ARVI (ARI) in children

Wed, 10 Feb 2016

The term acute respiratory infections (acute respiratory diseases) is called
infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract that
transmitted by airborne droplets.

In the viral nature of the disease, it is called ARVI (acute
respiratory viral infection). Given that cases of colds in
mainly caused by viral infections, these terms are often
considered identical.


ARVI (ARI) in children – причины

The most common causative agents of ARD (ARVI) are influenza viruses,
parainfluenza, PC infections, rhinoviruses, adenoviruses. For each of
they are characterized by primary sedimentation and reproduction in cells
the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, after which they die, and
inflammation develops. The main mode of transmission is

ARVI (ARI) in children – симптомы

The main symptoms of ARD (ARVI) occur due to lesions
respiratory tract and are expressed in a cold, sore throat,
hoarseness, coughing. Also for all types of disease
characteristic of general intoxication of the body: fever, muscle pain,
weakness, etc.

Each type of disease has its own specific

Influenza – begins acutely, manifesting high, up to 39-40 ̊С
temperature that does not fall from 3 to 5 days. Accompanied by
general intoxication of the body, runny nose. Coughing may occur,
laryngitis, tracheitis. Lymph nodes increase only in
case of complicated course. Influenza is dangerous the emergence of various

Parainfluenza – begins acutely, but it is not characterized by high
temperature and general intoxication of the body. Accompanied by сухим,
barking cough, hoarseness, severe runny nose. Parainf is dangerous
the possibility of the development of croup (severe narrowing of the larynx).

PC infection – characterized by acute onset, temperatures up to 38
̊C, which lasts from 3 to 7 days, a small general intoxication
organism. Accompanied by сухим кашлем с выраженным затруднением
breathing. May be complicated by bronchitis, bronchial obstruction, and
the development of bronchopneumonia or exacerbation of bronchial asthma.

Adenovirus infection – begins acutely, manifesting high,
up to 38-39 C temperature, which can hold up to 10 days, then
falling, then rising again. Accompanied by нарастающим влажным
cough Possible occurrence of severe rhinitis, pharyngitis,
tonsillitis, pneumonia. It is usually characterized by an increase in cervical
lymph nodes.

ARVI (ARI) in children – лечение

On the recommendation of the World Health Organization, ARVI with
mild and moderate ARVI do not require specific
treatments, besides alleviating the symptoms with home remedies. But,
for severe forms, emergency treatment is needed, for bacterial
ORZ – antibiotic treatment. However, the use of any
medicines for children is possible only after the appointment
their attending physician.

In the first days of the disease is effective is the use of
antivirals and interferons (for example, Anaferon for

Choosing drugs for children is not easy, because
many of the tools that adults use successfully
contraindicated to kids, or do not have all the necessary
properties. For example, such an important property as reparation –
the ability to restore integrity and strengthen the mucous
baby nasopharyngeal membrane.

It is known that most often it is through the nasopharynx, along with
breathing, viruses and bacteria enter the child’s body
diseases transmitted by airborne droplets – first
all acute respiratory infections and flu. On the state of the mucous depends largely
Will viruses and bacteria penetrate the body? Therefore it is important
so that the anti-cold remedy for the baby has not only
antiviral and immunomodulatory, but also reparative
(regenerating) action. All these properties to the fullest
possesses the drug Derinat intended for
prevention and treatment of colds in children from the first day of life,
and adults.

Derinat in the form of nasal drops is particularly convenient to use for
the youngest babies and often able to prevent ARVI like
child and adult family members. If cold
accompanied by sore throat, Derinat-spray will help move
it is easier, it is possible to do without complications, and therefore without
antibiotics and recover much faster.

The use of antibiotics in the treatment is advisable only when
the development of bacterial complications (sinusitis, otitis, pneumonia,
bronchitis, etc.). To prevent the development of such complications is
the main task of parents who care for a sick baby.
You should carefully monitor the development of the disease.

To ensure proper and timely development of the immune
systems of the child, doctors often recommend drugs from the group
immunomodulators. But they have a number of contraindications: first
all immunomodulators are prescribed only by a doctor and only with
compulsory immunological examination of the child before
by appointment. For self use, choose those
drugs that have undergone the necessary research on security
and do not require additional analyzes before use. To such
preparations include, for example, Immunokind, which is developed
specifically for children with unstable immunity. A drug
adjusts the child’s immune system to work properly, accelerating
recovery from acute respiratory infections and SARS.

As a rule, the treatment of acute respiratory infections (ARVI) does not require hospitalization. For
recovery baby should be ensured adherence to bed
regime, enhanced nutrition and plenty of drink, consisting of herbal
teas, cranberry honey juice, juices, etc. With a strong dry
cough need to apply antitussive drugs.

When the cough becomes wet, you need to take care of
sputum discharge, replacing antitussives with
expectorants. If necessary, measures are taken to reduce
temperature, also, depending on the condition of the child, treatment
supplement with inhalations, warming up procedures,
vitamin therapy.


Julia 10/15/2016 I feel more about what I’m trying to prevent
disease. Of course, prevention of ARD does not always help, but already
checked if the child’s immunity is ready for the disease, then the disease
retreats much faster. Great tips here,
I constantly follow the recommendations of good specialists, doctor
Komarovsky generally well done. Anna 09/26/2016 Last year too
Ultrix set. I’m happy. In my memory, the child first school
never missed, and accordingly I did not have to
sick leave. And then we really do not like it. Zhenya
09/07/2016 Children are not treated, they do not need to be infected. Of course in the gardens
the children are still sick, and when the children do not go to the garden enough
vaccinated to parents of the flu. Good vaccine and risk-borne
Diseases reduces. Recently, all Ultras advise. She is
forms a good immunity. Yes, and allergic reactions does not.
A good attempt ANAFERON, but no … Marina 02.22.2016 It’s a pity for children
they are best treated with folk remedies, raspberries, tea with honey, etc. BUT
for adults, it is better to take anti-influenza, it will perfectly help.

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