Angelina Jolie’s diet for 7 days

  • 1 Simple diet Angelina Jolie for weight loss
    • 1.1 Principles of nutrition
    • 1.2 Menu for the week
  • 2 Liquid diet
  • 3 Grain Diet
  • 4 Raw foods

Angelina Jolie – a popular and successful actress, model,
screenwriter, film director, as well as the UN Goodwill Ambassador. Besides all
her merits, Angelina Jolie is just a gorgeous woman, striking
its beauty, grace, article and stunning figure. For
maintaining their form, the actress has often had to resort to
diets that are impressive in their effectiveness.


Angelina Jolie’s simple diet for weight loss

The actress is striking in its slimness. With a growth of 170 centimeters
Angelina Jolie weighs less than 50 kilograms. Even after pregnancy
and the birth Hollywood celebrity very quickly returned to
excellent shape, admiring their fans with aspen waist,
elegance and slimness. Angelina Jolie used several
various diets for weight loss, which combine effective and
quick results. The diet of the actress is complemented by intense training,
including yoga at various stages, Thai boxing.

Principles of nutrition

Principles of nutrition на диете Angelina Jolie:

  • Fractional diet (4-6 times a day) small
  • The daily ration involves the use of significant
    amounts of non-carbonated mineral water;
  • Compliance with the proportions of fat, protein, carbohydrates. Share increase
    proteins in the diet with reduced fat;
  • Exception baking, sweets, flour, sugar;
  • Refusal of greasy, fried, smoked food;
  • The use of large quantities of fruits, vegetables, cereals;
  • In the diet allowed lean fish, seafood, turkey,
    chicken breast;
  • Dishes are recommended to be used in boiled, stewed, baked
    as steamed or grilled;
  • Regular exercise, sports;
  • The exit at the end of the Angelina Jolie diet should be
    gradual with a gradual increase in daily calories over
    three, seven days.

Menu for the week

Angelina Jolie’s nuclear diet is extremely effective,
allowing in a two-day row to lose weight extra.

The diet on these two days is mostly special.

  • five grams of cayenne pepper;
  • twenty grams of honey;
  • 0.4 liters of freshly squeezed lemon juice;
  • one and a half liters of mineral water without gas;
  • mix, drink all day.

Another famous compound includes:

  • a couple of art. spoons of maple syrup;
  • cayenne pepper five grams;
  • juice of one lemon;
  • liter of non-carbonated mineral water;
  • mix, drink 0.2 l at two-hour intervals.

Дневная норма коктейля  во время диеты 1,5 литра. AT
intervals, you can drink water, and at night a decoction with laxative

Angelina Jolie’s main power system is based on
снижении количества жира в рационе
, оптимизации
the ratio of carbohydrates and proteins. The amount of complex carbohydrates should
be three times more protein. Carbohydrates in the diet diet are
source of energy, and protein is aimed at maintaining muscle. Such
food allows you to combine sports, creative, physical activity,
lose weight, and then save the achieved result.

Menu for the week от Анджелины Джоли (завтрак, перекус,
lunch, afternoon snack, dinner):


  • crushed wheat fifty grams, 0.2 liters low fat
  • mashed up from sixty grams of strawberry, banana, one pancake, egg
    soft boiled down;
  • 200 grams of grilled salmon with 50 grams of green peas, cress
  • orange juice with muesli bar;
  • baked chicken breast with tomatoes, seasoned with juice
    lemon, sixty grams of black currant, 0.1 kg of potatoes


  • on sixty grams of the ground apple and muesli, 0.2 liters
    маложирного milk;
  • grilled tomato with toast, forty grams of low-fat cheese
  • 0.125 kg of baked flounder, one hundred and ninety grams of pasta,
    seasoned with tomato sauce, half a grapefruit;
  • a piece of bread with honey, melted cheese;
  • 140 grams of low-fat steak on the grill, green salad, vegetables with
    fruits 0.125 kg.


  • зерновая каша, 0,2 литра маложирного milk;
  • boiled fish 0.075 kg, a piece of 25 grams of grain bread, 0.075
    kg of grapes;
  • 0.075 kg boiled chicken fillet with 175 grams of broccoli
    a pair, 0.075 kg of mandarins;
  • three soft cheese crackers 0.115 kg;
  • baked halibut fillet, tomatoes, mushrooms, watercress with
    low-fat salad dressing.


