Air squats – technology for anyonelevel

vozdushnye-prisedaniyaSquatting without weight is one of
best movements. Performing air squats, technique plays
key role, and its development directly determines the effectiveness
total exercise.

Many people do squats with the wrong weight,
neglecting the technique. It does not allow to develop stretch and give
feet, because for many athletes even
squatting to the parallel is very difficult. Insufficient
flexibility leads to the transfer of weight on the socks, excessive load on
spine, lower back and knees.

Air squats are a simple and effective way
only eliminate muscle imbalance, but also perfect master
equipment that will become a springboard for working with a large weight in


Advantages and technique of air squats

In many complex complexes in the functional training you can
see the presence of air squats. This is a universal movement,
which is suitable for both cardio and strength training.
Among the main advantages of such squats are:

  • Suitable for beginners and do not require prior
  • Can be performed anywhere without any
  • They develop not only the legs, but also the shoulders, the back and the muscles of the cortex;
  • Squatting is as functional and fit as possible.
    daily life movement;
  • You can vary the load by choosing the pace of the air
    squats and the number of repetitions in the approach;
  • There is no risk of injury.

Mastering the correct air squat technique will allow
to progress much faster when working with weight and protect against
possible injury in the future. Simple movement will help
develop the necessary flexibility and mobility of joints, thanks to
которой приседания гораздо ниже level параллели будут даваться без
special problems.

The correct execution technique is as follows:

1. Поставьте ноги чуть шире level бедер и встаньте на полную
foot Hands relax and lower down;

2. Tighten the abdominal muscles, push the chest forward and flatten
shoulder blades;

3. Slowly bend your knees, simultaneously lift your hip and
buttocks back as if sitting on a chair. Distribute body weight
on the whole foot;

4. Go down until the hips are parallel.
the floor. Your knees should not look inwards; they should be straight.
and a little to the side;

5. The back should remain flat throughout the movement.
Во время приседания поднимайте руки перед собой, но не выше level
shoulders. Keep a slight bend in the elbow;

6. Stand in the starting position, simultaneously lowering your arms and
straightening your knees.

In addition, there are several important rules to note.
play a key role in mastering the right technique:

  • Lean on the whole foot, while push off with the heel, and not
    toes (bending the toes – a technique that will help better
    learn the correct emphasis);
  • Your knees should not go beyond the level of the big toe, this
    will shift the center of gravity and lead to an increased load on
  • Feet need a little turn to the sides, it will allow better
    keep balance and evenly load all the muscles of the legs;
  • During the whole movement it is necessary to keep the voltage in
    muscles of the buttocks, back and bark muscles;
  • Всегда старайтесь приседать ниже level параллели.

The peculiarity of air squats is that they
allow you to significantly change the shape of the legs, improving the quality of muscles and
reducing the fat layer. You can perform any number
squats – 20, 40 or even 100, but remember that the correct
Technology must always be a priority. Only so exercise will be
most useful and effective.

How to complicate the technique of air squats?

Use the following techniques to diversify it.
or complicate:

  • Adding jump – after squatting, get up powerful
    move and at the top point make the maximum jump up.
    It is very important to land on the legs with slightly bent knees in order to
    avoid possible injury;
  • Partial squatting at a 45 degree angle is ideal
    for those recovering from injury. Do not squat
    до параллели бедра с полом, а до level в 45 градусов. Gradually
    increase the angle to full recovery;
  • Use prison squats – the main difference is
    hand position. They must be brought together at the back of the head to
    complicate the load;
  • Приседания с весом – варьируйте вес в зависимости от level
    physical training.

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