Arnold Eret’s Silent Diet – Healingsupply system

  • 1 Basic Principles of a Silent Diet
    • 1.1 Preparation for a diet
  • 2 What can you eat?
  • 3 Menus
  • 4 Correct exit

Arnold Eret – German professor, researcher and writer on
preservation and human health. At the age of 31, with Arnold Eret
chronic nephritis was discovered, which is 24 known in Europe
The doctor was called incurable. Arnold Eret began practicing
raw foods, vegetarianism and fruit diets, which healed himself
myself. His discoveries and investigations were subsequently laid down by Eret.
the book “The Healing System of a Silent Diet.”


Basic Principles of a Silent Diet

Arnold Erett claims that all illnesses, health problems
and overweight are caused by harmful substances: poisons, slags and
toxins that are concentrated in the human body in the form
mucus. Таким образом, бесслизистая диета — supply system,
aimed at improving the body through its complete cleansing
from mucus – harmful substances accumulated in the blood and tissues.

The main idea of ​​Arnold Eret: “We are what we eat.” Daily
people eat different foods, but only a small part of it brings
benefit the body, which implies that it is necessary to eat selectively.
Arnold Eret believes that mucus-forming products are not
digested completely by the body, and from their residues is formed
mucus that settles in the body and leads to blockages
digestive and circulatory systems. It is accumulated mucus and
causes digestive disorders, obesity, transition to
acute form of any chronic disease.

The basic rules of the blind phase of the Arnold diet

  • Do not overeat. There is a need only with an acute sense of hunger;
  • It should be eaten in small portions;
  • Eating and drinking are incompatible;
  • Once a week should practice fasting. During the day drink
    only non-carbonated water;
  • The exclusion of breakfast. In the morning you can drink only a glass of water or
    fresh juice.

Before you begin to follow the dumb diet of Arnold Eret,
you need to prepare your body for the gentle withdrawal of harmful
substances from the body and prevent them from entering the blood.

Preparing for a diet

Before you begin to maintain a sound-free diet for healing
body and weight loss, you must undergo a two-month training
(low-mucous diet), divided into four stages, each of
which lasts two weeks. Breakfast at all stages of the mucous
the diet is the same and consists of a glass of freshly squeezed vegetable or
fruit juice.

Preparatory stages to the impure diet of Arnold

  • Первый этап — На обед можно съесть немного
    stewed vegetables (turnips, potatoes, green beans), salad from
    fresh vegetables (carrots, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes), a piece
    bran or whole grain bread. For dinner you can low-fat cottage cheese
    with fruit and honey, and also puree from dried fruits.
  • Второй этап — На обед можно съесть фруктовое
    mashed or stewed dried fruits. After 15-20 minutes allowed
    eat a salad that Arnold Eret called “Whisk” (given
    the term is still used by nutritionists), consisting of
    shredded cabbage, carrots, beets, seasoned with vegetable
    oil A piece of bran bread is allowed. Allowed for dinner
    one baked vegetable (to taste) and a salad of fresh vegetables.
  • Третий этап — В летний период рекомендуется
    use fresh fruit, and in the winter – dried fruit, which can
    add a handful of nuts. For lunch you can eat one kind of fruit.
    (apple, orange). Supplement the diet with a vegetable (arugula, spinach, asparagus),
    but in a small amount. For dinner, you can eat one baked vegetable and
    portion of salad “Whisk”.
  • Четвертый этап — На обед один вид фруктов или
    dried fruits with nuts. For dinner, you can eat fruit, after 15 minutes
    vegetables in baked or stewed form. A piece of bran is allowed.
    of bread.

For a two-month period of preparation for a baseless diet, you can
get rid of 5-10 kilograms of excess weight.

What can you eat?

Allowed products with low mucous and mild

  • Poor vegetables and greens (spinach, celery, cucumbers,
    tomatoes, green onions, broccoli, arugula, lettuce, cabbage,
    carrots, turnips);
  • Fruits (apples, pears, peaches, citrus);
  • Berries (cherry, raspberry, strawberry, currant);
  • Whole grain bread;
  • Crackers;
  • Dried fruits;
  • Natural honey;
  • Purified water without gas.

Vegetables with a blind-free diet can be boiled, stewed, baked,
cook soups and broths from them. Fruits and berries can be consumed
both raw and mashed, smoothie and juice.

Prohibited Products with Silent

  • Meat (pork, lamb, beef, veal, rabbit meat);
  • Bird (chicken, duck, turkey, goose);
  • Fish and seafood;
  • Eggs (especially raw or soft-boiled);
  • Flour and bakery products (especially from wheat
  • Dairy and dairy products (their fats clog the blood
  • Nuts (it is allowed to use in moderation only
    in winter);
  • Beans, beans, lentils, peas;
  • Fig.

Thus, in a blind-free diet, it is completely excluded.
foods containing animal protein and vegetable origin
as well as starch and saturated fats.


Arnold Eret’s Silent Diet – Weekly Menu
(breakfast lunch dinner):


  • Apple juice;
  • Pears;
  • Salad “Whisk”.


  • Carrot juice;
  • Apples;
  • Salad from grated carrots.


  • Tomato juice;
  • Oranges;
  • Arugula salad.


  • Peach juice;
  • Plums;
  • Salad from grated beets.


  • Orange juice;
  • Apricots;
  • White Cabbage Salad.


  • Fasting on the water. During the day you can in unlimited
    quantities drink purified water without gas.


  • Pear juice;
  • Strawberry;
  • Broccoli.

Correct exit

Arnold Eret’s Mute Diet – Pretty Tough
recovery and weight loss, which endure under the forces far from
to each. For the two-month period of preparation for a baseless diet
You can lose weight by 5-10 kilograms, depending on the initial
weight and level of daily physical activity. For the week of compliance
impotent diet can get rid of another 5 extra

In order to maintain the achieved result of losing weight, and
cleansing the body of toxins is also necessary
Exit from the healing system of nutrition. In the first week when leaving
blind method of weight loss is recommended to observe the menu of the first
stages of preparation for a diet. After a week, you can gradually enter into
ration eggs (no more than 1 piece per day), as well as lean fish,
which is better to boil.

Before you begin to observe the healing system of Arnold
Eretu for weight loss, it is recommended to consult a doctor on
no contraindications because raw foods and vegetarianism
It does not suit everyone. Many doctors are skeptical that
that the mucus accumulated in the body can cause excess
weight. The refusal of protein foods according to Arnold Eret may
lead to loss of muscle mass and slow metabolism.

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