  • a cocktail of 0.35 liters of low-fat milk with 60 grams of raspberry,
    80 grams of banana;
  • an apple, a slice of grain bread, boiled beans 0.125 kg;
  • 0.125 kg of king prawns from 0.05 kg of boiled rice,
    greens, a mixture of vegetables, 0.125 kg of strawberries;
  • pear, a pair of coarse flour cookies, hard cheese 0.025 kg;
  • low-fat pork cutlets 0.075 kg, a couple of grilled tomatoes,
    0.125 kg of boiled cauliflower.


  • пятьдесят граммов хлопьев, 0,2 литра маложирного milk;
  • dried piece of bread, grilled tomato, scrambled eggs from a pair
  • 0.125 kg of steam trout with 75 grams of spaghetti, pesto sauce,
    apple green salad;
  • banana with muesli bar;
  • lean boiled meat 0.125 kg, a couple of stewed peaches, vegetable
    mix on 0,025 kg of carrots, corn, green peas.


  • boiled egg, one toast from rye bread, fruit salad,
    a glass of mineral water without gas, a cup of caffeine-free coffee;
  • fruit cutting;
  • toast with boiled turkey fillet, salad, orange juice;
  • nonfat yogurt with a handful of almonds;
  • Boiled chicken breast with vegetable salad.


  • каша злаковая, 0,2 литра маложирного milk;
  • second slice of grain bread, boiled egg, smoothie glass
  • 0.15 kg steamed low-fat fish fillets, mixed vegetable and olive
    oil tsp;
  • orange juice with a pair of galettes;
  • 0.1 kg of baked chicken fillet, vegetable salad.

The actress uses this diet every six months.

Liquid diet

Liquid diet Анджелины Джоли заключается в том, что через каждые
two hours should take any liquid:

  • non carbonated mineral water;
  • soup puree;
  • herbal infusions;
  • freshly squeezed juices;
  • lean meat, vegetable broths;
  • not sweet tea, coffee, fruit drinks, compotes;
  • skimmed milk, fermented milk products.

Despite its effectiveness, this diet after prolonged
compliance only worsened the health of Angelina Jolie, so
It is recommended to follow it no more than 3 days with weight loss up to 3

Liquid diet Анджелины Джоли (пример дневного

  • infusion of oat flakes;
  • a glass of vegetable broth;
  • fruit juice three times diluted with water;
  • milk glass;
  • decoction of berries;
  • a glass of meat broth;
  • two-to-one diluted vegetable juice;
  • decoction of vegetables;
  • kefir glass.

During the day you should drink five servings of hot water of 0.25 l.

Cereal diet

Cereal diet Анджелины Джоли позволяет похудеть на 3-4 kg
Lasts only one week. Repeat grain diet
should be no earlier than six months after the end of the previous one.
AT течение дня необходимо выпивать не менее 1,5 литров очищенной
water without gas.

The basis of grain nutrition Angelina Jolie –

  • rice
  • wheat;
  • buckwheat
  • millet;
  • oatmeal;
  • barley.

At night, two hundred grams of cereal is poured with boiling water, tightly
Close the container with a lid. For lunch you need to eat vegetable
soup without meat.

Nutrition supplement as snacking:

  • grapefruit;
  • an Apple;
  • orange;
  • low-fat dairy products.

Исключены при зерновой диете от Анджелины
сахар, масло, соль, алкоголь.

Raw foods

Angelina Jolie’s diet – raw foods is to eat
food raw. Heat treatment of products is excluded. AT меню
dominated: vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, nuts, cereals, and
dairy and dairy products of low fat content. Respecting
диету «Raw foods» по методу Анджелины Джоли можно похудеть за
месяц на 5-10 kg

Примерное меню на один день по диете «Raw foods»
Angelina Jolie: 

  • Breakfast – fruit salad with low-fat yogurt, freshly squeezed
    the juice;
  • Lunch – soup made from zucchini, a piece of hard cheese;
  • Safe, – pine nuts, almonds;
  • Ужин — обезжиренный творог с сухофруктами.

Рецепт суп-пюре из кабачков от Анджелины

  • chop a blender 0.35 kg zucchini, a bunch of basil, 0.1 kg
    peeled nuts;
  • add half a liter of water;
  • we fill with lemon juice, olive oil.

Рецепт томатного супа от Angelina Jolie:

  • blender grind carrots, 0.25 kg of tomatoes, a couple
  • we mix;
  • diluted with water;
  • refilled with olive oil.

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