Apples of a grade of “Fuji”: a photo, the characteristic,advantages and disadvantages. Features of growing Fuji apples:care

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Fuji apples are imported from Japan. AT начале их
grown only in the southern regions of the country, but today the variety with
Success bred in the middle lane. And it is quite
not difficult!

The origin of Fuji apples and a detailed description

Fruits with an exotic name were obtained as a result
cross breeding of two varieties “Red Delicious” and “Rolls Janet”. Japanese
breeders have ensured that the hybrid inherited the best qualities
from their parents. Apples are sweet and large.
sizes. There are legends about the beauty of the tree.

The apple tree is different in its power of growth, if it is not limited, then
the height of an adult tree reaches 6 m. Crohn forms quickly,
therefore, it must be trimmed. It will help grow a tree with
spherical crown shape.

The tree trunk is powerful, the bark is light brown with a gray tinge.
Young shoots smooth, shiny. Apple leaves pointed at
The ends, slightly pubescent, characteristic green color.

The variety is considered to be winter, the fruits ripen only in mid-autumn,
therefore, cleaning is carried out not earlier than October. Flowering tree
Begins at the end of May, when there is no threat of return frost.
Fruits tied well, which practically does not depend on weather
conditions Apple tree in a year.

Для стабильного урожая в саду необходимо иметь varieties

• Golden;

• Everest;

• Red Delicious;

• Ligol.

Although this variety is a good pollinator for apple trees with
late fruiting.

Today, the apple tree has good winter hardiness and resistance.
to drought, but is often affected by fungal diseases and
pests. Selection work with a variety to improve these
indicators are still ongoing. Apple tree has a few
varieties, but they are similar. This is Fuji Kiku and
�Fujik. The first hybrid bred in Italy, and the second in the Krasnodar

Description of fruits and their storage rules

Яблоки «Фуджи» и их гибридные varieties славятся медовым вкусом и
aroma. The fruits are quite large, more than 200 grams each. Have them
attractive appearance, rounded shape, aligned. Fruit color
yellow, in the process of maturation a red blush appears on them,
which takes up more than half of the fruit. The flesh is quite juicy,
cream colored, aromatic.

ATкус плодов способен меняться в процессе хранения. Initially
apples get a sweet and sour taste, but after a month of storage
become honey, sourness disappears.

The variety “Fuji” is attractive from a commercial point of view. Fruit
well tolerated transportation, long retain marketable. With
proper conditions do not deteriorate until 4 months, sometimes persist until
next season. To prolong the shelf life of apples helps dry and
cold room.

Apples are suitable for fresh consumption, as a dietary
power supply. They withstand heat treatment, do not lose their properties,
suitable for baking, making pies, jams and other

Достоинства и недостатки блок varieties «Фуджи»

Среди достоинств varieties выделяется его урожайность и вес плодов.
Good product and taste characteristics. As well as the ability
adapt quickly to a new climate and growing region.

Without drawbacks not done:

• Apple tree requires the formation of a crown and the rationing of the crop;

• has low resistance to diseases and pests;

• periodic fruiting;

• the first harvest does not match the declared characteristics.

But, despite the shortcomings, the variety has gained popularity and
grown on an industrial scale.

Рекомендации по landing яблок «Фуджи» и care за сортом

AT южных регионах страны с выращиванием саженцев нет проблем, там
always enough sun. But the rest of gardeners useful to know
where it is better to plant a tree.

Яблоня этого varieties предпочитает расти на хорошо освещенных
areas where fruits are poured and acquire a characteristic color.
ATысаживать саженцы в затененных участках сада не рекомендуется, от
this affects the productivity of the tree. The crop is not so juicy and
delicious. Under the landing, take the south side of the site, well
protected from the wind.

The soil on the site must be fertile, on poor soil
the tree is developing poorly, the root system is fragile.
Enrich the soil will help humus, peat or manure. They make
in the fall under the digging. Besides, стоит учитывать глубину залегания
groundwater. Apple root system does not tolerate close
neighborhood with water.

ATысаживают подготовленные саженцы поздней осенью или ранней
in the spring, until sap flow began. Pit do in size
root system, the bottom is well drained.

Как правильно подготовить саженцы яблок varieties «Фуджи» к

For planting use young biennial seedlings. Them in advance
prepare, inspect the root system and evaluate the external
state. Young trees are subject to diseases, therefore
ignore the preparation stage is not worth it.

The root system must be well developed, without visible
growths, dry areas and damage. ATсе подозрительные the roots
cut off. Before planting the seedlings are soaked in water with the addition of
drugs rooting for at least a day. On the day of planting prepare
1% раствор медного купороса, опускают туда the roots и выдерживают 3-4
min, then washed sapling under running water and

If the planting was carried out in the fall, then the young trees are worth
protect from upcoming frost. For this trunk spud
ground to a height of 30 cm, splayed with spruce leaves or dry leaves. AT
In regions with severe winters, it is advisable to cover the crown of the tree.

ATесной укрытие снимают, рыхлят приствольный круг и вносят
mineral fertilizers.

How to properly care for the variety “Fuji” to harvest apples

A good harvest of apples can be harvested if the tree grows
young shoots. How to help seedlings grow properly?

It is worth paying attention to dressing.

From the third year of cultivation, fertilizers are applied according to the following scheme:

• in the spring – nitrogen mixtures;

• after harvesting – phosphorus-potassium compounds and manure.

Autumn fertilizers accelerate development processes, contribute to
ripening of shoots, increase the winter resistance of seedlings.

Good results gives the rationing of the harvest. It can
carry out manually if the tree is young or mechanically.
It is necessary to remove all the extra ovary, so as not to overload the apple tree. Between
ovaries must remain at least 10 cm. Mechanical
rationing of fruits is carried out as follows: branches shake strongly, all weak
ovaries fall off. This technique improves the quality of the fruit, contributes to
high yield.

Do not forget about the formation of the crown. The procedure is carried out according to
generally accepted recommendations, specific differences from other varieties

Fight against diseases and pests

The variety is extremely resistant to diseases, so preventive
treatments will go to his advantage.

Before the buds swell, wood is treated with nitrophene, which
allows you to destroy eggs overwintered pests. Besides,
This treatment prevents the appearance of scab.

As soon as the buds have dissolved, they spray 3% of Bordeaux.
fluid. This drug saves from a number of fungal diseases.

After flowering, young trees are sprayed with a solution of urea.
This treatment acts as a feed, helps to increase
immunity, promotes active growth of foliage and shoots.

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