August 19: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthday August 19.

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Holidays August 19

Transfiguration of the Lord (Apple Savior)

The feast of the Transfiguration of God is one of twelve.
greatest orthodox holidays. In the people this day is called
The second Savior, the traditional harvest festival. Churches lit
the fruits of the earth are apples, plums, pears. Greatest honor and
apples are popular, hence the third name
holiday – Apple Spas or Honey Spas. Especially carefully to
this day beekeepers are preparing – they need to consecrate beehives, as well as
to give honey to all the neighbors, especially the weak, the dispossessed and
orphans. Apple Spas in Russia has become one of the main days of the year. AT
this day organized great holidays, was celebrated not only
Saved, but also a meeting of autumn. ATечером крестьяне смотрели на заход
the sun. As soon as it touched the horizon, the songs began. TO
this day in the gardens ripened apples. They were eaten with sugar and honey,
prepared various dishes, for example, pies. Before ATторого Спаса
apples were forbidden, and the fruits collected on that day before
usage was covered in the church. Eating the last bite
a spassky apple, people made a wish and believed in it
execution AT народе говорилось, что с Преображением Господним
the weather was changing, the nights were getting cold in autumn. By
the weather that day was judged on the weather in January.

Day of the beekeeper of Ukraine

Since 1997, professional holiday has been celebrated annually in Ukraine
beekeepers. Celebrations are very lively and wide,
fairs and exhibitions are organized, conferences are held, and
also a parade and a beekeeper festival, where honey
products of beekeepers of Ukraine. Byмимо этих мероприятий, проходят
presentations of new beekeeping literature, tasting honey and
honey products. It is known that every seventh ton of honey in the world –
Ukrainian. In the apiaries of the country there are more than five million
bee families.

ATсемирный день гуманитарной помощи

Marking this date in the calendar, United Nations
set the task to increase the information content of society in the field of
humanitarian aid worldwide. Over the past decades, by
expert opinion, the ability of the humanitarian community
respond effectively and quickly to various disasters and crises
increased significantly. AT день гуманитарной помощи проводят различные
educational and informational activities. Also this day
the community remembers people who have lost their lives in saving others.

Августовская революция во ATьетнаме 1945 года

Августовская революция во ATьетнаме свергла господство империалистов
and established people’s democratic power. This revolution was
the result of the national liberation movement directed
against the French colonialists, as well as the Japanese invaders.
Революция свершилась под руководством TOПИTO благодаря объединению
working class, peasants, the national bourgeoisie and other
patriotic forces rallied into a united liberation front
ATьетминь. The achievement of victory eased the defeat of German fascism
Soviet Union, as well as the victorious war of the USSR against Japan.

Mette-Marit Crown Princess of Norway Birthday

AT 2001 году Метте-Марит стала супругой крон-принца Норвегии. Before
dating with her future husband, she changed several jobs,
including a picker seat and a waitress. Crown Princess has
and an illegitimate son – Marius. These facts have contributed little to
image of the monarchy. ATнимание к ее персоне еще более усилилось, когда
on the eve of the wedding, the bride told reporters about her pretty
stormy youth. However, these conversations did not become an obstacle to
carrying out before the wedding magnificent party, which were
heirs to the throne from Britain, Denmark and Spain are invited. AT 2004
year, the couple had a daughter, the second heiress of the Norwegian throne
after your father. AT 2005 году рожден сын — принц Сверре Магнус,
the third in line is the heir to the throne.

August 19 in history

The Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory at the Academy of Sciences was opened in
1839Originally the main activity of the observatory
there was a study and search for double stars
stars For the development of navigation tools were held
geographical research of the Russian territory. Today science
Observatory activities include studies in the field of celestial
mechanics, stellar dynamics, astrometry, the sun and solar-terrestrial
connections, physics and evolution of stars, equipment and techniques
астрономических наблюдений.TOосмический корабль «ATосток» совершил
суточный полет с Белкой и Стрелкой и вернулся на ЗемлюByлет был
made in 1960. The purpose of this experiment was to research
effects of radiation in space on living organisms. Also
tested the effectiveness of life support systems – water supply,
power, waste recovery, sewage disposal. TOорабль был оснащен
equipment that recorded changes in the organisms of dogs during
flight. Both dogs showed great well-being. Creature
special forces «ATымпел»«ATымпел» был создан в 1981 году как
top secret unit for special operations for
outside the Soviet Union in a “special period”. By staff
units repeatedly carried out special missions in Afghanistan,
ATьетнаме, Ливане, Никарагуа, Мозамбике, Анголе, на TOубе и других
states. Byсле событий в августе 1991 года «ATымпел» переходил
in various departments, changed the name and management. For that
time took a lot of professionals, and in 1993 the unit was
actually disbanded.

Born August 19

Билл TOлинтон (1946 год) – 42-й президент США,
political and statesman. AT 1976 году TOлинтон выиграл
Election of the State Prosecutor General, and already in 1978 he was successfully
ran for governor and became the youngest
governor for the entire history of the United States. For this position, the future president
was re-elected four more times. Over the 11 years of his activity he
significantly increased state revenue. AT 1991 году Билл TOлинтон
ran for president of the United States. AT 1992 году
he won the election and became the youngest ever US president. AT
1996 году TOлинтон переизбран на второй срок. Gabriel
(1883-1971 гг) – ведущий французский кутюрье.AT 1912
году Шанель открыла первый Beforeм моды в городе Beforeвиле, но ее
activity was interrupted by the First World War. AT 1919 году TOоко
открыла Beforeм моды уже в Париже. TO тому времени у кутюрье были
customers around the world. AT 1921 году вышли ее знаменитые духи «Шанель
№5 “. Also она популяризировала маленькое черное платье. It can
It was worn at any time of the day, complementing the image of various
accessories. Несмотря на такой успех, TOоко в 1939 году закрыла все
свои бутики, а также дом моды, из-за начала ATторой мировой войны.
Byсле окончания войны Шанель уехала в Швейцарию. Julius
Лотар Мейер
(1830-1895 гг) – немецкий химик.AT 1860 году
был участником Международного конгресса химиков в TOарлсруэ, в
which participated and Mendeleev. At the congress the issue was resolved
atomic masses, thanks to which the road to systematization was opened
chemical elements, as well as the creation of a periodic law. AT
1882 by the Royal Society of Mendeleev and Meyer
Gold medals were awarded to them. Davy.

Name Day August 19

Dmitry, Makar, Groin


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