Are you expecting a baby? Be active and be borngenius

Sat, Nov 12, 2016

Researchers at the University of Montreal in Canada dispelled
pre-existing medical recommendations prescribing
pregnant women to lead a passive lifestyle and rest more often than not
grounded and even harmful.

As it turned out, even light exercise during pregnancy can
have a beneficial effect on the brain development of the future
baby Earlier studies were conducted on animals and showed
more than positive results: baby brain development
the womb went much better. Similar “experiments” on people
were held for the first time

Passive lifestyle of future mothers can increase the possible
risks of complications during childbirth. While
active life position can make pregnancy
comfortable, to protect the expectant mother from postpartum depression. Besides
In addition, it can also reduce the risk of obesity in

Studies have shown that even a 20-minute charge three times a
a week will be enough for a favorable effect on
развитие мозга будущего baby However, scientists warn:
the possibility of physical exertion is imperative
agree with the doctor leading the pregnancy.

Participation in the study took women in the second trimester
of pregnancy. They were divided into two groups. Participants one led
predominantly sedentary lifestyle. Women in the second group
performed moderate intensity cardiovascular exercises
which caused a little shortness of breath.

In the “experiment” took part in the second trimester of women
of pregnancy. They were divided into two groups. Participants first
led a sedentary lifestyle, torah – performed various kinds
физические упражнения, which caused a little shortness of breath.

Subsequently, with the help of an electroencephalograph, scientists tracked
brain activity in children aged 8 to 12 days: to the head
attached soft electrodes and as a result of sleep EEG checked
children’s auditory memory, while noting how the brain responds to new or
already familiar sounds.

The results of the study showed that children born to
mothers who prefer an active lifestyle have more
active and developed brain.

Research is currently underway to study the effect
physical exercises on the speech and motor development of one year old

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