American diet

amerikanskaya-dietaNo one who has ever been to America
doubts: the diet of many people in this country is simply vital
is needed.

No wonder that on the Internet you can find many
materials on the so-called American diet.

It is worth noting that in many respects, it is based on recommendations
professional nutritionists for whom
This country opens a very extensive field of activity and

Nothing new, in fact, such a diet does not offer. And founded
she’s on the well-known principle that breakfast can be quite
to consume yourself, to have a friend for lunch, and for dinner –
take care of the presence of an enemy at his table who will receive
this very dinner is complete.

This food option has received the name Dinner from Americans.
Canceling, or easier – the cancellation of dinner. Sometimes this technique
presented under the name “Dinner minus”. She gained popularity
not only in the States, but also in old Europe where in most countries
The situation with obesity is also beginning to gain momentum.


What is the main essence of the American diet?

So, the main stumbling block is dinner. It is assumed that
if you want to lose a few extra pounds, and even more so
get rid of obesity, about dinner you have to just forget.

It is considered that the diet is suitable for people with the most
diverse lifestyle, including active. I.e,
Both businessmen and housewives can sit on it. Besides, it is worth
remember the obvious advantage: you will not have to buy food for dinner,
thanks to which a decent saving of the family budget will be achieved.
In addition, there is no need to spend time on its preparation either –
one more plus. What exactly are the rules “dinner

There are four basic rules, here they are:

1. Для нормальной жизнедеятельности организма, с пищей в
He must receive the necessary vitamins and trace elements.

2. Очень важно ответственно выбирать продукты, которые вы
will eat. They should be of high quality and, if possible,

3. На время диеты от fatов придется полностью отказаться
– they have only a negative effect on the body.

4. В организме должен постоянно соблюдаться оптимальный
water balance, therefore, water reserves need to be regularly
to fill up.

The convenience of such a diet is that it does not imply
hard constraints. Allowed even sweet, flour and potatoes
free. The main thing that these and similar products were used in
breakfast time. In general, for breakfast you can eat anything. BUT
Now come to dinner more closely, because dinner will not be, and
vitamins and energy of the body should be enough until the next

With the help of the American diet you can really get
desired shape. Especially because you do not have to scrupulously
count calories, or fanatically deny yourself your loved ones

At the same time, goals in front of you need to set real ones. And think
that not everyone can achieve the notorious model
parameters. It is much more important to maintain good health, mood and

Eating should remain a pleasure – but not the main thing
of life. BUT оптимистичный настрой и отсутствия ощущения, что вы себе
you deny everything, will be an excellent background for a successful loss

Также интересно узнать: «BUTнглийская диета».

The downside is that the results will not be immediately noticeable. But
in fact, as experts say, this is not a minus at all, but
a very plus, because the faster kilograms disappear, the
the faster they usually return.

Перед нами, по сути, не диета, а изменение образа of life.
Following the rules of the “dinner minus” system for quite a long time.
time, you can not worry: the results will be required.

BUT в качестве постоянного стимула, можно отыскать в шкафу старую
a skirt or pants that you have long been unable to climb into, and
place them so that they are always in sight. You
be sure to be able to put them on again – and perhaps much sooner
what do you expect.

This will make the American diet more effective:

  • During the diet after 17 hours no food is allowed,
    you can drink only water
  • Water should be drunk in sufficiently large quantities over
    all day, it will clear the body of recycled substances
    and toxins
  • If you ate too much during breakfast or lunch
    fat, it is better to eat a little pineapple as a dessert or
    grapefruit – these products are known for their ability to “burn”
  • Preference should be given to fresh products, rather than containing
    a large number of dyes and preservatives.

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