Atraumatic facial cleansing: what is it, inwhat are the benefits. Consequences of atraumatic face cleansing,contraindications

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Clean skin – the basis of female beauty paint. Even
acne can spoil the attractive features, and grayish
complexion ages ten years.

One way to delicately and quickly solve various skin
problems is atraumatic cleaning of the face.

What is it – atraumatic cleaning?

The very word “atraumatic” is the meaning of this cosmetic
procedures. The skin surface is cleaned delicately, the epidermis
(outer skin layer) is not injured. With this clean is
deep, the procedure is performed in the cabin with the help of professional

This is a superficial chemical peel. Its difference from
procedure familiar to salon attendees is that during
atraumatic facial cleansing beautician uses several different
acids. Their concentration is weak enough to burn, as with
median peeling, but at the same time allows you to perfectly clean
skin, get rid of dead particles, sebaceous plugs in the pores,

If we talk about the benefits of the procedure, then to them

• lack of mechanical damage caused by normal
manual cleaning by pressing, stretching, micro-tearing

• an opportunity to carry out cleaning on skin of any type, including
sensitive, very dry, inflamed, age;

• minimum number of contraindications. Procedure can
allow yourself even if the face has a clear

• skin cleansing from comedones (black spots), purulent rashes in
the form of acne and even acne, the removal of inflammation of individual areas;

• absence of traces on the face after the procedure (redness
disappears in a matter of hours);

• instant transformation of the face after the procedure – no need to wait
until the effect becomes obvious.

It is important that the low concentration of acids does not cause the woman not to
that pain, but even some discomfort. Atraumatic cleaning
faces – it doesn’t hurt at all, unless it tingles lightly if
skin is very sensitive. It is also important that it is clear with acids.
safe: spreading the infection to the skin in this way is just
is impossible. In any case, the antibacterial effect of the procedure
significant, and this can be seen by the rapid disappearance

It is also important that cleaning is carried out at any time of the year, even
In spring and summer. If there are appropriate drugs and skills,
You can do it at home. Allowed to apply funds locally
directly to the site of inflammation, comedo, acne, and not all

Indications for atraumatic face cleansing

The procedure is carried out in the presence of many cosmetic

• increased sebum secretion;

• excessive dryness;

• enlarged pores;

• comedones, acne;

• acne;

• pigmentation;

• photo aging;

• first age wrinkles;

• fading skin;

• gray or uneven complexion;

• uneven skin texture.

Acids can truly transform any skin, regardless of
age Moreover, due to atraumatic cleaning of the face
synthesis of own collagen and elastin is restored
fibers, that is, the rejuvenation process starts.

Stages of atraumatic cleansing

That the result was long-term, depending on the state
skin requires five to seven treatments. Repeat them optimally
once a week or ten days, more often it is impossible. Beautician gradually
increases acid concentration while reducing
продолжительность procedures. Starting from 40 minutes later
specialist reduces the time of exposure to acids to 20 minutes.

The procedure is carried out in several stages.

1. • Routine facial cleansing with a suitable
specific skin type remedies. It dissolves fat,
cosmetics, washes away particles of dust and street dirt.

2. • Peeling with a chemical solution containing fruit acid. On
cleansed face superimposed mask that cleans the skin from
surface contamination
dissolves dead cells of the epithelium – the stratum corneum. Such a peeling
can be done independently, at home, if there is an acid composition
low concentration. To maintain youth and skin health
it is enough to apply a mask once a week to remove the inflammatory
The process can be used daily.

3. • Chemical peels of higher concentration. Usually,
the solution of glycolic acid is combined with acidic juice or extract
some fruit, berries (lemon, apple, grape, raspberry,
orange), papaya and fig enzymes. Cosmetician, applying a means
simultaneously makes the lightest massage of the skin, allowing molecules
acid easier to penetrate deep into the skin. A stronger composition allows
to widen the pores, warm the skin in a natural way
remove comedones.

4.•On следующем этапе проводится процедура ферментного пилинга.
Its basis is whey protein. The meaning of this stage is
to completely dissolve the contents of the pores and intensively moisturize

5. • After the last part of the peeling done by a beautician
should moisturize the skin. Usually there are wipes
prescribed moisturizing composition. After 10 minutes they are removed, the skin
rub with anti-inflammatory lotion.

6. • The last stage of atraumatic face cleaning is
applying a special soothing mask. Its composition is chosen as follows.
way to relieve inflammation and close enlarged pores.

The action of the compositions begins immediately after application and
lasts two more days after visiting the salon. During these
days, greasy plugs are absorbed, pores are cleaned, the face becomes
brighter or younger looking.

Atraumatic cleaning results

Glycolic and fruit acid face cleansing procedures are
efficiency is not much different from chemical peels
highly concentrated formulations. But only if
held regularly.

An acid-steamed skin opens up the pores to the maximum that
allows active splitting fat and dissolving dirt
components penetrate deep inside. There is a softening
then the destruction of sebaceous plugs, peeling off dead cells
horny layer of skin. As a result of atraumatic facial cleansing
ducts of sebaceous glands are cleaned, and the pores become again
healthy, clean, normalized and
stop constantly inflaming.

As a result of the completed course of procedures, it is restored
normal cellular respiration and circulation, positive
changes occur even at the basal level of the epidermis, i.e.
deep in the skin. On коже это проявляется следующим
in the following way:

• the relief is leveled, redness disappears, inflamed
sites, abscesses, black points;

• stimulation of cellular metabolism leads to rapid visible
facial rejuvenation due to active cell renewal;

• stimulation of the production of own collagen and elastin
returns skin elasticity and leads to the fact that small skin
Wrinkles (wrinkles) are smoothed out completely, and the formation of new
slows down;

• face looks younger due to skin lightening;

• the age dryness of the skin disappears, it keeps for a long time
natural moisture level.

In order for such a result to be preserved long
atraumatic facial cleansing several times a year. Someone is missing 2
once, and someone needs a procedure 4-5 times a year. It all depends on
specific problem.

Independently conducting the procedure at home is not prohibited.
The concentration of acids is low, so subject to the technology
procedures and if you have the right cosmetics can be cleaned
skin without fear of harming it.

Contraindications for atraumatic facial cleansing

Despite the minimal trauma and absolute safety
procedures, there are situations when it can not be used. Before
it’s all about individual intolerance to ingredients
входящих в состав кислотных means.

In addition, there is the following list

• dermatological (skin) diseases, including eczema,
herpes, psoriasis;

• pustular skin lesions caused by the spread of
staphylococcal or streptococcal pathogen;

• skin surface injuries (burns, cuts, abrasions);

• keloid scars;

• large or unusual birthmarks;

• oncological diseases.

If there is no skin pathology on the face, then
procedures are not only prohibited, but also recommended.

Antibacterial, regenerating, rejuvenating, moisturizing
the effect is exactly what is necessary for the skin of any age and

The absence of injuries and vascular load makes the procedure
effective means of instant facial transformation. Result
persists for a long time, does not require a rehabilitation period.

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