April 26: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays on April 26th.

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Holidays April 26

Arboretum Holiday

Arboretum Holiday (или День Арбориста) родился в США. Him
the founder is considered to be the Minister of Agriculture D. Sterling
Morton. On his initiative, the Americans began to celebrate the Day
Arborist, reinforcing his cultivation of sites and mass
planting trees. April 26, 1874 (first year
celebrations) by decree of a minister in Nebraska was planted
about twenty million trees, and within ten years the number
seedlings exceeded 500 million. So, Arborist Day
very quickly spread throughout the United States, and in
20th century conquered the whole world. By the way, today each
the country has its own national holiday, called the Day
tree. In the process of urbanization involved the majority
schoolchildren, as well as various public organizations and youth
movement. The purpose of the event – not only to promote the landing
trees, but also to instil in future generations a respect for

World Intellectual Property Day

Holiday Establishment – Intellectual Property Day –
was held at a meeting in 1999 of the General Assembly of the World
intellectual property organizations. Since then, the world annually
April 26 marks this event. The idea of ​​creating a holiday belongs
WIPO, which is responsible for the protection and development of
intellectual property everywhere. It should be noted that
April 26th is the day when WIPO was founded. World day
intellectual property provides a unique opportunity
emphasize the importance of innovative technologies in modern life
society and its improvement. Copyright, patenting,
Trademarks, as a result of knowledge and creativity, are powerful
tool contributing to the cultural and economic development of the whole
world community.

April 26 in the national calendar


On the day we are considering, the Orthodox Church commemorates
the holy martyr Thomas the Egyptian, who fell for the faith in the fifth
century. The saint is considered the patroness of femininity,
modesty and the opponent of prodigal passion. They prayed to her for the purpose
redemption and deliverance from prodigal thoughts. In Russia Fomaidu
nicknamed Medunitsa, because on the day of her memory peasants often
went to the forest for the jellyfish that the mistresses used in
culinary purposes, brewing tea from it and preparing based on it
many dishes. Although the medunitsa is quite
fragrant flower, the bees fly it “for seven miles”, as before
talked to the people. Also on this day, collected the first sorrel, baked
from it sweet cakes and cooked the famous soup monastic.
In addition to the sorrel, they put potatoes, onions, cooked in fat,
spicy herbs (dill, parsley) and, of course, butter
own production.

Historical events of April 26

26 апреля 1986 год — Произошла самая крупная за
the whole history of nuclear production Chernobyl accident
AESStractive technogenic accident occurred at night on the fourth block
Chernobyl NPP them. Lenin. Her echoes still continue.
perplex and amaze doctors as well as Russian scientists. AT
As a result of this catastrophe, vast territories of Russia, Ukraine and
Belarus were contaminated with radioactive precipitation. Moreover,
several nearby countries covered escaped from the reactor
the radioactive cloud that has emitted huge
amount of chemical gases. ATласти провели немедленную эвакуацию
residents in a radius of up to forty kilometers, but many of them are not
rescued. The true extent of the disaster continues to shake us
since then 26 апреля 1991 год — Принятие закона «О
rehabilitation of repressed peoples “Millions of Soviet citizens
were victims of a totalitarian regime, they were subjected to repression
(according to national, religious, political and other convictions).
According to experts, more than thirty million people have become
victims of these repressions. From the 1930s in the Soviet Union began
mass eviction of nations. In addition to forced deportation, to
repressed peoples began to apply the policy of genocide,
which was accompanied by violence and terror in special places
settlements. Since 1954 in the USSR began the process of rehabilitation of victims
political repression, however, soon the project was curtailed and
renewed only in the 1980s, when the authorities took
several legislation related to this issue. And in 1991
году (26 апреля) ATерховный Совет принял закон «О реабилитации
repressed peoples. ” This government document condemned
the policy of lawlessness, slander, cruelty and
genocide against not only the repressed, but all
the rest of the peoples of a multinational country. April 26, 1997
— Учреждение в Российской Федерации ордена «За
mercy and healing “The founder of an unusual award has become
�”Russian Medical Society”. As a rule, this order
decided reward those who are particularly distinguished in front of domestic
health care. The award ceremony is accompanied by
official blessing from the Russian Orthodox Church.
This award is an eight-pointed badge.
the stars, on the background of which is the patron of all doctors and
outstanding healer – Panteleimon. Honoring the Great Martyr
Panteleimon began in the distant twelfth century. AT свое время его
the image was a “talisman” for many Russian princes and
rulers. It is believed that on the day of memory of the saint Russian troops
repeatedly defeated the Swedes – under Gangut (1714)
and at Grengam (1720).

Were born on April 26

Мария Медичи (1573-1642 гг.) — супруга
of French king Henry the Fourth, regent at a minor
son of Louis. The aristocracy constantly sought to remove Mary
from the throne. ATосстания знати приходилось подавлять неоднократно,
it cost the queen considerable costs, effort and sacrifice. After
Ludwig entered into his rights, Maria was removed from work and, in
the result of a conflict with his son, exiled to Blois. In three years
relatives reconciled, the ex-queen returned to Paris, where she
headed the state council. Jean-Jacques Audubon
(1785-1851 gg.) – American artist, famous naturalist and
traveler. AT историю вошел как Джон Одюбон. After death
mother’s father took Jean to Paris, where the boy showed up
ability to painting. He especially liked to depict plants and
animals. Until old age, Audubon traveled the world to study
at the age of 53, together with
Halwell-Mlalshim published the book “Birds of America”, which brought
огромную славу своим авторам.Николай Михайлович
(1859-1919 гг.) — внук Николая Первого, великий
the prince. Historians call it the most well-read, intelligent and cultural.
representative of the royal family. Nikolai Mikhailovich was the author
many reference books (Petersburg Necropolis, Moskovsky
necropolis “and others), as well as the chairman of the Imperial
historical community. Чарльз Рихтер (1900-1985
d.) – an outstanding American physicist-seismologist. Developer to all
known scale for assessing the strength of earthquakes.

Name Day April 26

Name Day April 26 отмечают: Артемон, Кристина, Фома, Артем, Марфа,
Maria, Kleta.

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