April 6: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthday on April 6.

Fri, 01 Apr 2016

Holidays April 6

Day of the employee of the investigative bodies of the Russian Federation

The professionalism of the investigative staff is for
Russian citizens are the guarantor of respect for their rights and the maintenance of legality in
country. Every year on April 6 all investigators of Russia mark
professional holiday – Day of the investigating officer
MIA. It is interesting to note that for a long time Russia did not have
cohesive investigative apparatus, and all the crimes
engaged the police. However, since its employees were not
accordingly prepared, then the quality of their work left
want something better. In 1860, the authorities established a separate position –
judicial investigators. It was they who were tasked to do more
�“Complicated” and complicated crimes, while the police
continued to fight crime, but less difficult, all
�Dirty work also got them. Since then the investigative
The apparatus in Russia has undergone many changes and transformations.
Under Soviet rule, his employees were transferred to subordination.
Ministry of Justice, after some time, the device “fell into the hands”
prosecutors. In the middle of the 20th century, the investigative police
упразднились, теперь дознание вели только работники prosecutors.
Soon, such a system was declared ineffective, and on April 6
1963 года следственная практика вновь вернулась к MIA. With time
in Russia, an organized investigative apparatus has been formed, which
allowed to increase efficiency in the fight against crime, was
developed a structured system of investigative units. AT
as a result, the number of atrocities revealed is significantly
has increased. The day of the investigative officers in Russia is not
however, despite this, it is April 6 that
awarding highly distinguished employees of state
awards, as well as letters of thanks.

April 6 in the national calendar

Artemy – take the snake

On April 6, in the Orthodox world, the memory of Most Holy Artemy is honored –
Bishop of Solun. Rev. lived and preached at the turn of 1 and 2
centuries, during the revival of Christianity. Weather, as a rule, to
this time it was already warm: the snow practically melted,
and those who did not change the sleigh on the summer working transport, risked
strip their runners. AT BUTртемиев день было принято проводить
a certain ritual to exorcise evil spirit from the court. For
this the peasants made fires behind the fence along the roads and bypassed
houses in circles. For one in the fire burned all the accumulated debris. BUT
in the evening the housewives tried to redo all the homework, preparing
to the great feast of the Annunciation. April 6 was also taken
light the seeds for planting and sprinkle with holy water
nurse-land. People believed that this ritual would contribute
growing a good harvest. Existed on this day and weather
omens. For example, if the night of the Annunciation is issued
warm, then spring will be fine.

Historical events of April 6

6 апреля 1580 год — AT районе Па-де-Кале произошло
Pa de Calais’s most powerful earthquake is the strait between Europe and
ATеликобританией. Believed to be the narrowest part
Channel channel. According to the results of the inspection, which took place at the end
twentieth century, the magnitude of the earthquake was more than six
points on the Richter scale. The disaster center was at depth
twenty kilometers under the bottom, and its epicenter is at the very bottom. AT
the result of a devastating natural cataclysm suffered
several large cities. AT Лондоне были прерваны все судебные
meeting In addition, several cultural-historical
structures, and on the banks in the water left whole layers of chalk cliffs.
The resulting tsunami took more than one hundred and twenty lives, sank
three dozen major ships. 6 апреля 1814 год
Bonaparte abdicated the throneAfter the victory of the Russian army over
the French during the march through Europe, March 30, 1814 by the Allies
they were given Paris. There is a real threat that the Russians
troops in revenge for Moscow can burn Paris. Fearing so
radical measures, the marshals of France turned to Napoleon Bonaparte,
and after some deliberation, he decided to leave the throne. It happened
April 6, 1814. The text of the abdication contained the following lines: “Not
there is such a personal sacrifice that I would not give up in
interests of France. ” It is known that after the resignation of Bonaparte was
sent to the Elbe. However, a year later in 1815, he again occupied
the French throne, the Companions brought it to the hall literally on
hands. AT то время организовывалась антифранцузская коалиция,
participants of which were many European countries. ATскоре она
opposed the Napoleonic empire, causing the army
the emperor suffered a crushing and final defeat in
битве при ATатерлоо. In the summer of 1815, Napoleon again abandoned
throne, and the last years of his life he spent on the lands of the Holy
Елены под присмотром англичан.6 апреля 1896 год
Открытие в BUTфинах первых после античных времен Olympic
игрЦеремония открытия Olympic игр нового времени состоялась на
Marble stadium in the presence of eighty thousand people. According to
By decree, George I (king of Greece) effectively repealed the ban
Theodosius about conducting such games as a relic of pagan times.
AT первых Olympic играх принимали участие исключительно
male athletes, there were just over 300 people.
Russian team did not participate in competitions due to
lack of funds. ATпрочем, один из представителей России все-таки
applied for participation in the games, but soon, changing his mind, took
her back.

Were born on April 6

Филипп Госсе (1810-1888 гг) — английский
naturalist. Invented the first aquariums. Since ancient times, people were engaged
fish farming, but they did it exclusively for food.
Later, the Chinese brought out a goldfish and began to breed it in
aesthetic purposes. There was an acute need for security
artificial reservoirs with a large amount of oxygen, which caused
huge difficulties. AT 1853 году Госсе решил эту проблему,
presenting the first aquarium to the public. New “dwelling” for
ornamental fish quickly got accustomed to the world. Besides,
water in a closed tank has become much easier to “charge” with oxygen.
Иван Суриков (1841-1880 гг) — поэт-самоучка. On
light appeared Ivan in the family of a serf peasant. Since childhood he
traded in the family shop, and in his free time he wrote poems,
some of which have become famous songs and romances. Many
из них («Рябина», «Степь» и др.) — стали народными.- BUTнтон
(1890-1939 гг) — выдающийся голландский
aircraft designer. AT период Первой Мировой войны пытался предложить
both sides of their aircraft, but to use his invention
only the Germans agreed. ATпоследствии Фоккер вместе с
Designer Platz created more than forty types of aircraft
devices. Later on the Fokker aircraft were committed first
беспосадочный полет через СШBUT, а также первый перелет через
Северный полюс.- ATасилий Меркурьев (1904-1978 гг)
— Onродный артист СССР, актер, лауреат 3-х Сталинских премий.
He worked mainly on the stage of the Leningrad Theater named after Pushkin.
Besides, Меркурьев блестяще сыграл в таких кинокартинах как
«Золушка», «Летят журавли», «Небесный тихоход», «ATерные друзья»,
�”Seven brides of corporal Zbruev”, “The Tale of a Real Man”,

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