Age to hide will help – hand skin carescience. Regular hand care keeps you youngfor a long time

Ср, 25 май 2016 Автор: Людмила Благовисная

You can never hide your age if you don’t look after
do it yourself

Hands and neck are the main areas that are aging first,
therefore, hand and neck care should be started much earlier.
face manipulation.

After all, the skin of the face and around the eyes can be restored with
plastics, and hands are deprived of such privileges.

Causes of rapid aging of the skin of the hands

The skin on the hands is practically devoid of fat, the sebaceous glands on it.
are in very small quantities, but sweat glands,
which contribute to the rapid loss of moisture, work unnecessarily

Detergents, temperature drops, constant exposure
water does not contribute to the restoration of the skin of the hands, and
according to the survey, they are accustomed to use gloves 10
– 12% of women, nourishing cream cover their pens only

Peeling, dryness does not give attractiveness not only
female, but also male hands.

Basic recommendations for hand skin care

Many women think that beautiful hands are a good manicure.
and well-groomed nails. Nobody argues, beautifully applied varnish looks
a kind of decoration on hand, especially lately when
rhinestones, multicolored tones and ornate patterns are used
silver and gold. However, only in the first moment can
beautiful manicure to divert attention from wrinkled hands.

Many women have the misconception that nails need
just paint, cover with gel. At the same time, we can remove the varnish at
help acetone, saw off broken or regrown nails almost
by file. Then we wonder where the brittle, yellow colors came from
nails, burrs, due to which the hands that are ashamed to show
to people.

Beautiful hands are the fruit of hard work, and they
do not belong to Belarusian women, but to women who can correctly
arrange to care for your pens.

Regular performance will help to preserve the beauty of your hands.
ground rules

– All homework is done in rubber gloves, including

• washing dishes;

• washing;

• mopping;

• whitewash.

If you have neglected protective gloves before this time,
it’s never too late to start. Using gloves, can be applied before
getting started on your hands cream or a few drops of vegetable

– Avoid too hot water.

– Never go out with wet hands, even in summer.
Clipping will cause flaking and burrs.

– Start wearing gloves from early autumn, not to mention
winter If there is a choice between mittens from natural threads and
beautiful gloves made of artificial leather that soars and
practically does not warm, then make a choice in favor of health and

– Take it a rule to lubricate the skin with an appropriate cream
after washing hands, and not just at night. Buy multiple once
moisturizer tubes and place them in different places in
bathroom, in the kitchen, in the bedroom and in her purse, then your hands are exactly
will be permanently protected.

– 2 times a week pamper yourself with hand skin care, for this
do not have to go to the spa.

The main stages of hand skin care

Relieve fatigue, cleanse and tone up the skin of the hands will help
comprehensive care, which includes:

• baths;

• peeling;

• masks.

1. Ванночки дарят нежность handsам

– Just 5 minutes you need to hold your hands in warm water with the addition of
4 – 5 drops of menthol and rosemary oil and 30 g of vegetable oil
descent to feel fatigue washed away
past day.

– Freshly squeezed lemon juice mixed with a few droplets
grapefruit oil, taken at the tip of a teaspoon of cinnamon and food
soda, and added to warm water turns into a perfect tonic
for tired hands. Keep your hands in this bath for 15 minutes and
can be applied peeling or cream, depending on what you
have planned.

– The milk bath has an excellent nutritional effect.
Mix in equal proportions water and milk, add a couple of spoons
vegetable oils and half a spoonful of cinnamon,
give up on this mix and enjoy.

– If it seems that hardened skin of the hands, nothing will soften,
make a bath of a mixture of 1 tbsp. glycerol with ammonia
(1/2 tbsp.), Added to 1.5 liters of warm water.

– The skin of the hands no longer help the cream, there are constantly cracks and
burrs? Do not be lazy to cook flax seed jelly, add
there a couple of spoons of vegetable oil, keep in warm
part of their weary pens for a third of an hour before
go to sleep.

