April 11: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays on April 11.

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Holidays April 11

International Day for the Liberation of Nazi Prisoners
concentration camps

Every year on April 11, various commemorative events are held around the world.
actions dedicated to the day of the liberation of prisoners from fascist
concentration camps. Former prisoners organize meetings, commemorate the dead, and
also laying flowers at the graves of victims at the hands of
the fascists. A timed event for the international uprising
prisoners of Buchenwald, which occurred April 11, 1945.
The irresistible will of freedom did its job – a prisoner succeeded
break free It seems to us that all this was too long. But those who
survived this horror with my own eyes, can never forget about
him, and no matter how many years have passed. Total in fascist germany and
there were more than fifteen thousand countries occupied by her
concentration camps. Prisoners whose lifespan varied from
one month to two years, brought the “owners” a huge profit.
In all the years of World War II, more than 18 million civilians
(about 6 million of them are citizens of the Soviet Union) went through
death camps. Survivors can only envy – for their
courage, patience, desire for life and freedom. That’s where the true
an example for the current growing generation!

Juan Santamaría Day

Juan Santamaría Day — исторический праздник в Коста-Рике,
dedicated to military events in 1856 against the American
filibusters. Its celebration is held mainly in training.
institutions (colleges, schools) and is supported by solemn
activities with the introduction of the flag and the singing of the national anthem.
Schoolchildren are invited to stage a heroic feat.
Juan, when he with a burning torch crept through the crowd to
the arson’s building and arson, and afterwards he himself died with honor and

April 11 in the national calendar


April 11 in Russia revered the most beloved tree in the people – birch.
Slender “white-haired beauty” personified source
health, life, light and heat. Our ancestors had this tree
connected a great many will and beliefs. For example, to
cure a cold child, parents slightly whipped him
back birch twigs. Charm for the house was considered stuck
in the roof of a birch branch. And imagine a Russian bath without a good one,
surround birch broom and was completely impossible. In Orthodoxy
attitude to the birch was especially reverent, because, according to giving,
it was under a birch tree that the Mother of God hid with her son
Jesus Christ. As a rule, on April 11, people often visited
birch groves, where they listened to the trees, were fed
strength and energy. They also checked if the drip started.
Birch sap in Russia harvested almost every family. Him
used as a vitamin and immunostimulants.

Historical events of April 11

11 апреля 1857 год — Императором Александром
The second was approved by the national emblem of the double-headed eagle
emblems in Russia appeared in the Middle Ages. So in 1497 a goal in
as a state seal in Russia, a double-headed eagle was introduced,
and he imprinted together with the image of St. George –
patron of Kiev princes. And from the next century, the double-headed eagle
became the only and main symbol of the Russian coat of arms. With the passage
the emblem has been improved over time, new ones have been added to it
attributes Each ruler was willing to contribute to the symbolism
coat of arms. These modifications especially occurred during the reign.
Ivan the Terrible, Mikhail Fedorovich, Peter the Great, Paul the First,
Alexander and Nicholas the First. However, the most serious reform
the strengthening of the coat of arms was carried out under Alexander II. By his decree
to work on state emblems a special was created
a department that later created a whole system of Russian
coat of arms. On April 11, 1857, Alexander the Second decided and approved
The new emblem of the double-headed eagle. This decree existed (without special
changes) until 1917. 11 апреля 1919 год
Establishment of the International Labor Organization
promoting social justice and establishing international
human rights at work. The International Labour Organization –
the first intergovernmental system defining generation
labor law conventions. First
The ILO conference was held in 1919 in Washington. By the general
Albert Toma, a Frenchman, was elected director of the organization. Total in her
The composition was composed of forty-five states. The task of the ILO is to
organizing international programs to improve working conditions,
fight unemployment, protect people from accidents on
production, as well as in the protection of women, children and adolescents
labor. In addition, the ILO provides advisory services, conducts
constructive analysis of problems arising in the field of labor,
organizes various activities to solve these problems and
mass dissemination of information. To date
By the general директором МОТ является Г. Райдер.11 апреля
1952 год
— Под руководством Купера проведена первая
successful operation of the brain
got rid of Parkinson’s disease. While most
previous surgical interventions in the deep layers of the brain
ended very badly. Yes, and those in principle not
carried out. And the operation carried out by Cooper was great.
accident in the field of medicine. During her time, doctors accidentally touched
artery vascular plexus. This caused hemorrhage.
The arterial plexus doctors naturally had to block. But
after the patient came out of the anesthesia, the doctors noticed that
he no longer shakes his head and limbs. Since then the disease
Parkinson began to arrest in this way – by pulling
certain brain vessels.

April 11 were born

Джеймс Паркинсон (1755-1824 гг.) — выдающийся
English healer. In 1817, he described a disease called
tremulous paralysis. It is currently referred to as a disease.
Parkinson’s He managed to prove that it is not due to
paralysis, as a result of damage to the motor function of the patient.
The main symptoms of the disease were trembling, stiffness,
slow movements and the inability to maintain normal
equilibrium. In most cases, the disease tended to
progression. However, progress in his treatment has been noted only in
the middle of the 20th century, when medics developed several
effective techniques, treating jitter and stiffness. –
Николай Девятков (1907-2001 гг.) — российский
physicist. Engaged in research in electronics and microwaves.
Devyatkov stood at the origins of the introduction of electronic equipment. With his
The name is related to the creation of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics.
Thanks to his research, laser technology has emerged, successfully
used in modern medicine. – Эмиль Кио
(1894-1965) – Soviet circus illusionist, founder
dynasties of illusionists. Him дебют состоялся по великой случайности,
and it turned out to be fateful for the artist. Subsequently, Kio was
nicknamed the great “wizard of the 20th century.”

Name Day April 11

Name Day April 11 отпразднуют: Кирилл, Иван, Антип, Яков, Марк,
Emma, ​​Valery, Philip, Stanislav.

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