Are folk remedies effective for treatment?endometriosis? What will help in the treatment of endometriosis asfolk remedies

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Female gynecological disease –
эндометриоз характеризуется разрастанием похожих
on the uterine lining of tissues in organs such as uterine
tubes, ovaries, intestines, chest cavity, etc.

The endometrium is the inner lining of the uterus. is he
rejected once a month (during menstruation) and is under
the influence of sex hormones.

Endometrium located outside its normal location
– the uterus is called endometrial foci that develop
as well as the natural endometrium.

In pathology, in those tissues where there are foci – appear
minor bleeding, inflammation, scars, adhesions, new ones are formed

Although endometriosis has long been known as a gynecological problem,
among doctors there is no consensus about the causes of

But doctors are well known for the so-called
predisposing factors.

• genetic predisposition

• abnormally early periods

• cycle too short

• long (more than 7 days) menstruation

• heavy during menstruation

• first birth later than the generally accepted age

• pathology of the uterus and fallopian tubes

• lack of iron in the body

Характерными симптомами болезни являются
exhausting, draining the body and putting pressure on the psyche pain. Have
women with endometriosis are not very likely
get pregnant

The treatment of pathology, of course, must deal with

After the diagnosis, a serious medication is prescribed.
therapy aimed at suppressing the foci of inflammation, and also not
surgical treatment is excluded.

Итак, обратитесь за помощью к гинекологу, если вы
notice in yourself:

• severe pain during menstruation, accompanied by copious

• persistent pain in the pelvic region

• unpleasant pain during intimacy, as well as

• frequent nausea and vomiting

• pain during urination and exercise

A gynecologist with the help of modern research is able to deliver
diagnosis – endometriosis or to refute it. For prescribed treatment
You can add highly effective folk methods, which
read below.

Endometriosis: treatment of folk remedies – pine forest

Лекарственное растение – боровая матка с давних
pores are widely used in the treatment of various gynecological
problems. The plant is officially recognized by traditional medicine and
allowed for endometriosis.

What is the glory of “women’s grass”? No doubt its
сильнейшими противовоспалительными, противоопухолевыми,
antimicrobial, absorbable and analgesic

Растение, кроме всего прочего, улучшает работу иммунной
, что не может не сказываться на эффективности

Как применяют боровую матку в лечении endometriosis? Most often in
in the form of an aqueous solution or tincture of alcohol, which, by the way,
acts faster.

To prepare the usual infusion, you must first
grind the plant well. Then, pour a tablespoon of funds
boiling water (1 cup), you need to boil it quite a bit. After
manipulations of grass insist at least 2

Another way to prepare the healing composition of water:
Fill boar uterus boiling water in a thermos. This composition use
for medicinal douching.

And inside it is recommended to take cooked own hands
alcohol infusion of “female grass”.

Preparing it is not difficult. Pour dry ground
grass (50 g) half liter of vodka. Insist, as is customary in
such cases in the dark for at least a month. Then strain and
squeeze the contents, pour it into a clean glass pharmacy
the dishes.

Drink a life-giving tincture of 30-40 drops, spreading it in
a small amount of water at least 3 times a day.

Лечение боровой маткой длительное – 3 недели,
as well as any other natural remedy. But it is not
has side effects and does not require much effort and investment
big cash.

Haveсилить эффективность терапии боровой маткой помогут травы:
wintergreen Brew in a classic way one of
plants and consume a healing infusion of a third glass
time when you drink tincture of “female grass”.

In chronic disease the maximum benefit brings
It is an alcohol tincture. is heа, как упоминалось выше, действует
much faster than aqueous solution.

However, before using this folk remedy for the treatment of
endometriosis should consult a doctor, pass the analysis on
determination of hormone levels.

The fact is that the uterus of the uterus reduces the amount of estrogen. By
This is why you should pay attention to this: if you have a low
the level of this hormone, then drink tincture should begin with the 2nd
cycle phases.

Traditionally, herbal therapy begins immediately after
menstruation and continue until the next.

Attention! Borovoy tincture or decoction
uterus can not use as prescribed while taking oral
contraceptives, hormonal drugs.

