Apples variety of Czech Champion selection: description,photo, feature. Subtleties growing champion apples

Ср, 21 фев 2018 Автор: Юлия Кривенко

Many gardeners have heard about large apples and crop yields.
�”Champion”. However, the tree has its own characteristics, without knowing which
collect a large number of fruits just will not work. This grade
widely used for commercial purposes, but also in the amateur garden
care for the apple tree is not difficult.

What is the peculiarity of champion apple varieties

Gardeners noticed that high yields of apple trees are possible.
only in the southern regions of the country. In the suburbs and central
The number of fruits in the regions is somewhat lower, but for the average lover
this is not critical. And all because the tree does not tolerate freezing
and the harsh climate. In winter, requires special attention.

Although the variety has a number of other advantages, among which a quick
growth and ability to bear fruit on any soil. Unlike
domestic varieties, the Czech apple tree is successfully developing and
enters fructification even on heavy soil.

In addition, the apple tree is rarely affected by scab, which is
indisputable value of the variety.

What does a tree look like

The apple tree has received the distribution thanks to flavoring
qualities of fruits and their mass. Cultivated Czech breeders in
1970 based on the well-known varieties “Golden Delicious” and “Rennet
Orange Cox.

Immediately it is worth making a reservation that the apple of this variety is compact and
low, it refers to stunted species. Height depends on
rootstock, the average tree grows up to 2.5-3 m. If the seedling was
grafted onto a dwarf stock, you get a more compact form
plants. Often middle-grade varieties are used as stock,
then the adult apple tree reaches 5 m, but enters fruiting
later. However, such a tree can be grown in a harsh climate, it
easier to freeze.

branches are located around the trunk at an angle of 50 °, which makes the crown
oval shape. Side shoots are underdeveloped, which facilitates the process
leaving, the krone does not need frequent molding, remains rarefied
for a long time.

Fruiting begins 3-4 years after planting, flowering
starts in the middle of spring, goes together. The flowers are white with
light pink shade. During the flowering period the tree is completely covered
buds, but the fruits are tied only by 30%. To start
more fruit in the garden will require varieties of pollinators, as the variety
The champion apple tree is self-productive. The best
pollinator varieties:

– Pilot;

– Spartan;

– Gala;

– Florina;

– Lobo;

– Teremok;

– Idared.

Following this rule, it is possible to collect up to 25 kg of apples and one

Appearance of Champion apples: photos and main ones

The fruits have high product characteristics, therefore
Trees are often grown commercially.

The apples are round, leveled, very large. Weight of one
reaches 200 gr. They are covered with yellow, thin, but dense skin.
The entire surface is colored red-orange blush. Pulp medium
density, creamy, very juicy and aromatic. The taste is sweet and sour,
dessert type.

The quality of the bed is good. The crop retains its presentation in
within 2 month after collection. Extend shelf life will help
cold store, where the fruits are up to 5 months. Fruit picking
carried out in the stage of technical ripeness, when the apples purchased
yellow-green color. Blush appears in the process of ripening.

Variety refers to the autumn, the harvest is ripening in mid-September.
Times may vary in different regions. Experienced gardeners advise
do not perederzhivat fruits on the branches, as ripe apples often
they fall and deteriorate, the presentation deteriorates. But on a young tree
this rarely happens.

Varieties of Champion apples with photos

The variety has two varieties. Externally, trees are like
maternal variety, but fruit color and flavor characteristics

Apples “Champion Renault” have a richer taste and
intense red color.

Fruits “Champion Arno” are sweeter, their flesh is more friable, color
apples are bright red.

Features of planting apple varieties “Champion”

So that the fruits meet all the declared characteristics,
Apple tree needs to be planted in due form.

First of all, a well-lit place is selected for seedlings.
If landing is planned in an ordinary way, the ridges are located with
north to south. This way, the fruits will get more sunlight
will get a beautiful blush. The place must be protected from cold
winds, with low ground water. Landing on the marsh
plots not allowed.

Suitable for planting young trees with open or closed
root system. Teach that seedlings with an earthy ball are planted
throughout the season, but trees with an open system
only in early spring or autumn.

Tip! Landing is better in the central part of the country
spend in the spring, bought in the fall seedlings stored for
winters in a cold basement or dripping in the garden.

Landing rules

Planting pits are prepared in the fall. If the weather does not allow, then
in the spring, not later than a week before the intended landing. Land
should well settle down

1. The top layer of soil is removed, mixed with mineral
fertilizers, humus and peat. Fertilizers with high content
nitrogen is not used.

2. The pits are filled and left to shrink.

3. Seedling set in the hole, straighten the roots and sprinkle
by land. The root neck and inoculation site is not deepened. Otherwise
A tree may die.

4. The trunk is pressed and watered well, from above
Mulch with peat or straw.

After such a planting, the apple tree will please the fruits in 2-3
of the year.

How to take care of the champion apple: features
top dressing of a grade, competent cutting

Caring for this variety of apple is different. To stable
to get good yields, you’ll have to comply with agricultural practices.

Watering and feeding the seedling

Apple “Champion” refers to the drought-resistant species, therefore
often do not need to water it. If summer is rainy, then
it is enough to wet the ground well several times a season.

Cold water should not be used for irrigation. Delta
temperature at the roots leads to various diseases. It is better
moisten the soil with warm water.

In the spring it is useful to make granular fertilizers in the basal
зону, где располагаются поверхностные корни plants.
Additional feeding at this time will not prevent them. At the beginning
vegetation granules should contain more nitrogen. And after
switch to phosphate-potash fertilizers.

At the end of the summer they make additional feeding on the leaf, applying phosphoric
solutions. This will save the crop from damage during storage. Useful in
for the purpose of prevention, liming the soil.

Pruning for higher yields

After planting, the apple trees quickly start growing, but after the first
fruiting shoots weaken. To stimulate education
ovaries, further need pruning.

The specificity of trimming is to cut the crown. On the tree
leave branches no older than 3 years. One-year shoots without generative
kidneys cut out. They grow poorly, slow down the growing season

it will be good to bear fruit if the young shoots run out
bud, their growth is at least 30 cm. Do not leave weak,
old or growing at a sharp angle branches.

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