with its use were not noticed, the leaves
it is allowed to use in the medical and cosmetology purposes.
The main thing – to monitor the dosage and do not abuse spicy

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