“Female herb” with caution should be used for the treatment
disease for people suffering from gastritis. Expectant mothers and women
who feed the baby breast use tincture or decoction
strongly discouraged.

Endometriosis: treatment of folk remedies – clay

One of the effective tools used in the treatment of the disease –
clay. With it, make compresses.

Наибольшим эффектом обладает голубая или серая clay. For,
for the treatment to bring only a positive result,
carry out the procedure with clay correctly:

1. The first thing you need to pay attention to –
качество продукта. Clay must be clean without
any impurities or lumps.

2. Pre-crush the clay and fill it with water. Leave
mixture overnight.

3. In the morning pour out water, knead the clay like a dough until homogeneous

4. Quite a bit (so that the clay could not lose everything in it
contains useful) warm it up in a water bath.

5. Lay out the composition in a thick layer on polyethylene and put this
compress on the lower abdomen. Warm from above.

6. Keep such a compress for about 2 hours, after which the clay
throw away (!), and wipe your skin with a dry towel.

7. Take fresh clay each time.

8. The recommended number of therapeutic procedures –

If your desire is to get rid of the disease as soon as possible,
then pour clay not with plain water, but with infusion of such
medicinal herbs like mint, yarrow, calendula, celandine,
a series of tutsan. They are brewed in the traditional way.

The combination of plants can be arbitrary or make a mixture of
one grass.

Endometriosis: treatment of folk remedies – propolis

Propolis is rightly considered one of the strongest
anti-inflammatory natural products. This is a resinous substance
collect bees from the bark and leaves of conifers. From here and
high efficiency of propolis. is he обладает дезинфицирующим,
disinfectant, analgesic effect.

В лечении эндометриоза чаще всего применяется спиртовая
Cook it easy. For this you need
finely chop (using a metal grater or a simple knife)
grams 100 wonder product and pour it with alcohol or vodka (0.5

Let the mixture stand for a week in a place where the rays do not penetrate.
Sveta. After отведенного срока применяйте популярное народное
agent for the treatment of endometriosis as douching. For
This combine a couple of tablespoons of tincture with half a liter
warm water and use the product as intended.

Perform the procedure several times a day. And although the treatment
quite long (six months with monthly breaks), but after
ending you will feel a noticeable relief.

Endometriosis: treatment of folk remedies – celandine

The miraculous plant is mentioned in each collection
recipes of traditional medicine. And for good reason. Celandine handles weight
diseases thanks to its anti-inflammatory,
antispasmodic, antitumor, bactericidal properties.

Кроме того, растение чрезвычайно полезно при нарушении
vaginal flora and in case of failures of the menstrual cycle.

For лечения эндометриоза используют настой, который приготовить
easy peasy. Pour celandine (tablespoon) with boiling water (1
стакан), дайте настояться часа 2. After этого смесь процедите и
drink a quarter glass three times a day.

Haveпотребляйте чистотел дней 12, не больше, затем
take a break and repeat the therapy.

Чистотел противопоказан при нарушениях в работе
digestive organs, hypotension, pregnancy and breastfeeding,
in case of serious heart pathologies and mental disorders.

General recommendations for endometriosis

Endometriosis is a difficult disease that brings to life
women discomfort and inconvenience. But observing some
recommendations, you can greatly alleviate your condition.

1. Do some physical exercise that
способствуют снижению гормона эстрогена.

2. Во время месячных не применяйте тампоны, а
better use gaskets. Tampon provokes movement disorder
blood in the fallopian tube. In addition, this hygienic
overlaps its natural outflow, further aggravates
painful sensations.

3. In the period of exacerbation of the disease, follow a reasonable
diets. Most of your diet should be vegetables
and fruit. А вот употребление кофе, крепкого чая и
carbonated drinks should be kept to a minimum.

Official medicine offers for the treatment of endometriosis
hormonal therapy, which cannot be said to be unsuccessful. But oh
its side effects do not know only those who never
faced with disease.

Popular methods have proven their validity of time.

The task of a woman with endometriosis is to determine what is closer to her –
natural remedies, traditional medicine, and maybe a combination of
and other. The choice is yours.

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