Are men polygamous “by nature”? We understandthe issue.

Пт, 15 янв 2016 Автор: Изабелла Кантская

Men love to write off their many love affairs
– polygamous nature “inherent in them.” Women call for
conjugal fidelity insisting that the man should be
monogamous, and the point. But how is it really?

So, we are living, having sex, falling in love,
we marry, have children and devote our whole life to the created family.
After all, everything is as it should be? Or not?

In fact, the nature of the genus of a person is not written to create
he has a family or, conversely, has many sexual partners. it
a problem that psychologists and anthropologists around the world solve. But,
it would seem that in this, at first glance, there is no simple question
consensus. Natural human monogamy or polygamy is
a myth that has evolved over several decades. it явление в
The human world is exclusively social in nature. Like
many stereotypes, the stereotype that man naturally needs
many partners or one, is a conditioned reflex, developed
for several centuries. What most of us
seeks to marry or marry, in a word, start a family –
this is the norm that society has taken for itself. How did marriage arise? By
The most common theory of marriage was born in ancient times
solely as what we currently call a “bargain”.
Now such marriages are usually called marriage of convenience. Father,
living in the same tribe, gave his daughter for a young man,
living in another tribe, only to expand their
territory. Incest in the modern sense in ancient society is not
existed. it сейчас мы знаем, что близкородственное
crossbreeding leads to mutations at the gene level and degeneration. AT
ancient times the marriage of brothers and sisters was only
unprofitable, because they did not give any new opportunities
older generation. Now we condemn the marriage of convenience. For us
the only true love marriage. Then it was all
наоборот: брак и любовь никак не связывались.AT настоящее же время
it is inherent to many people to separate the concepts of “love” and “sex”, explaining
This is polygamous human nature. it ошибочное суждение, так как
our sexual addictions are not inherited on the gene
level, they are instilled in us by society since infancy. Same,
like other processes in our mind and subconscious that are
affect our personality, our sexuality is affected by external
factors. If you simplify all this, then each person is free
choose to be his monogamous and live with only one partner or
polygamous. When the personal unconscious (Z. Freud) is faced with
collective unconscious (C. Jung), then phenomena occur, with
which a person is often unable to cope with. To collective
The unconscious, for example, is religion. We can not
imagine humanity without different beliefs that is
it seems that they appeared on the ground immediately with
the appearance of man. The same can be said about marriage. Most of
we are alien to the idea that humanity can live without
marriages and families. Although a lot of mammals and birds lead
family lifestyle, creating flocks, prides, etc. But scientific
evidence that man naturally needs to start
family, not the same as evidence of the opposite. it стало
our common collective unconscious. For example, when western
a man faithful to his polygamous “nature” decides to marry,
He begins to consider treason normal. But how to call such a relationship?
Mono-polygamous? There is no such thing.

Byчему же человек, уверенный в полигамии до конца жизни не
remains independent? Byтому что он сталкивается с тем, что уже
It became unconscious for people: “I want a lot of sexual
partners, but social foundations require me to create a family,
which implies loyalty to one person. ” Unfortunately, such
situations happen more and more often just because people don’t
know how to distinguish between the very concepts of polygamy and monogamy. Byлигамия
means “I do not start a permanent relationship, I am free
sex life “(which does not exclude the possibility of procreation),
monogamy means “I choose one partner and want to live with him
all life, engaging in sexual relations only with him. ”More often
In all, studying these questions, the researchers turn to the animal
world, because man, in fact, is also an animal. Disputes occur due to
the fact that, trying to find in this natural beginning, anthropologists and in
In the animal world, various species of both polygamous and monogamous
animals. Virtually all members of the canine family are
monogamous (wolves, foxes, raccoon dogs, coyotes, dingos,
foxes, etc.), whereas a domesticated dog is rather
polygamous representative. Byдавляющее большинство приматов
polygamous. Gibbons are knocked out of this number: they choose
partners once and for all life. As we can see, comparisons with wild
nature do not have any scientific background under them. There are
scientific treatises of some famous anthropologists in which
Evidence is given that the signs of monogamy
human born long before the guns appeared
труда.AT современном обществе нередко появляются псевдонаучные
journalistic work about the fact that a man as a male is inherent
polygamy, and a woman – monogamy. it работы, наполненные
various misjudgments. There is not a single species on Earth where
a representative of one sex would be monogamous, and the other – polygamous.
Nature could not create different priorities for females and males
one species, because a priori these species would be doomed to
doom How would the life of people flow if monogamy of a woman
would require for her one partner of the opposite sex, and
polygamy men – different? Byлигамные браки в восточных странах
are also a social decision. Scientists have proven that
monogamous lifestyle of a person could provide him with such a development.
But each of us is free to choose for himself what kind of life to lead him.
The main thing is that this choice does not destroy the integrity and balance in any
personal or social.

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