At what age can a baby be given a banana andbanana puree? How much and how many bananas a day canto kid?

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The baby is growing and it is not enough for him to have breast milk or
adaptation mixture and then you need to enter feed.

But when can a baby have a banana?

Banana has long ceased to be a strange fruit.

It has good taste, rich set.
vitamins, high nutritional value, wide availability, fast
digestibility in the body and hypoallergenic.

But when can a child have a banana and how many bananas can one per day
to kid?

At what age can a baby be given a banana
complementary foods?

Proper and timely introduction of complementary foods has a large
value, because it is from this will largely depend on health and
child development. Usually, doctors recommend injecting complementary foods with
half a year. If the child is skinny, suffers from anemia, the doctor may
allow to give lure a month earlier. Experts advise
begin feeding with vegetable dishes. Otherwise taste the sweet
fruit baby, then there will be eating vegetables.

When the child is well tolerated, you can 7-8
months to introduce fruit.

However, if the baby is overweight, the doctor may advise
move the introduction to the diet of bananas at a later time, since
they are very high in calories and they contain a lot of sucrose.

When the baby slowly gains weight, then as the first
complementary foods need to enter porridge.

Therefore, at what age can a child be given a banana to say
definitely not. Everything is individual and depends on the specific

How many bananas a day can a child

Banana, like any other foods, the baby should be given
gradually and in small portions. You need to start with 0.5 tsp
preferably in the morning, during the day to keep track of whether the child
allergies to an unfamiliar product. First time is desirable to lead
food diary in which to mark which product was given
baby, and what was the reaction to it. It is allow in case
need to adjust the diet of infants. When appearing
rash on the skin of the child or liquid stool
it is better to refuse and try it again a month later.

When there is no negative reaction to the banana puree
after 7 days you can give it to 1 tablespoon per day. AT
one year old, the baby, without harm to health, can eat
half a banana. At the same time bring the fruit to a homogeneous state
no longer needed. AT 18 месяц ребенку можно timeрешать съесть банан
wholly. School children are recommended to eat up to 2
bananas a day. They will help support mental and physical

That is, how many bananas a day can a child depend on his

When a child can have a banana, in what form give it to the first

Of course, if a baby banana is given for the first time, then
pre-fruit is required to bring to a uniform consistency,
only then will it be as useful as possible for the baby.

Easier to use factory fruit puree. Besides that
the product in them has a homogeneous consistency, in them
additionally introduce some vitamins and it is convenient to use them
outside the house. Therefore, shop fruit puree is ideal
supplements that do not need to be cooked.

When buying mashed potatoes, be sure to pay attention to the date.
production and shelf life. It is better to take the finished product in
glass jar, which is additionally covered with special
branded film. Such packaging is harder to fake.

Banana puree can be made independently. Fruit should be
ripe, yellow skin without any dark spots. At the time of buying
green banana, hold it for 2 days at room temperature and
he will be ready. You can not store bananas in the refrigerator, because
that they turn black.

The rind of the fruit should be well washed and removed along with
the remaining white longitudinal stripes. If these are not met
conditions of the benefits of such a product can be quite

Само банановое пюре можно приготовить timeличными способами. TO
For example, fruit can be chopped with a blender or grated. BUT
can be used for making puree clean and ironed
hot iron gauze. Banana cut into small pieces, wrap
3-4 layers of gauze and start slowly pressing. In this way you can
get mashed soft consistency.

AT случае если пюре получилось слишком густым, в него можно
add a little bit of breast milk, it will only increase the beneficial
the quality of such foods. AT более старшем возрасте, когда ребенку
будут timeрешены кисломолочные продукты, банановое пюре можно будет
combine with them.

TOогда ребенку можно банан, то польза от фрукта

The content of vitamin C bananas is not inferior to lemons. BUT, как
known ascorbic acid boosts immunity, strengthens the walls

Много в них витаминов группы AT, которые нормализовать сон
child and generally have a positive effect on the nervous system

TOроме этого, фрукт содержит никотиновую кислоту, токоферол и
витамин TO.

In addition to vitamins in bananas many minerals.

Especially potassium, which is necessary for normal heart function

The fruit is rich in iron, magnesium and fluorine.

Magnesium has a sedative effect.

Fluoride is involved in the formation of teeth.

Железо предупреждает timeвитие анемии.

With the breakdown of starch contained in bananas is released
glucose, which gives energy to the child.

AT составе фрукта присутствует пектин, который обладает
a fixative effect and helps eliminate toxins from the body.
Pectin is included in some pediatric antidiarrheal drugs.

Therefore, banana puree can be used to normalize
stool in a child with diarrhea. But this applies only to ripe bananas.
AT недозрелых фруктах пектина мало, зато много крахмала, который
has a laxative effect.

TOогда мама знает, с какого возраста можно давать банан ребенку и
как это делать правильно она сможет timeнообtimeить рацион ребенка и
feed him with a useful product so that the baby grows strong and

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