April 22: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthday on April 22.

Thu, 21 Apr 2016

Holidays April 22

International Earth Day

How nice that spring so many holidays related to the protection
the environment! So on April 22, the world marks another, perhaps,
самый важный в сфере экологии — International Earth Day, который
recognized to encourage the public to pay due attention
preservation of the terrestrial ecosystem. The first major action about this
was held April 22, 1970 in several US cities, and, as
it turned out later, she was a huge success. Next year senator
Nelson announced the feast of the earth, after which this day became a very
a popular annual event among the inhabitants of America. And today is the Day
Mother Earth has acquired global proportions and is noted almost
all continents. The symbol of the celebration was the flag with the image
�”Blue” planet. And not just a drawing, but a real photo,
made from space by the Apollo 17 crew during its
travel to the moon. In the Russian Federation, Earth Day is held on
framework of a large-scale program to protect the planet from global
environmental hazards. This holiday, unlike Earth Hour,
held in March, commits mankind to unite efforts to
environmental protection and promote its restoration. By
traditions April 22, anyone can take part in the cultivation,
landscaping and improvement of their cities, streets and sites.
Every year on this day hundreds of scientists from all countries of the world gather for
round table to discuss important aspects of the common cause. And many
States organize a wide variety of actions: this and
conferences, and exhibitions, as well as planting trees and cleaning
territories involving youth.

April 22 in the national calendar


On April 22, the Orthodox Church commemorates the memory of St. Vadim,
who lived in the fourth century in Persia and was
archimandrite. By приказу правителя его вместе с учениками бросили
to the dungeon, where for several months the martyrs were tortured.
Tradition says that the resilience of the saints struck many pagans before
to the extent that those after the death of the blameless turned into
Christianity. In Russia, Vadim was called the Klyuchnik, because in this
day it was customary for peasants to go to the keys (sources) and clean
их, приговаривая при этом: «Byдземная водица, открываем тебе путь
vernal. Byсле обрядных слов из родников умывались целительной
with water and sipped some of her sips to strengthen
health. In addition, the sources could guess. So by
they watched about the life and death of seriously ill people. Guessing the name
sick, watched the behavior of water: if it remains clean –
the person will recover, if the source zaburlit – should wait
the worst. Spring water also drank cattle and sprinkled

Historical events of April 22

22 апреля 1370 год — Стартовало строительство
Fortress of BastilleIn the day we specified on the orders of Charles V
(French king) the first stones were laid in the foundation
Fortress of Bastille. The construction was supposed to carry out protective
function and its walls deter attacks from the British on Paris.
At first it was like this: eight huge towers with a height of over thirty
meters surrounded by high walls and a wide moat proudly
towered over the city, protecting it. Under Cardinal Richelieu
Bastille began to be used as a state prison,
up until 1789. A few years later the Constituent Assembly
decided to demolish the fortress. Since then in France every year
July 14 marks the official holiday – Bastille Day,
which is accompanied by large-scale military parades on the Champs Elysees
полях.22 апреля 1864 год — В США началась чеканка
one and two cents bronze money Acting then
министр по финансам, Салман Byртленд Чейз, распорядился о том,
so that American coins of two cents appear
the inscription “We believe in God” (In God We Trust). Over time this
the motto moved to dollar bills, along with
for the first time a ban on private minting was established in the USA
of money. In 1865, the government issued a law to issue
copper-nickel three-and five-cent coins. Some of them,
for example, a bronze one-color five-cent coin still
имеют хождение.22 апреля 1931 год — Совнаркомом
a decision was passed on Soviet citizenship
Soviet citizenship confirmed that every person who
was on the territory of the Soviet Union, admitted his
a full citizen, but only if he is not
was filed by another state. Also the document had
additional clause that if a citizen of the Soviet Union
was also a citizen of another union republic (where he lived),
then the choice of citizenship was determined by the prerogative of each individual in

April 22 were born

Владимир Ульянов (1870-1924 гг.) — основатель
the first socialist state, the leader of the proletariat Ulyanov
better known to us under the pseudonym Lenin. is he – one of those
politicians who do not have an autobiography. Mystery man,
legendary person! What was he really like? At first people were
the icon was presented, and then, many years later, at the end
perestroika, this icon was rolled in the mud. Obviously one thing, Lenin was
ambiguous figure and in some sense tragic. Hoping
to change the fate of his homeland, he got quite the wrong result.
Brilliant and extraordinary, he turned the Soviet power, under
millions of people were influenced by his ideas, and many are
to this day. Thus, the opinion of most historians
unequivocally: the role of Lenin in the history of our state is enormous.
Due to severe congestion in early 1924, his condition
greatly deteriorated, and soon Ulyanov died. Official reason
death became neglected vascular atherosclerosis, which explains the presence of
he has symptoms like paralysis, impaired speech and
т.д.Владимир Набоков (1899-1977 гг.) — талантливый
writer. The author of such famous works as “King, Dame,
Jack “,” Masha “, Lolita”, Camera Obscura “,” Protection Luzhin “, etc.
Nabokov himself considered a writer of American Russian origin,
wrote about himself: “My mouth speaks English, my heart –
in Russian, and ear – in French … “

Юлиус Роберт Оппенгеймер (1904-1967 гг.) —
prominent American physicist, the “parent” of the atomic bomb.
Subsequently became his opponent, for which in 1954 he was
deprived of the right of access to secret materials and tests. Byзднее
Роберт Оппенгеймер заявил, что исполнил «дело дьявола».Иван
(1907-1972 гг.) — палеонтолог, российский
fiction writer, traveler-discoverer. In 19 years, accomplished his
the first discovery, and at 30 – already became a doctor of science. To literature
Efremov came quite unexpectedly when he was acutely worried about
strong “roll” of society in the direction of technology and science. is he смело
He said that science without philosophical support is empty and
meaningless. Here are a few of his outstanding novels: “Road
winds “,” Andromeda Nebula “,” Serpent’s Heart “,” Razor Blade “,
�“Star ships”, “Hour of the Bull” and some others.

Name Day April 22

Name Day April 22 чествуют: Гавриил, Илья, Дисан, Вадим, Лука,
Leon, Ivan, Juliana, Irina, Denis.

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