2. Пилинг для hands

– Sea salt plays a major role in the preparation of peeling
for hands, but in the absence of it you can use the one that is under
by hands. Mix 2 tbsp. salt, dripping tea tree oil – 1
drop and add vegetable oil, better

Massaging this hands with the composition, starting with the palms, going from the wrist
to the tip of each finger. Carefully rub the mixture into the joints. By
the end of the peeling procedure wash off with water.

– Byсле сахарного пилинга (100г сахара) с добавлением цедры
orange, 1 tsp grated ginger and 3 tbsp. vegetable oils
the origin with which we massage our hands with a brush or
Sponzhika, the skin of the hands becomes smooth, smooth and charming
it smells.

3. Многообразие масок для ухода за кожей

– Хотите иметь идеальные handsи, в неделю делайте маски после
peeling on the basis of vaseline (1 tsp.) and olive oil (2 tbsp.).
We add to the fatty components an apple, shredded on a fine grater, and
menthol droplet. Маску на handsи наносим на четверть часа, смываем,
вытираем handsи и заканчиваем процедуру нанесением питательного или

– Эта маска не только смягчит кожу hands, наполнит ее витамином,
but also will give an influx of new energy due to increased blood circulation,
secured with a pinch of red pepper added to the pulp
orange mixed with 5 g sesame oil. We put a mask of all on
quarter of an hour, then thoroughly wash off.

Be careful not to get pepper in your eyes.

– Зрелую кожу hands можно омолодить при помощи уникальной маски,
prepared from such components:

• egg yolk;

• 35 g of honey;

• 30 g ground oatmeal.

Тщательно перемешанную смесь наносим на handsи, надеваем 2 пары
cotton gloves and leave overnight. In the morning you won’t find out
свои handsи, кожа станет гладкой, исчезнут морщины.

– Also at night it is good to make a mask of their 35 g of honey, 20 g of oil
vegetable origin, egg yolk and half a spoon
lemon juice. Наутро кожа hands становится особенно нежной и

– Освежит и вернет нежность коже hands смесь глицерина и меда,
take each component in a teaspoon, diluted with two
tablespoons of water and add a pinch of flour. We put a mask on
handsи и надеваем целлофановые перчатки на треть часа.

Для смягчения огрубевшей кожи hands подойдет и
mashed potatoes, which we smear the surface of the brushes and put on
gloves for a quarter of an hour.

– При работе на огороде, когда под handsой нет никаких средств для
ухода за кожей hands, наносим любое растительное масло и надеваем
gloves made from natural materials.

– With warm milk, soften white bread or a loaf and apply
получившуюся кашицу на handsи на треть часа.

– In the period of ripening grapes, we take ripe berries, mash and
add oatmeal flour to obtain a liquid slurry, which in
For five minutes, rub into the brush and leave for another 10 minutes.

Для отбеливания кожи hands возьмите кусочек
melon, scrape the pulp and mix it with the juice of half a lemon,
add the starch to form a mixture with a thick sour cream and
нанесите на кожу hands несколькими слоями, оставьте на полчаса.

– Настоящим бальзамом для грубой кожи hands будет
маска из сока апельсина и 100 мл vegetable oils происхождения.
Эту смесь можно хранить в холодильнике и наносить на handsи несколько
once a day.

– Вернет эластичность очень сухой коже hands
mask from flax and yolk eggs.

We will need:

• yolk of one egg;

• 35 g of honey;

• 20 g of flax oil;

• freshly squeezed juice of the 1st lemon.

Смесь наносим на handsи, надеваем перчатки из натурального
material for two – three hours and wash off.

– Зрелую, увядающую кожу hands, которая при этом еще и загрубела,
revitalize the composition of egg yolk, whipped with olive oil. Butter
add slowly, a creamy white mixture should turn out
colors. Маску наносим на handsи на четверть часа, при этом неплохо бы
massage the skin a little.

– С шершавой, огрубевшей кожей hands справится маска из тертой
моркови, сметаны и vegetable oils происхождения. Each
take a component of one spoon, mix and apply to the skin

Love yourself, don’t let age take over youth
make your skin care regular and it will come back a hundredfold in the form
гладких, легких hands.

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