Anna: minus 12 kg in 2 months with Xenical

I got -12 kg for 2 months, and ate my favorite
marshmallow and not very strictly adhered to a diet, adhered only
separate meals and 2 times a day took Xenical, fitness is not
I am engaged, on a photo the trainer of the husband, I do not run, but I go with a dog
every day for 2 hours at an average pace.

First, the volumes began to leave, especially the abdomen and thighs, and then kg.
disappeared. By and large, Xenical is a banquet pill if
overeat it is better to take it. I have been holding my 62 kg for a year,
before this did not succeed, although I tried a lot. Before
I took two weeks of starving on one green tea and out of
hunger 2 weeks. For this month, the result is -14 kg, but then
returned all kg and captured comrades, now only separate
food, there are breakdowns, but not fatal.

I advise everyone Xenical + some healthy food system,
which suits you. What do those who are not helped by Xenical eat, I know
I cannot, therefore, I cannot objectively evaluate. I’m to my
the result was serious.

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