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Чт, 19 май 2016 Автор: Ольга Затевахина

Bath – not just a means of hygiene.

It heals the soul, cleanses the body from the inside, gives a feeling
relief and washes away all the accumulated negative, has a special

Even city dwellers living in comfortable apartments with showers and
the bathroom, can not afford to refuse to steam with a broom
in the Russian bath.

Nevertheless, pregnant women are often warned that in the bath they
can not walk.

Is it possible to pregnant women in the bath or a ban on it is another
prejudice, not having a scientific justification?

Is it possible for pregnant women to go to the bath: how can this be dangerous?

The main danger bath is fraught for pregnant women in the first and
last trimester.

В первом триместре женщинам категорически
prohibited any unnecessary stress on the body. At this time in women
temperature may rise slightly, heartbeat quickens and
global hormonal changes are occurring. Parallel inside
future mom with lightning speed is still developing completely
tiny baby. He lays down all major systems.
organism and any excitement or adverse effect on
Mom’s body can stop the development process.

Bath in this period – the strongest irritant. High
temperature, especially when combined with a natural increase
body temperature of the pregnant, can cause overheating, provoke
increased pressure and bleeding. All this can lead to
abortion at an early period. Gynecologists not
associate such miscarriages directly with a visit to the bath, considering
that the gestation period up to 12 weeks is in principle very dangerous and often
the slightest deviations in fetal development end in interruption
pregnancy for natural reasons. However, it is noted that
a bath visit can trigger this process just like any other
other excessive load, therefore, it is recommended to refrain from
some time.

Второй триместр является относительно
calm, not having serious limitations, so pregnant
you can go to the bath, remembering your position and adequately loading
your body.

Третий триместр для организма беременной
in general is very difficult not only because of the grown belly. TO
28th week the volume of blood of the pregnant woman increases to the maximum
level, therefore, the load on the heart and blood vessels
increases at times. If in such conditions also visit the hot
the bath, then it can provoke preeclampsia, discharge of water, detachment
placenta and preterm labor. Even pregnant on
term, when childbirth by itself no longer threatens health
child, in no case can not provoke with the help of a bath
generic activity. This can lead to unpredictable reactions.
the body, severe bleeding, increased pressure and run out
emergency caesarean section to save the puerperal and her

Can pregnant women in the bath: what to do if very
I want to?

First of all, before visiting the bath, a woman in the position of need
consult with your gynecologist who leads
pregnancy. Only a doctor will be able to adequately assess the risks and say
whether pregnant to bath or not. If your gynecologist thinks
that the bath in your particular case does not bring harm, then you can
go, remembering elementary caution:

• do not get carried away with too hot bath (up to 80 degrees);

• do not stay in the bath for too long (no more than 10 minutes);

• cover the head with a towel or a special cap;

• monitor your condition and heartbeat;

• do not climb onto the top shelf to avoid loss
balance and fall;

• do not douche with ice water, it is better to have some rest after
steam rooms and take a shower with warm or slightly cool water.

If you follow these rules and do not neglect your
feeling well, then visiting the bath, you can ease the period
childbearing and upcoming childbirth.

• Bath helps to strengthen the immune system, prevents the development
infectious diseases, trains cardiovascular and
respiratory systems that are experiencing a colossal

• Hot humid air helps prevent varicose veins.
varicose veins. Here you can not confuse the bath and sauna, as dry
air with varicose veins, on the contrary, is a contraindication.
Pregnant when visiting the bath should be remembered that it is impossible
Specially soar the legs, dropping them into the basin with hot water.

• The beneficial effect of the bath on blood vessels increases
endurance of women, increasing the pain threshold, teaches to relax.
Consequently, women who regularly visited the bath before and during
pregnancy, much less discomfort during childbirth,
than if they did not.

• In the warm humid atmosphere of the bath all the muscles of the pregnant woman, including
including uterus, relax, reduced general tension and fatigue.
At this time, it would be nice to remember your feelings and try
tune in to the same wave during childbirth. This will make
generic activity more efficient and less painful.

Regardless of the experience of a pregnant woman in the bath is better to visit her in
the presence of a person capable of helping with the occurrence
unforeseen situation (increase / decrease in pressure, syncope,

TOатегорически нельзя посещать баню при:

• the risk of abortion;

• increased pressure;

• viral or infectious diseases;

• identification of gynecological diseases;

• elevated body temperature.

It is possible in the bath if the pregnancy is only planned?

Famous obstetricians and gynecologists not only prohibit visiting
baths during pregnancy planning, but also recommend doing
this is twice a week in the first half of the cycle.

Bath, along with a healthy diet and adequate physical
loads cleanses the body of toxins, relieves the skin from
dead cells, thereby stimulating the improvement of metabolism,
thanks to the renewal and rejuvenation of tissues, it expands the blood
vessels, trains the heart, relieves tension in the nervous system.

All this allows women to get rid of obsessive thoughts about
pregnancy, improve the body and prepare it for carrying

In the second half of the cycle it is recommended to reduce the intensity and
the duration of visits and the temperature in the steam room, that is, to behave
as if pregnancy had already come.

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