Barley diet for weight loss: 7 kg for 7days

perlovaya-dieta-dlya-pohudeniyaOverweight is necessary
fight with a well-organized diet
which includes a reduced intake of fat and carbohydrates, as well
aims to restore and accelerate metabolism.

Confectionery, baking,
ice cream, chocolate, white bread and fatty meats.

The perfect meal for people with weight problems –
lean porridge. There are many different nutrition programs in the world,
based on eating porridge, and one of them is barley
diet. Barley – cheap enough croup, which many
undeservedly considered a heavy food for the stomach.

Groats are produced by processing whole barley kernels, on which
grain shells remained. Barley porridge is incredibly useful! After all
It has long been known that barley contains large amounts of nutrient
substances, vitamins and minerals that help the body successfully
recover from illness, contribute to
growth and development of the young body, and, in general, are important for strong


Benefits of a barley diet for weight loss

If you have any concerns that the body during the diet
will be left without enough vitamins and other beneficial
substances you are deeply mistaken. Barley is unusually rich

For example, it contains amino acids, one of which is lysine
– is directly involved in the production of collagen,
who is responsible for the good condition of your skin. Thanks
collagen skin remains longer and smooth and velvety, decreases
wrinkle formation rate. Groats are rich in iron, zinc, iodine,
cobalt and potassium, the last one is incredibly useful for clear
and harmonious work of the cardiovascular system. Also barley
rich in B vitamins, which are necessary for
proper blood formation in the body, the exchange of proteins and
carbohydrate and atherosclerosis prevention.

Barley porridge contains a large amount of fiber, the presence of
which contributes to a greater feeling of fullness after eating and
helps in cleansing the intestines from accumulated toxins. Recent
studies have found that barley contains such
antibacterial element like hordecin, which is used to
treatment and prevention of fungal formations on the skin.

Menu barley diet for weight loss

The use of diet – the right and effective step in the fight against
overweight, besides cereal has a low cost.

The diet is very easy to use and does not require a large amount.
time for cooking various dietary meals. All you
need – it is water and barley.

In order to cook porridge, you need to soak the cereal still
in the evening, and in the morning to start cooking. Boil it on the water,
without the use of salt and oil, for about 60 minutes. By the way
the volume of porridge during cooking increases 5 times!

Продолжительность – не менее 7 days. As a liquid in
diet time should use pure spring or mineral
water, but lightly carbonated. Of course, diet, in fact, is enough
strict and tough, so not every losing weight will be able to stick
such a diet. But the final result is worth these.

Approximate daily loss will be at least 1
kg overweight. First, weight loss occurs due to
intestinal detoxification and intense urination. And further
the body begins to actively process its own fatty
tissue. And as you guessed it – getting rid of fat tissue and there is
The main task of any diet!

Результатом будет снижение вашего веса минимум на 7kg for 7
days, очищение и нормализация работы кишечника, избавление от
flatulence and constipation, fresh and smooth skin!

Barley diet is considered to be one of the most effective.
weight loss diets that will give you the opportunity to achieve fast
weight loss and get rid of some diseases.

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