Basic wardrobe full of women

Базовый гардероб для полныхSome consider the phrase
�”Overweight” sentence. But this is far from the case. And a weighty woman
sizes may not only look good – fabulous. Do not believe? Well
Well, look on the internet for photos of Beth Ditto or Rennes Crystal and
you will see that they are wearing a large size of clothes and, nevertheless,
look great. No need to put a cross on yourself just because
the fact that you do not look like a stick.

So. All clear. You can look great in the “right”
clothes. And the first thing to do is to create a basic
wardrobe for full. Here are a few rules by which
similar wardrobe and meet.

First of all, be honest with yourself and take a good look at your

When you do this, you will definitely know all the good things.
his figure (they need to focus) and all that is better
hide Acknowledging for himself the flaws of his appearance, not
forget that even their models have, say more – all
mannequins have individual figure flaws, they just know how
hide it.


Determine exactly what size you need

Clothes not in size (too narrow, short, long, wide
– it does not matter) is not permissible for anyone, even more so for
women weighty.

Do not be a blind fan of fashion

Fat women tend to attribute all the flaws of clothes to
disadvantages of his figure. Know it. There are fashionable, but to such an extent
ugly things that even Us will look awful in them.

But nonetheless. Never wear out of date clothes.
Try to buy models of fashion designers specializing in
tailoring of large sizes (Marc Jacobs, Igigi, Evans, Ashley
Stuart …). They know exactly how to design clothes for complete
women, so she was still fashionable.

Start creating a basic wardrobe for full pants.

Yes, it is cowards (or panties, as you like)
make up if not the base, then a very important part of the wardrobe full
women. So. Buy yourself some nice tight panties.
different colors. It is possible that the panties will need long (up to
their knees), and their waist should be too high and have a firm
�”Support” on the sides.

Nice bra

Nice bra не только правильно «поставит» вашу грудь,
but also relieve back pain.


A few pairs of quality, not very transparent, tight-fitting
tights are absolutely necessary. They smooth the line from the waist to
knees The figure will look more elegant.

Skirts and pants

Skirts and pants должны идеально сидеть на фигуре, если вашего
size is not in the store – will have to find a good tailor. But! it

If you have a pear-shaped figure with wide hips, avoid
flared skirts and trousers. And here, at least one skirt
A pencil and straight black pants are just what you need.


The overall color trend can be characterized as follows – the main
part of the wardrobe is decorated in neutral colors. But it does not mean,
that your closet should be filled with black, gray clothes,
brown and khaki color. Bright spots are acceptable, but they should not
to prevail.


There are fat women who fit leggings in a compartment with a long
shirt or short dress. Well, if you are one of them,
you may well have such a kit in your wardrobe. But he
must be a dark color and you must be absolutely sure that
he is coming to you

Blouses, tunics, cardigans

It is imperative that these things exactly match their size.

So. Two neutral color blouses, one with long sleeves and
the other with a three-quarter sleeve. Black or anthracite cardigan.
One or two light tunics.


Small bags are not allowed. They will emphasize fullness.
So. Wellжны две сумки, одна объемная – на каждый день, другая
evening in the form of a large wallet.

Bracelets and earrings weighty women can afford any, in
including very large ones (which, by the way, is categorically inappropriate
thin). Two or three bracelets make a plump wrist more slender, and
long earrings lengthen the neck.

And most importantly, always be well-groomed. Well dressed woman 58
size, with beautifully laid hair and wrap “from Chanel”
will be much more attractive than a girl of 44 size, which you want
advise to take a shower.

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