All about pear dressing: how and whendo. How to feed a pear in the spring for growth and harvest

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In almost every garden pears are grown. To receive
a good harvest tree needs care and dressing. Task
each gardener – to figure out what and when to feed

Feeding according to all the rules

Only proper fertilization replenishes nutrients.
tree reserves and does not harm its health. Seasoned gardeners advise
feed regularly, which makes it possible to collect
stable yield.

Some gardeners do not fertilize under fruit trees,
if they are grown on fertile soil. This is fundamentally wrong!
Each soil is depleted over time, the supply of nutrients
going down. It is necessary to feed a tree, otherwise lack of useful
substances will affect fruiting.

On this basis, the first feeding of the pear must be done more
before landing. How? Before planting the seedlings are processed
soil, make mineral fertilizers and dig up well. AT
Further nutrient supplements are carried out twice a season.
As a rule, this is done in autumn and spring.

Why feed a pear in the fall?

Autumn feeding of fruit trees is carried out in the zone
wheel circle. It allows the tree to stock all the necessary
nutrients for long wintering. This dressing do
after harvest, when the leaves on the tree turned yellow more than
thirty%. Young seedlings feed on a different technology. Fertilizers
make a digging.

ATажно! Feeding trees begin with
second year of cultivation.

Young pears do not need additional nutrition if they were
pre-treatment of the soil was done, and the pit was filled
fertilizers in due form. Nutrient reserve should
enough for a tree for two years.

How to feed a pear orchard in the fall?

AT осенний период подкормка должна насытить дерево перед зимой,
but do not cause rapid growth. Therefore, the use of nitrogen-containing mixtures
during this period is contraindicated. Pears are usually fertilized in autumn.
minerals. Of them prepare nutrient solutions
that water the tree.

The recipe of mineral dressing №1

• Potassium chloride – 1 tbsp. l;

• Superphosphate – 2 tbsp. l;

• ATода — 10 литров.

ATсе компоненты смешиваются в воде, готовым раствором проводят
watering pears

Tip! ATнесите под осеннюю перекопку 150 гр
ash per 1 square. m. of soil. Pear is very responsive to such

AT осенний период важны подкормки комплексными минеральными

Recipe for complex feeding №2

• Urea – 1 tbsp. l;

• Superphosphate – 2 tbsp. l;

• Phosphate flour – 1.5 tbsp. l;

• Potassium sulfate – 1 tbsp. l;

• Potassium chloride – 1 tbsp. l;

• Wood ash – 500 gr;

• Ammofosk – 3 tbsp. l

Experienced gardeners use peat and humus as autumn.
top dressing. Winter mulching of the tree circle with organic matter
only preserves the root system of the tree, but also feeds it. Thickness
The mulch layer must be at least 15 cm.

AT конце лета можно провести внекорневую подкормку деревьев. She is
will help the wood to mature well and lay new buds for
future harvest. AT этих целях применяют препараты калия и

Осенние подкормки сада очень важны, но
An excess of nutrients is just as harmful as their lack.
ATсе вещества в смесях нужно сбалансировать. Calculating fertilizer make
based on the area of ​​nutrition and the root system of the tree. At saplings from
1 to 4 years nutrition area not more than 5 square meters. m. In trees up to 8 years
area increases to 10 square meters. m

How to fertilize a pear in the spring?

With the onset of warm days a gardener has many tasks.
Waking trees need additional nourishment and
stock replenishment. AT этот период удобрения вносят как в жидком,
and in granular form.

If spring is rainy, then nutrients should be added under
reforging. Гранулы заделывают на глубину не более 10 сm Сухие
weather conditions oblige the grower to prepare nutritious
растворы, которыми проводят корневые и внекорневые top dressing.

ATесенние подкормки проводят в несколько

• before bud break;

• before flowering;

• after flowering;

At different stages of tree development, he needs different
top dressing.

How to feed a pear in the spring?

The first feeding is carried out with nitrogenous fertilizers, which
promote active growth of young shoots. Good
proved urea, saltpeter, chicken droppings.

Recipes of the first spring dressings

1. 2 tbsp. l nitre diluted in 10 liters of water. The solution is used
for root dressings of fruit trees.

2. 100 grams of urea is diluted in 5 liters of water. Nutritional mixture
designed for one tree.

3. 500 grams of chicken manure diluted in a bucket of warm water and give
stand for about a day. This solution is watered basal zone.

AT период после цветения груша нуждается в подкормках,
which improve the quality of the fruit.
AT этот период применяют
зеленые удобрения, которые заделывают на глубину до 10 сm Кроме
In addition, it is useful to feed the tree with nitroammofoskoy. She is bred with
water in the ratio of 1: 200, i.e. 200 liters of water need 1 kg
drug. Pear watered with a solution at the rate of 3 buckets on one

When the fruit is tied, the pear is fertilized.
phosphorus-potassium mixtures.
Lack of these elements
leads to the fact that the ovaries shrink, fall off, and the leaves lose
coloring. If the spring is cold, it is helpful to spray
which have a positive effect on plants. The fact is that in
cold, rainy weather, the roots no longer absorb useful
substances from the soil. You can help the plant with foliar

Experienced Gardeners Tips

• ATносить органику под грушу необходимо регулярно, как правило,
this is done every three years.

• Do not apply different types of fertilizer at the same time. For each
сезона разработаны свои top dressing. If you do not stick to this
rules, you get a burn of the root system, which will lead to death

• When planting pear seedlings, only mineral
fertilizer. The addition of potassium or nitrogen preparations leads to
root damage.

• It is possible to determine which element is missing from a tree.

• Nitrogen deficiency is indicated by underdeveloped and faded leaves.

• Excess nitrogen in the soil leads to a decrease in winter hardiness
tree, poor bark aging.

• AT середине сентября заканчивают все подкормки с применением
nitrogen preparations.

• Flower buds are not laid and flowering is late? it
говорит о недостатке phosphorus.

• Lack of potassium appears on the leaves, they dry quickly and

• Leaf spotting indicates a lack of calcium in the soil. Under
pear regularly contribute ash.

• Ash solution is used as foliar fertilizing pears,
that not only feeds the tree, but also helps in the fight against harmful

• Liquid organic fertilizers are used only after
fermentation. Chicken droppings, manure insist at least 5 days.

No matter how useful fertilizing, their use is justified,
only if it is necessary. The gardener’s main task is right
use fertilizers and apply them carefully. Surplus
nutrients leads to diseases and affects

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